Cancer and Leo Compatibility

Cancer and the Leo belong to the opposite elements — water and fire respectively. A large amount of water can extinguish the flame. A strong heat of the fire element can heat the moisture so that it completely evaporates. Thus, both elements can act destructively on each other. The same can happen in the relationship of this pair of signs. On the other hand, if both act with caution, know the extent of their manifestations, then their union can become very successful and fruitful.

Cancer is controlled by the sensuous Moon, so his mood changes as often as the lunar phases. Often the sign itself can not explain its tearfulness, irritability and changeability. He is emotional, timid, but good-natured. In its needs, the sign of the water element strives for tranquility and stability. He thinks for a long time, acts cautiously and slowly to avoid possible mistakes. His inner world has a subtle organization, and therefore Cancer is very sensitive, vulnerable nature, which can be offended by one carelessly thrown word. In this case, as well as in situations of danger, the water sign prefers to take shelter in its fortress — a shell and wait out bad times.

Compatibility Horoscope for Cancer and Leo

The Leo is the ward of the radiant Sun, the exact opposite of Cancer. He is confident in himself, has a high self-esteem, sometimes bordering on a uniform ego. He considers himself to be the most intelligent, beautiful, and at every opportunity demonstrates to everyone his chic mane. Like any king, Leo needs a crowd that will immensely admire, applaud and chant with words of praise. It is these people he keeps close to him. Those who claim the championship themselves, the fire sign tries not to let close or completely ignore. Compatibility of Cancer and Leo can be very successful for the reason that both can satisfy in this pair their leading needs.

Cancer because of its uncertainty always seeks to join a stronger partner, next to whom he will feel protected. And Leo will be pleased to see admiration and recognition in the eyes of a partner. The horoscope of compatibility of Cancer with Leo promises them a favorable relationship, in which both can feel comfortable. Each of these signs of the zodiac is true and requires the same from the partner. The ward of the Sun radiates furious energy, is charismatic in nature, which attracts an impressionable Cancer.

Cancer and Leo Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Cancer and Leo in the work is at a level above the average precisely because of their different internal organization. The first was used to command and dispose, most often occupying leading posts. Being an inconspicuous handyman is beneath his dignity. But Cancer, to a large extent, does not care what position he occupies — the main thing is that he likes the work. Due to his creative abilities, he can put forward very interesting ideas and offer extraordinary ways to solve complex problems. Their joint work in a bunch of boss-subordinate promises to be very successful. True, they will need another third person — a performer, whose role is well suited to the sign of the elements of the earth.

Cancer with Leo compatibility in friendship leaves much to be desired. The difference of temperaments and characters practically leaves them no chance to find common interests and pursuits. Cancers like a more or less peaceful pastime, for example, in a narrow circle of close people. Leo will prefer a noisy party, where there will be a lot of people who can be his potential fans. Being together in the same company, the signs will feel differently: the fire sign will draw all attention to itself, and the sign of water will be left out and will feel lonely.

Cancer and Leo Love Compatibility

Signs of water and fire will attract each other with qualities that the partner does not have. And therefore the compatibility of Cancer and Leo in love can be even very successful. The sign of water is a real family man, a caring partner who sincerely cares about his beloved, creates a cozy and warm environment in the relationship. Leo, of course, like to be the same person, who will be watched with loving eyes and literally live for his happiness. The fire sign is a stately, solid nature, loving itself and respecting the feelings of others. Being next to him, Cancer will feel confident and proud — after all, next to him is a real king!

In their pair, it would seem, everyone plays a role: the vain sign of fire is the leader, the element of water is the slave. In fact, upon closer inspection, it can be found that the parade is led by a quiet Cancer: he imperceptibly manipulates the pride and pride of the Leo, expressing admiration and recognition to him. Thanks to this fact, each sign remains with its interest, and the compatibility of Cancer with Leo in the relationship is kept at a high level. And yet friction can not be avoided. Wards of the Moon will try in every possible way to keep the partner next to him, controlling his every move that the latter will not like, because he is an adherent of freedom. To preserve the harmony of relations, the signs will have to be negotiated.

Cancer and Leo Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility Cancer with Leo in bed will be successful only if there are real feelings between them. In ordinary life, the sign of water behaves secretively and restrained. The bedroom is the place where he can turn off his protection and completely relax. This happens if in bed with him is a partner whom he loves and who really trusts. Sexually liberated Cancer is an attentive and caring lover who can deliver a sea of pleasure.

Alongside such a gentle partner, Leo feels valuable and meaningful, and therefore will try his best to thank Cancer — to give him the same pleasure, at the same time, to rip out stormy applause. The sign of water is a creative nature, it will bring a lot of novelty into an intimate relationship. The Leo has a passionate character: he supports a high level of energy in a pair. Thus, sexual relations in a pair of Cancer and Leo will suit both partners.

Cancer and Leo Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Cancer and Leo in marriage is very good: despite the difference of characters, the signs perfectly complement each other. Their elements are opposite, but nevertheless, according to the laws of physics they are attracted. A Leo at heart kind, generous, generous and honest. All these qualities just please Cancer, who is looking for stability and security in relations. Feeling safe, the sign of water acquires confidence, becomes more stable in the manifestations of feelings and emotions. He gratefully takes care of the partner, and does everything necessary to strengthen their union. Leo — a socially active person, he needs to be surrounded by people, and this may not appeal to a jealous partner who sees this as a threat to marriage. Here they will have to negotiate again to minimize conflicts on this ground.

Leo is calm in such a pair: they are admired, loved, what else is needed from life? Both signs differ loyalty to the partner and therefore treason is a rare occurrence in their pair. Compatibility of Cancer with Leo in family life will be successful as long as they meet their vital needs for protection and recognition, respectively. If Cancer is carried away by someone else, which is unlikely, then Leo will cease to feel close to him special and will go looking for glory elsewhere. And, on the contrary: if a fire sign deprives Cancer of its care and protection, the latter will want to escape from a relationship that seems to him dangerous and unstable.

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