Capricorn and Aries Compatibility

Capricorn with Aries quickly approaching, just from this it turns out — there is no definite answer. The signs belong to the unfriendly elements — earth and fire respectively, and therefore have different natures and world views. Capricorn is a strong, independent personality. As a rule, they are respectable people who have a good income and a beautiful life. They strive for order, stability, practicality and will never risk everyone. What can not be said about Aries — passionate, impulsive and chaotic at the same time, he has many interesting ideas and bold plans. A restless sign of fire is in constant motion, often creating around itself chaos and confusion.

Both signs are born leaders. Most of the conflicts occur on this ground: they find out who is in charge of their tandem. And since no one wants to concede, the oppositions promise to be very stormy and long. Most often, the initiator of clarifying relations is Capricorn: correct and exemplary, he wants to re-educate the reckless partner. But the latter values his freedom too much, so he desperately resists any attempts to invade his personal borders. Although if they listened to each other, they could learn a lot for themselves useful. For example, Aries would not be hampered by such qualities as the earthiness, concentration and attentiveness present in the partner. Then he would make fewer mistakes and achieve greater results in his aspirations. And Capricorn could learn from the partner a little spontaneity and relaxed, would learn to at least occasionally back away from his tough rules and follow the gusts of the heart.

Compatibility Horoscope for Capricorn and Aries

Capricorn and Aries compatibility is complicated by the fact that their patronizing planets often work against each other. The first is led by Saturn, who is a cruel god, sending his wards various obstacles and life challenges. In this regard, Capricorn has a tempered character, perseverance and coolness. Aries is the representative of Mars, who endows him with militancy and aggression. Therefore, if these two converge in battle as enemies, then in this battle a lot of blood will be shed. But if they decide to cooperate, they will not be equal to their powerful tandem.

Both signs are cardinal, which means that they are in constant motion, moving from one goal to another. But Capricorn acts cautiously and slowly, completing each project to its logical conclusion. Aries can also throw from side to side: its life activity is chaotic and does not have a logical sequence. The sign of the earth constantly reflects on what to do and how to do it to achieve what it wants. A partner, seeing the goal, runs ahead in the direction of it, not thinking about anything. Horoscope of compatibility of Capricorn with Aries does not promise them idylls, but with a great desire they will be able to build comfortable relationships in which both will have the opportunity for personal growth.

Capricorn and Aries Business Compatibility

Compatibility Capricorn and Aries in the work is ambiguous. If they see each other in each other’s competitors, then there can be no question of any joint activity. But subject to having a common goal, understanding the value and capabilities of the partner, Capricorn and Aries will reach unprecedented heights. Both, especially the sign of the earth, are careerists and are ready for the sake of growth in a professional field. However, it is better to avoid attempts to build a joint business, sooner or later one of the partners will want to expand its sphere of influence and take it all.

The good compatibility of Capricorn with Aries in friendship, they also do not shine. They are too ambitious, used to command and be in the spotlight. They can find common interests, but they can hardly get along easily. Aries sometimes behaves unceremoniously and rudely, which the proud partner will not like. The latter, in turn, seems to be a sign of fire too greedy and prudent. Due to mutual claims and unpreparedness to compromise, grievances and misunderstandings will accumulate between them, exacerbating the tension even more.

Capricorn and Aries Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Capricorn and Aries in love is initially high: they feel strong character and powerful sexual energy in each other. Both choose partners to match themselves, who are able to make them an advantageous lot. Lovers behave passionately and passionately, but soon Capricorn will begin to exercise despotism in relation to the elect. He will see his chaos, anxiety and will want to remake Aries under himself — to set a clear vector to his movements and ground the excessive emotionality. The sign of fire does not know how to cave in to the demands of other people and rarely compromises. Because Aries will stand on its own, firmly rested horns in the ground. Capricorn is too simple for such a reckless elect and will often fall into a stupor from his unreasonable actions.

The representative of Saturn has a complex nature, often falling into despondency and depression. This fact irritates the optimistic partner and pushes away at the same time. To raise the level of compatibility of Capricorn with Aries in relationships, they need to do a lot of joint work aimed at improving mutual understanding and training of such quality as tolerance for the lover’s shortcomings. If partners can not get used to and find common ground in the near future, then their joint future will be a big question.

Capricorn and Aries Sexual Compatibility

In sex, the signs do not get along too well. Compatibility Capricorn and Aries in bed is at a low level due to their different internal pace. Aries is a passionate, ardent and skillful lover, sex for him is an important part of life, but he does it more for sports interest and a drain of accumulated energy, which he has more than enough. About spiritual intimacy, he is little known, so foreplay, romantic surprises and long preparation for intimacy is not needed. He prefers to enter into an intimate relationship quickly and often.

Capricorn is slower and frequent marathons very soon begin to cause him bewilderment and resistance. He is also hardy, but unlike Aries is devoid of imagination and can not offer him anything of interest. This fact can greatly annoy the representative of the element of Fire, because he is looking for vivid impressions. In order to balance the balance, Aries needs to slow down so that the partner can adapt to it.

Capricorn and Aries Family Compatibility

The initiator of the campaign in the registry office is likely to be Capricorn. He takes the institution of the family more seriously, so he studies the character of the chosen one for a long time. Even if the latter is already ready for this, the sign of the earth can be long in meditation. Aries takes a similar decision impulsively: yesterday he still did not think about it, and today he will suddenly be struck by the creation of his own cell of society. Compatibility Capricorn with Aries in a marriage can be quite successful if they penetrate each other with real feelings and will want to establish their own complex contact.

First of all, spouses need to distribute roles and family responsibilities among themselves, then conflicts related to everyday life will become much less. In addition to home affairs, everyone needs to have their own personal hobbies, independent of the chosen one. Thus, they will realize their leadership qualities in other areas, and less at home. Also, the good compatibility of Capricorn and Aries in family life contribute to common goals, striving for which, they will complement each other perfectly. Capricorn is prudent and sees possible benefits and losses, and Aries, thanks to its assertiveness, will break the shortest road in any direction.

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