Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius are signs of antagonists, that is, opposite to each other literally in everything. The first belongs to the elements of water, he strives for calmness and stability, introvert by nature, acts slowly and uncertainly. Cancer is led by the Moon, responsible for the sphere of emotions. Therefore, Cancer tends to change also often in the mood, like the lunar phases. His melancholic nature contributes to frequent despondency, which the representative of the water element experiences alone, hiding in his shelter. In this regard, he needs a stronger and more confident partner who will ensure the necessary security for Cancer.

The fire element, to which Sagittarius belongs, is not combined with the natural element of Cancer. Fire involves passion, strength, ardor and excitement. The fire sign has a high self-esteem, tends to power and domination, gravitates toward exotic travel and any change of scenery, is quick-witted in anger and does not know how to take offense for a long time. Modest Cancer and bright Sagittarius, even outwardly, may not look the most harmonious pair. They do not suit each other very much: their temperaments and attitude are very different. If the ice and flames meet, then their relationship will be difficult, but interesting.

Compatibility Horoscope for Cancer and Sagittarius

Compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius is unstable: their relationship is always balancing on the brink. Two contradictory elements can be either happy, or destroy each other without a twinge of conscience. A large amount of water will extinguish any flame, and a strong fire can heat the water so that it evaporates without residue. Whether they will be able to preserve the golden mean — that balance, in which both will be comfortable, depends on the partners themselves. Successful interaction between them is a phenomenon that arises rather contrary to all the laws of astrology and nature.

The horoscope of compatibility of Cancer with Sagittarius will be the envy of each particular pair, or rather of the natal chart of each of the partners. Despite the different characters, they have common ground on which they can build a good relationship. For example, both signs are for honesty and try not to admit lies either on their part or on the part of other people. Cancer and Sagittarius are willing to intervene in situations in which injustice reigns, even if they do not directly concern them. Both like to amuse themselves: the desire for pleasure can unite them, helping to find common interests and goals. They are generous, decent and have similar views on family life.

Cancer and Sagittarius Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius in the work leaves much to be desired. The fire sign has an excessive activity and aims to lead the race on the career ladder. For him, there are two opinions: his and the wrong, and in this connection he often criticizes the slow and uncertain Cancer. The latter, in turn, does not know how to resist pressure and just hides in his shell, leaving his work halfway. In order for them to get something out, either Cancer must learn to perceive the criticism constructively, or Sagittarius needs to moderate its ardor and allow the partner to independently manage part of their common cause.

But the compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius in friendship can be quite favorable. A sign of water attracts optimism and ambitiousness of a fiery partner, because these are precisely those qualities that he himself lacks. Sagittarius will appreciate the sensitivity and softness of Cancer, he can completely trust any of his secrets and secrets. If they find common interests, then friendship will take place.

Cancer and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

At first, partners are very attractive to each other. Bright and charismatic Sagittarius attracts the attention of a modest Cancer, who is looking for just such a strong and purposeful partner. In it, the fire sign finds so much tenderness and sincerity that his loving heart immediately finds himself in the tenacious tentacles of the sign of water. The compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius in love at the first stages of the relationship is almost ideal: they study each other with interest and are happy with the new discoveries. But this will not last long: gradually the love euphoria subsides, and the signs begin to see the true faces of each other.

The grieving Cancer does not understand sincerely why Sagittarius is sometimes rude and alienated, because the sign of the elements of water always seeks spiritual closeness with the partner. In Cancer, jealousy also awakens, as the fire sign is always surrounded by interesting people and numerous admirers. Sagittarius, in turn, can be annoyed by the excessive emotionality of the partner and his desire to control everything. The compatibility of Cancer with Sagittarius in the relationship quickly begins to strive for zero. At this point, the development of the situation depends on the prudence of both: if the union is valuable to them, it is time to learn how to negotiate and resolve conflicts amicably, taking into account each other’s characteristics. But if the deep feelings did not have time to form, and the desire to keep the relationship with the signs there, then the pair will most likely fall apart.

Cancer and Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility of Cancer with Sagittarius in bed does not promise to be perfect. Initially, however, their intimate life will boil, they will be overwhelmed by the passion and desire to have each other: Sagittarians take an active stance and are not averse to fantasizing under the cover of night. Cancers also show creativity at the beginning of a relationship. But over time, there may be difficulties associated with a lack of peace of mind, which is of vital importance to Cancer. His mistrust can provoke seclusion and unwillingness to reveal himself in sex. Passing a sense of jealousy will also inflame the situation.

Sagittarius can be too active and assertive in bed, which will also scare away the vulnerable Cancer and make him withdraw into himself. In the end, they will simply not be interested in going to bed together, and the union will fall apart. To avoid this, they need to trust each other more and distribute their roles in the bedroom in advance. It is impossible to allow that mutual claims and everyday problems are reflected in the moments of their proximity.

Cancer and Sagittarius Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius in the marriage is at an average level, and therefore, with a strong desire, they too can be "threatened" by a happy relationship. After spending quite a lot of time together and reaching the wedding palace, the signs of water and fire begin to see the true value of each other. Sagittarius finds in Cancer a devoted partner who is willing to take care of his family day and night. His constancy, honesty and devotion can not but bribe the fire sign. He, in turn, gives Cancer his powerful support in difficult situations, giving him confidence and strength.

This couple expects a lot of life difficulties, which partners will have to fight if they are interested in their marriage. A different attitude to money will give rise to constant conflicts between them: Cancers are prone to accumulation, and the sign of fire likes to let them downwind. Attitudes toward children are also different: the sign of water is a caring and tender parent, while Sagittarius is more occupied with itself. By the way, many representatives of this sign belong to the "child free" motion. Cancers are the guardians of family values: they like to gather in a narrow family circle at a table on holidays, celebrate anniversaries and important dates, while a partner can easily forget to congratulate a spouse on an anniversary. Thus, the compatibility of Cancer with Sagittarius in family life leaves much to be desired. But if they are willing to go through a series of personal metamorphoses for the sake of preserving marriage, then everything can turn out the best way.

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