Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn are even signs and are located on the zodiacal circle opposite each other. This means that their energies are opposite, like the poles of a magnet. With nature, you can not argue, but it says that opposites attract, which occurs between these signs of the zodiac. The elements to which they belong perfectly match: Cancer refers to the elements of water, Capricorn — a sign of the earth. The earth can not live without water, for it will dry and cease to bear fruit. And moisture needs an earth’s firmament, to build on it, to pierce its way with a powerful stream.

But in real life, opposites can both be attracted and repelled, so the union of such a pair follows the motto — everything or nothing. The success of their interaction and compatibility in a pair will depend heavily on the personal horoscopes of partners, their natal charts and character traits. And if a mutual attraction arises between them, they are expected to have very bright and interesting relations, though not without difficulties. They will be able to teach each other a lot: an uncertain, slow-witted Cancer can learn from a partner of his purposefulness and practicality. And Capricorn, in turn, will become more familiar with the world of feelings and emotions.

Compatibility Horoscope for Cancer and Capricorn

Mysterious Cancer is the ward of the Moon, which in astrology is responsible for emotions. As the lunar phases succeed each other, the worldview also changes, and after that the mood of Cancer. He is inclined to fall into a melancholic state, reflecting on the structure of the world and his place in it. At such moments, as well as in situations threatening with danger, it closes in its shell. And he is there until he feels better, or until the external situation changes to a more favorable one. The surrounding world seems to him dangerous, and therefore Cancer seeks to join a partner who is stronger and more confident of him. In this regard, the compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn can be quite successful, since the land sign is excellent for the role of earner and defender.

Capricorn is a vivid example of practicality: he is used to rational thinking and thinking about every decision, he is stable in emotions, constantly in motion. Its planet-patron is Saturn, embodying firmness, discipline, caution and reliability. The horoscope of compatibility of Cancer with Capricorn promises them good, strong relationships, as they have many points of contact. For both, the family and close people are of great value. They are both thrifty, know how to earn money, and most importantly, to save money. Both signs are dominated by women’s energy, which means their softness, good-naturedness, the ability to empathize and support. Also, water and land are cardinal signs, which gives them an advantage — the ability to always achieve their goals.

Cancer and Capricorn Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn in work is at a high level: together they can make an excellent team that will achieve excellent results. To work them best on equal terms — in the role of partners, in order to avoid possible envy and competition. Cancer is a creative nature and can provide their union with a constant stream of creative ideas. Serious Capricorn will gladly pick up the partner’s offers, bring them to perfection, and effectively organize their implementation. Sometimes Cancer can dream and for a while forget about work, but the partner will gently return it to the ground, reminding of the importance of their common goal.

Compatibility of Cancer with Capricorn in friendship is not bad: signs can successfully complement each other. The emotional sign of the water element often overly dramatizes and distorts reality, plunging into their dreams. His accustomed to think rationally a friend will help to separate the seeds from the chaff. On the other hand, Capricorn next to Cancer becomes more sensitive and emotional, which he does not interfere. In their relationship, Cancer is the source of the venture, the ringleader, and Capricorn is an excellent organizer. In the friendship of Cancer and Capricorn, there are many pleasant moments. If the characters are of different sexes, then the occurrence of romantic feelings is not excluded.

Cancer and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn in love is high, but sometimes contradictory. From the first minute of communication signs draw attention of each other. Cancer because of its secrecy seems so mysterious and interesting, its softness and immediacy attracts the sign of the earth. Capricorn seems to him strong and confident, and yet these are exactly the qualities that Cancer is looking for in a partner. The role of the jealousy in their alliance is assigned to Cancer: Saturn’s ward is most often a busy person who has painted all day, and he is unlikely to change the schedule even for the sake of love relations. Offensive and susceptible to Cancer, with all his strength will try to tie the partner to him and keep him vigilant control.

In the rest, their romance develops successfully, as the partners differ in loyalty, devotion and value each other. Compatibility Cancer with Capricorn in a relationship will depend more on the endurance of the sign of the earth — if he is willing to tolerate frequent changes in the partner’s mood, his strangeness and hysteria, then the love alliance has every chance to grow into something more. Capricorn with his confidence and firmness gives Cancer peace, and the latter in gratitude for this surrounds the partner with all-embracing care, affection and warmth. Both signs will feel in a romantic relationship quite comfortably.

Cancer and Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

With the compatibility of Cancer with Capricorn in bed, not everything is so unambiguous: their sex life can be both on the brink of fantasy, and completely unsatisfying both of them. The fact is that Capricorn can be too demanding and persistent. He does not really need long foreplay and romantic gestures in order to go to bed. What can not be said about Cancer with his subtle spiritual organization. For the elements of water, even the sexual act itself does not mean as much as a trembling preparation for it: it needs sensual bodily contact, pleasant sensations and feelings that are born with it. He is used to living emotions and does not understand the meaning of automatic, soulless actions.

The views of partners on this issue do not coincide, which can lead to tension and mutual resentment. But if by this moment the partners know each other well, deep feelings have arisen between them, they will be able to agree and understand the interests of the beloved. Capricorn needs to become more attentive to the partner, slow down and allow both to reveal their sensuality. Both will only benefit from this.

Cancer and Capricorn Family Compatibility

Despite the significant differences between them, the compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn in marriage is at a high level. In their family, prosperity and comfort will always reign, as both strive for it. Self-assured Capricorn provides protection and stability in the family, and caring Cancer surrounds the family with love and affection. Both support one another, maintaining loyalty. A sign of water will help the spouse where he lacks sensuality. A terrestrial element, on the contrary, teaches a dreamy partner to think more with his head, confidently make decisions and stand firmly on his feet.

The best option for the couple will be one where a vulnerable and caring Cancer is a woman, and a strong and practical Capricorn is a man. In the reverse partnership, too, there are advantages, and yet nature ordered that, ideally, the male representatives are stronger leading, and the weak sex trustingly submits to her husband. Therefore, the level of compatibility of Cancer with Capricorn in family life depends on different aspects: the gender distribution of signs, their personal horoscopes and natal charts. And also on whether their feelings are strong and real, and the desire to be together is sincere.

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