Cancer and Taurus Compatibility

Cancer and Taurus are even signs: they occupy the fourth and second place in the zodiacal circle, respectively. Their elements also combine and can not without each other: the first representative of the horoscope belongs to water, the second — to the earth. Water needs boundaries, support, otherwise it will spread all over the world. This function is performed by the land, which, in turn, needs moisture, so as not to wither and be fertile. Therefore, Cancer and Taurus have beneficial compatibility, based on the principle of complementarity.

The sign of the water element is a sweet, kind creature, often insecure and in need of a strong ally. Cancer is romantic and often hovers in the clouds. His subtle spiritual world makes him vulnerable and sensitive, and therefore he demands gentle, careful treatment of himself. In case of danger or incomprehensible situation, he hides in his shell and can not go out for a long time. Often he does it simply to stay alone and think about the meaning of his existence. Taurus, on the contrary, are strong and piercing personalities. If necessary, they are horned and stand so until they get what they want. They are practical and stable in life, work and relationships.

Compatibility Horoscope for Cancer and Taurus

Taurus sees Cancer as a kind and harmless person, so he can trust him quickly. The sign of water perceives the partner as a solid person, with whom it is not terrible, who can protect and hide from all the hardships of this unjust world. He will give in to Taurus in many ways in exchange for his sense of security alongside him. And the sign of the earth will feel itself necessary, strong and meaningful. Thus, both realize their leading needs in the relationship, which makes compatibility of Cancer and Taurus maximally natural and organic. They feel the value of each other on an intuitive level, because such pairs are formed quite often in different variants of the relationship.

Horoscope of compatibility of Cancer with Taurus promises them a stable, strong tandem: at least in business partnership, even in love. Water can take on various states: to be calm or boil. Also, Cancer is unstable in an emotional state. Often excessive sensitivity leads him to the fact that he ceases to perceive situations realistically. His wild imagination "helps" him to distort reality. Here, he comes to the rescue and comes a calm, balanced Taurus, who can give good advice and help put everything in its place.

Cancer and Taurus Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Cancer and Taurus in work is also at a high level. Here the signs of water and earth also perfectly complement each other. The first has a good imagination and highly developed intuition, which help him create unusual ideas and invent non-standard ways of their implementation. Taurus picks up his thoughts and helps bring his proposal to the stage of a well-thought-out and well-organized plan. Also, the signs converge at a vital pace: both are thoughtful and slow, so no one will be driven by anyone.

These signs are similar in their worldviews and temperaments, so the compatibility of Cancer and Taurus in friendship will also be positive. Both are incredibly faithful natures, ready to sacrifice for the sake of a loved one in case of emergency. They appreciate and respect each other, they always have common interests and topics for conversation. Sometimes a Taurus can show its inherent stubbornness, but a sensitive Cancer can get into the place of another person and compromise. Or affect the attitude of the partner with his tenderness and care. Taurus, in turn, will need to get used to the frequent changes in the mood of the water element.

Cancer and Taurus Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Cancer and Taurus in love astrologers consider one of the most successful. The differences between them in their characters make their couple more cohesive and stable. The nature of Taurus, despite its external closeness, is arranged so that it carries in itself a lot of unspent tenderness and warmth. His true interior, he can demonstrate only next to a very close person, who fully trusts. Cancer perfectly suits this role: it helps the partner to become softer, more often to show their real emotions. Taurus gets pleasure from it, thanks to which the partner becomes very valuable for him. In this regard, he is ready to tolerate his resentment and stormy bursts of emotion.

Cancer feels its importance next to the sign of the earth and in gratitude is ready to take care of it, take care and give its tenderness. They attract each other in something else that they do not have: the elements of water lack strength and confidence, and the sign of the earth, on the contrary, softness and spontaneity. Therefore, the compatibility of Cancer with Taurus in a relationship satisfies them both. Ideal will be the couple in which a man is a stable Taurus, and caring Cancer is a woman. But even in the opposite case, the partnership will be successful and beneficial. For both, the second half and family are of great value, so most often the romantic relationship of this couple comes to a lavish wedding.

Cancer and Taurus Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility Cancer with Taurus in bed is at a high level. Both signs do not accept random connections for one night and windy novels. Therefore, in most cases they go to bed already with a trusted person who is genuinely trusted and with whom they are going to build long-term relationships. They also fit together because of the similarity of their sexual temperaments. In the environment of other people, a couple can behave with sufficient restraint, but in an intimate atmosphere alone they show all their feelings and emotions.

Taurus, who are born leaders, occupy a leading position in bed. A partner does not resist such a fact and gives himself up with pleasure in caring hands. Both prefer sex in quality, not quantity: daily boring sex in the same pose is not impressive for any of them. Due to their unbridled imagination, the Cancers bring various experimental proposals to their sexual life, to which the Taurus is only happy. Both signs are not only aimed at getting their own pleasure, but also worried about making the partner feel good too.

Cancer and Taurus Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Cancer and Taurus in marriage is just perfect. Both sides realize the value of the family and do everything possible to develop their relations and promote their preservation, as long as possible. Both signs of the zodiac are rather lazy and are home-grown, so they will not have any controversy about choosing a way of rest. Both Cancer and Taurus are more likely to prefer fooling around on their own couch than going to noisy events with a lot of people. Most often Taurus is the main in their small state: it plans budget, travel and other activities. Cancer is responsible for the psychological climate in the family: it surrounds the family with warmth and care.

Love of children and similar views on their upbringing also contribute to the successful compatibility of Cancer with Taurus in family life. They are sensitive and caring parents. Complexities between them arise not for the very reason of small periodic quarrels, but in connection with the complexity of their reconciliation. Offended Taurus can show great stubbornness and not go to contact, and a vulnerable Cancer is often very difficult to get out of the sink where he goes to suffer about the conflict. Over time, partners will be able to understand and accept each other’s weaknesses, as well as learn to communicate more effectively.

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