Capricorn and Pisces Compatibility

Capricorn and Pisces are even signs of friendly elements — earth and water, respectively. As well as these forces of nature have a beneficial effect on each other, their representatives successfully interact as well. Water irrigates the soil, making it fertile, and the solid shores of the earth provide the water stream with a support and shelter. In this alliance, Capricorn plays the role of elder brother, who cares carefully for the less powerful but more sensitive and emotional Pisces. The sign of the earth has determination, a great will to win and viability. He looks at the world from a practical point of view and believes only what is logical and rational. His sensory side of personality is less developed, so he is restrained in his manifestations and looks rather dismissed.

Pisces, on the other hand, is overemotional, all decisions are made at the behest of the heart, often leaving the arguments of logic and reason aside. They are not so confident, and also tend to doubt others. Their main character trait is inconsistency, which prevents you from living peacefully and consistently implementing your plans. Pisces tend to fall into emotional dependence on others — those who are stronger, more powerful and can take part of their problems on themselves. Capricorn is perfect for this role: he has all the qualities that a partner is looking for in a partner. In return, the sign of the land will receive boundless loyalty, devotion and eyes full of admiration, which, in principle, it needs.

Compatibility Horoscope for Capricorn and Pisces

Capricorn and Pisces compatibility is pretty harmonious, despite the difference in their temperaments and different ideals. The first refers to cardinal signs, which means his initiative and active life position. His brain and body never rest, because Capricorn does not know how to live without a purpose and cause, therefore, is in constant movement. Pisces is a mutable sign, one of the most volatile representatives of the horoscope. This feature allows them to easily adapt to any changes and qualities of the partner. In the case of Capricorn, such a characteristic of Pisces plays into the hands of both: the sign of the earth is of a complex nature and few people can get along with it. But Pisces will be able, as this partnership promises them good prospects for personal growth. The main thing that will receive a sign of water from the relationship with Capricorn — a sense of stability and security, which for Pisces are the leading needs.

The compatibility horoscope of Capricorn with Pisces gives a positive outlook for their relationship: partners can give each other what they so badly need. Pisces, as mentioned above, want security. And they will get it, because Capricorn has become accustomed to controlling, subjugating his loved ones, and also to take care of their well-being. True, this care does not include the manifestation of warm feelings and calf tenderness, it has a more functional character. But representatives of the water are very flexible and will be able to adjust to a complex partner. They have one thing in common, which will rally their union even stronger: both love to help others achieve their goals, feeling at the same time very valuable and important.

Capricorn and Pisces Business Compatibility

The lowest compatibility of Capricorn and Pisces is in work. In this sphere, they have virtually no chance of coexisting peacefully. This happens in connection with their excellent worldviews and approaches to business. Capricorn is prudent, thinks quickly, acts decisively. This is an ideal boss: he knows how to build effective strategies and is good at organizational issues. Pisces are very slow, they can be distracted from work hundreds of times a day, falling into the world of their fantasies. They lack the determination and faith in themselves. Different characters contribute to friction between them, so it is better for them to get around each other in this area.

Compatibility of Capricorn with Pisces in friendship is possible and it keeps on mutual support. Common interests between them are unlikely. But to cry to each other in a vest about the complex realities of the world is about them. Capricorn gives confidence and determination to each other. Pisces will help him deal with feelings. Friends of different sex have every chance to become good lovers.

Capricorn and Pisces Love Compatibility

Capricorn and Pisces compatibility in love is very high. When they meet, they immediately interest each other with personal qualities. Capricorn can take a long look at the other, drawing in the mind possible prospects for the development of their relationship. And as soon as he realizes that he is a gentle and devoted partner before him, he begins to implement his plan of conquest. Pisces, like all water signs, are endowed with discernment and empathy, so they are able to feel the inner world of even emotionally closed Capricorn. And what they see in him they just like. They behave pliantly and obligingly, trying to win the trust of the chosen one. The representative of Saturn is quite restrained, but shows his sympathy with beautiful gifts and extraordinary dates. Dreaming Pisces, his detachment somewhere even like it: it inflames them even more.

In their pair, everything is harmonious: Capricorn wants complete obedience, and Pisces gladly give it to him. Compatibility Capricorn with Pisces in a relationship is favorable, as they complement each other as Yin and Yang. The first is brought into the relationship by calmness, a sense of security and strength. The second sign is responsible for the emotional side: it fills the union with body and care. In most cases, the novel between Capricorn and Pisces will grow into a full, formal marriage. But if something goes wrong, and the feelings quickly cool down, then the partners will disperse quietly, peacefully and painlessly.

Capricorn and Pisces Sexual Compatibility

Capricorn and Pisces compatibility in bed is shaky. At first, they will be satisfied with everything, as the intimate life will keep on the passion and strong physical attraction. But when they conquer each other on all fronts, their ardor will begin to cool down, as it happens in any pair. And here are possible mutual misunderstandings due to different temperaments. Capricorn is not a fan of sensual sex: for him this is a mechanical process that brings physical pleasure, no more.

Loveful Pisces is given to sex with the head — both physically and morally. For them, in an intimate process, on the contrary, the sensual and emotional sides are more important, as well as the feeling of spiritual intimacy. Naked physiology does not interest them. The good news is that Capricorn deep inside is very passionate and sensual, but all this is reliably hidden under a tight mask and manifests itself over time, when its confidence in the beloved reaches its maximum level.

Capricorn and Pisces Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Capricorn with Pisces in a marriage is almost ideal. They fit together, despite all their differences. Capricorn in their union is the leader, and it does not depend on his gender. Those wishing to be followers Pisces only want, and so they are happy to take responsibility for both in the hands of a stronger spouse. The sign of the earth is very industrious, therefore it is usually he who is the main earner. His chosen one, too, does not sit idle, but still, as a rule, achieves fewer results because of insecurity.

The complex nature of Capricorn is counterbalanced by a softer partner. Pisces, in turn, receives powerful support and develops in a personal and professional way. The compatibility of Capricorn and Pisces in family life will remain favorable as long as they experience mutual feelings. How much this will continue depends entirely on them. Divorces in such pairs are rare phenomena, since they are not afraid of treason and betrayal. Spouses love, respect each other and completely satisfy their needs.

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