Capricorn and Capricorn Compatibility

"Me and my mirror image" — this is how you can name the type of relationship between the two Capricorns. Representatives of this sign belong to the elements of the earth, which endows them with a firmness of character, a desire for constancy and balance, love for material goods. Vital sustainability is provided by diligent diligence: having a strong financial foundation, they feel independent and safe. As a rule, Capricorn achieves high positions in the service and a good position in society. His life is comfortable and full, full of beautiful things and worthy people. The sign of the land chooses its surroundings very carefully, therefore there are few really close people near it, but all of them are proven by experience and time.

Capricorns are practical and seek to gain in everything. Their partnership will become a successful enterprise, where the efficiency of each will increase several times, which is important for each of them. They lead a planned way of life: everything is arranged according to points and agreed in advance. Strict discipline and perseverance, which they adhere to, give them good results in the form of conquest of the highest peaks. In astrology, Capricorn refers to cardinal signs, which means his active life position, there is no place for rest and stagnation. Rational thinking, logic and calculation allow him to build successful strategies and tactics, allowing you to get the desired result with minimal investment.

Compatibility Horoscope for Capricorn and Capricorn

Capricorn and Capricorn compatibility is high, because they are almost like two drops of water. Capricorn is considered the most serious sign of all: strict, hardworking and secretive. Its representatives know what to expect from each other: predictability calms them and fosters mutual trust. In relations, partners value honesty, loyalty and consistency. Similar world views and character traits allow them to have many mutual interests and hobbies. They understand each other with a half-word. Control, which they are accustomed to apply to others, will not be required in their union. The difficulty is that both are strong, independent and uncompromising personalities. In this connection, it is possible that a physical law will work, saying that singly-charged poles are repulsed.

Thus, the horoscope of compatibility of Capricorn with Capricorn is ambiguous: they can pull together or take each other with contempt, seeing in another dangerous competitor. The latest development is very likely. The fact is that Capricorn is governed by Saturn, named after the mythical god. He became famous, thanks to his particular cruelty, which he showed to those who theoretically could overthrow him from the throne. In the stories about him events are described where Saturn killed his sons, thus getting rid of competitors. This heavenly body gives its wards a difficult fate, in which they undergo many tests. In astrology, Saturn is responsible for karma, therefore it is commonly believed that its representatives, passing through fire, water and copper pipes, work out karmic debts.

Capricorn and Capricorn Business Compatibility

In conditions of equality, the compatibility of Capricorn and Capricorn in business and at work will be high. Two patient workaholic who are striving for career growth, will create a powerful team, and step by step will go towards their goal. They are smart, visionary and resolute, can work round the clock, interrupting only for a short coffee break. Confused, Capricorn will survive any trouble and sweep away all obstacles. The main thing is that the level of their joint rigidity does not go off scale, and they do not lose their human face on the way to their dream.

Compatibility of Capricorn with Capricorn in friendship is not very successful. They are more suitable friendly or business relationship, in which everyone shines material benefit. In most cases, friends find Capricorns at work. By nature, they are closed, uncommunicative and do not know how to have fun with the soul. For happiness, they need only money, and even better — a lot of money. The suppressed emotional sphere makes them restrained and poor in expressing feelings, so in communication with each other it will be difficult for them to achieve spiritual intimacy.

Capricorn and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Relations of the two wards of Saturn from the side look very beautiful and spectacular. They do not have a special romance, but everything is on the case. Partners give each other expensive and practical gifts, show their interest in actions, not in words. Physical attraction between them is very large, but before they find themselves in bed, it will take a long time. Compatibility Capricorn and Capricorn in love is high, due to the similarity of their temperaments and will remain so at least at first time. Both do not refer to those who enter into frequent, superficial relationships and promiscuity. In the chosen one they try to make out who will be able to live richly and calmly for the rest of their lives.

Two Capricorns are two strong leaders, so the question of superiority will arise between them sooner or later. Logically, the woman should give in, then this topic will close once and for all, no longer giving them trouble in the form of scandals. But if the partner is from combat friends, then for good compatibility of Capricorn with Capricorn in the relationship they can not count and immediately run up, so as not to waste your time in vain. Because the struggle for the palm of primacy will still lead them to a break — this is a matter of time.

Capricorn and Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

On the one hand, the compatibility of Capricorn and Capricorn in bed can not be called favorable for the reason that they are not his fans and are engaged in it for only physical pleasure, without taking into account feelings. Therefore, their intimate life is monotonous, quiet, but stable.

The other side of this medal is a positive one, as they lack of brightness, idle sex, and none of them is short of emotions. It is possible that over time, partners will open up more and their intimate life will sparkle with new colors.

Capricorn and Capricorn Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Capricorn with Capricorn in a marriage is close to ideal. They take a joint decision about the campaign in the registry office for a long time, weighing all the pros and cons. Capricorns are wonderful family men, trying their best for the benefit of their love relationship. The institution of marriage has a special value for them, so they carefully keep their relationship, hiding them from prying eyes. Spouses love a luxurious life, elitism, therefore they work hard to build a successful career and provide themselves and their loved ones with everything necessary. The man in this tandem looks representative, he is tactful and gallant. And it is understandable why. After all, the Capricorn woman is well-groomed, knows her own worth and causes a representative of the opposite sex to take care of her and respect her.

Spouses work hard, and spend their free time together in a home environment. They have few friends, and with them they meet only by great events. These two do not depend on anyone and like to live in their personal world, not letting anyone in there. There is a risk that the level of compatibility of Capricorn and Capricorn in family life will begin to fall. This can happen due to the notorious monotony and lack of novelty, which contribute to the fact that partners often fall into melancholy. To avoid such events, they should often get out of the house, forget about work and get new emotions and impressions.

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