Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

Cancer and Virgo are even signs located in the zodiacal circle. They belong to the elements that are considered to be compatible. The first sign refers to the elements of water, the second personifies the elements of the earth. In order to bear fruit, the earth needs moisture. Water, in turn, has a direction only when it is in the riverbed and has banks. In the same way Cancer and Virgo are complementary and can serve each other as an excellent support in life. Both are true partners in any of life spheres, and this quality brings them even closer, giving rise to a trusting relationship in a pair.

Cancer is protected by the Moon, which controls emotions: its mood changes as often as the lunar phases. He is shy and incredulous, always striving to surround himself with close, loving people with whom he will feel protected. Cancer is a very kind, gentle and considerate person: he lovingly cares for those who enter his narrow circle of trust. To get there, the partner will have to try hard and prove his trustworthiness. Virgo attracts Cancer by its practicality. In it, he sees a reliable companion and a loyal friend. In addition, Virgo is a changeable sign, due to which it can adapt to any circumstances and unexpected differences in the mood of a partner, including.

Compatibility Horoscope for Cancer and Virgo

Both signs are endowed with a subtle intuition: in relationships they are sensitive partners who know what the other needs for happiness. For a mistrustful sign of the water element, this fact is satisfying: receiving the necessary emotions and care from the Virgo, he relaxes and begins to trust her wholeheartedly. The compatibility of Cancer and Virgo is at a high level, and yet there are pitfalls in their relationship. This sign of the earth is under the guidance of the planet Mercury, which gives its ward high intelligence and communication skills. In this regard, Virgo is very sociable, but sometimes capable of harsh statements, due to the strength of character. For vulnerable Cancers, this quality will not be to your liking: an incautious attack in his direction can lead to the fact that he is offended and will climb into his shell for a long time to survive unpleasant feelings in solitude.

In this regard, the earth sign must take into account the delicate organization of the partner’s mental world and control its outbursts of anger. And the sign of water, in turn, should try to keep its emotional splash, taking unpleasant to him features of the character of the Virgo. If they manage to agree, the horoscope of compatibility of Cancer with Virgo will be more than successful. Astrologers call this pair the older and younger brother, where the lunar sign performs the role of younger brother, and the Mercury sign is the elder, helping and supporting. Thus, the Virgo is inclined to help Cancer, guide him and protect him from mistakes.

Cancer and Virgo Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Cancer and Virgo in the work is at a high level, thanks to the creativity of the first sign and the practicality of the second. A creatively gifted water sign can create unusual ideas of any scale, and the Virgo, endowed with enviable diligence and developed perfectionism, brings the project to an ideal state. Striving for one goal, Cancer and Virgo are able to achieve excellent results. Friction between them can arise if an inner critic awakens in Virgo. Then Cancer can retreat into itself, interrupting communication and abandoning the joint project.

Signs of water and earth can easily get along with each other due to the mutual complement of their opposite qualities. A sign of the earth does not feed bread, but let someone take care of and monitor it. Needy Cancer will only be happy. He is often not sure of himself, and therefore the "senior" sign is his counselor, patron, and also a source of inspiration. Compatibility Cancer with Virgo in friendship will be high, if the wards of the Moon will not exceed the stick in their desire to patronize. Then they will easily find common goals and interests, they will not be bored for sure.

Cancer and Virgo Love Compatibility

Virgo, in spite of its prudence and some coldness, at heart is a romantic. Therefore, the tender and caring Cancer attracts her so much. Their love relationships are full of mutual sensitivity and desire to please the partner. Meeting as beloved, they dive headlong into each other. Even after passing the candy-bouquet stage between them there is no serious friction that would lead to violent quarrels. Mercury’s ward is a mundane sign, striving for stability. It is easy for her to control the emotional instability of Cancer, leading his conflicting feelings to a state of harmony. Thus, the compatibility of Cancer and Virgo in love is almost ideal.

They give each other a feeling of peace and stability. Most often, such couples reach the registry office and formalize their relationship with a real family. Virgo sign is practical and prudent, so it’s easy to plan their life together, and Cancer brings warmth and harmony into it. The material side is important for both signs: both love comfort and beautiful things, so, as a rule, both are able to earn well. They pamper each other with expensive gifts and make appointments in the most unusual places. Especially in this Cancer’s "sin". The mutual desire to care for each other determines the compatibility of Cancer with Virgo in a relationship as favorable.

Cancer and Virgo Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility Cancer with Virgo in bed is not quite stable. Both signs in ordinary life behave with restraint and enslavement, especially the sign of the earth. But finding themselves under one blanket, they will behave differently. Cancer is able to open and show all of its sexual demons. His unlimited imagination contributes to numerous partner invitations to experiments. Too correct, a bashful Virgo can not always answer him with complete reciprocity, and therefore their sexual pleasures can sometimes turn into torment. Bored with each other in bed, such a couple can run away, because the intimate life imposes a serious imprint on the joint life.

On the other hand, good compatibility in sexual life can be found in couples where a man is a Cancer and a woman is a Virgo: it is quite possible that a creative and caring partner can unfreeze the femininity and sensuality of a companion and encourage her to more relaxed behavior. It is not for nothing that men are hunters, and women like it when they are conquered.

Cancer and Virgo Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Cancer and Virgo in marriage astrologers consider close to the ideal. These two signs are the very partners that are well suited to family life and have a great chance to live up to the gray hair in the pair. They like to take care of each other, and at the birth of children their relationship only grows stronger, as their views on the upbringing of the offspring completely coincide. Both signs receive in this union a faithful adherent and comrade, with whom it is not terrible to go through both fire and water. Cancer will eventually become calm and learn to control its emotional outbursts. A confident and calm sign of water turns into a soft and warm douche, infecting its positive around everyone.

Virgo is the leader in these relations, since it has a firmer and more confident character. She aspires to the ideal image of the family, and if something does not work out, then it will greatly upset her. But when there is such a sensitive person next to her, ready to always support, partner, she copes with her disappointments more easily. Compatibility of Cancer with Virgo in family life will become more stable over time: partners are increasingly coming together and erasing existing misunderstandings among themselves.

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