Gemini and Cancer Compatibility

Gemini and Cancer are two radically different signs of the zodiac. Gemini — representatives of the air element, optimists and extroverts, adore communication and have a craving for adventure. Cancer refers to the water element and is the complete opposite of the partner: an explicit introvert that hides in its shell at the slightest danger. Gemini have a kind of recklessness and windy, uncontrollable mood, which changes several times a day. Cancer, though notable for their emotional instability, are more stable in their worldview and behavior.

Both signs seek to find a partner who will be stronger than they in character and spirit. None of them is suitable for this role in their pair. Cancers are too shy and insecure, their mental organization is very subtle, which makes them vulnerable and sensitive. Gemini are like teenagers in the puberty period: they often act thoughtlessly and irresponsibly. Their views on life are very different, because their joint existence can give rise to a lot of insoluble problems and cause a lot of contradictions.

Compatibility Horoscope for Gemini and Cancer

Compatibility of Gemini and Cancer is unlikely, since both signs may not even notice each other in the general company. The first are colorful people, like to be the leaders and the soul of the company, they are active and derive energy precisely in communicating with people. Cancer rarely protrudes from its shelter and at a party can spend the whole evening alone or in the company of one or two friends. Their life values are very different: Gemini in priority their inner freedom, travel and enjoyment through emotions and impressions. For Cancers, the highest value is the family and children: in them he sees the meaning of life and his purpose. For an air sign, marriage is valuable only as long as it suits it.

The horoscope of compatibility of Gemini with Cancer admits their acquaintance and various kinds of relationships, but they will be far from ideal. Difficulties can begin right after acquaintance in the form of complex communication. Gemini like to talk, love to listen, and Cancer — neither one nor the other. He prefers to keep everything in himself and reveals himself rarely enough in an atmosphere of complete trust, which in the case of casual acquaintance simply can not. The openness and free expression of the air sign can sometimes make him feel jealous, which Gemini will not even notice. Cancer is guided by emotions, Gemini intelligence. In this regard, their actions, attitude and approach to different situations will also vary.

Gemini and Cancer Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Gemini and Cancer in work is also at a low level. Different natures, temperaments and characters prevent them from building a strong working alliance. Different levels of energy and activity will also cause friction between them. Cancer is more timid and tidy: before doing something, he will check his work ten times to make sure there are no mistakes. Gemini often make decisions on the fly and suffer short-sightedness.

Both signs are friendly by nature, and will gladly help those who need it. And, nevertheless, even this quality can not improve the compatibility of Gemini with Cancer in friendship. They hardly have common interests, most likely, even the companies in which they rest will be very different. Gemini like active holidays, trips to anywhere, visiting noisy places and parties. The secretive Cancer is all foreign: it will be arranged by family gatherings in a narrow circle or rest on nature in a deserted place. The Gemini, by virtue of their duality, can be both soft and sharp in communication, which Cancer does not accept because of his resentment. The conclusion is one: a real, strong friendship between them will not work.

Gemini and Cancer Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Gemini and Cancer in love is below average. They may well get acquainted and come together, and at first they will even suit each other. Cancer, inclined to idealize, will perceive the excessive activity and ease of the partner as initiative and stability, in which he will see the image of a strong defender. He will admire the partner and listen to him with bated breath. The air sign, in turn, will perceive the silent Cancer for a mysterious and romantic nature. But the more time passes, the more the glasses of their pink glasses will fade.

Cancer will finally see the dodgy and inconstant partner, it will cause negative feelings in him. He needs a knight in real armor, and not in a foil of beautiful but empty promises. Constancy and stability are important for him, as symbols of security. Gemini will eventually realize that the taciturnity of the water sign is only evidence of its insecurity and is not at all mysterious. The compatibility of Gemini with Cancer in the relationship is low due to their different expectations from the partner. Theoretically, they could find a common language and become good lovers. For this, Gemini needs to win the trust of a partner by restraining promises and expressing their feelings more clearly. Cancer should reduce its control, ensuring its safety, and more open to a loved one.

Gemini and Cancer Sexual Compatibility

The only positive aspect in the relationship is the compatibility of Gemini and Cancer in bed. Here they fit together almost perfectly. Cancer is hidden in sight, but in the dark under the blanket, it opens up to 100% and shows the partner all its sensuality. Gemini are only waiting for this, because they themselves are emotional. Both signs do not chase after the quantity, preferring the quality of love contact: they greet in the intimate relations a long prelude, bodily caresses, tenderness and attach great importance to the emotional background.

Both love diversity, are always ready to offer an experiment and go for the terms of the game offered by the partner. They do not have a leader: this role can alternate from one partner to another. Sexually, harmony and idyllic reign between them. Both signs are sensitive, so they can guess the partner’s desires and know how to give him real pleasure. None of them leaves the bedroom without getting what they wanted.

Gemini and Cancer Family Compatibility

The compatibility of Gemini with Cancer in marriage leaves much to be desired and, nevertheless, is possible among people of a younger age who are ready to change under the influence of love feelings. Mature individuals, with a settled worldview are unlikely to go to strong changes in themselves: it is easier for them to change their partner. So, if two young people, representatives of Gemini and Cancer penetrate each other with deep feelings and wish to keep this connection, then they have every chance. And over time, the degree of compatibility can only grow. It will be a long time before mutual trust and respect are built between them.

Also, the compatibility of Gemini and Cancer in family life will be higher in those couples who have common goals and interests. On the way to them, the sign of the water element organizes a cozy atmosphere in the family, and the zodiac’s aerial sign will make sure that nobody in this family is bored and depressed. To understand and accept the negative side of the other, both will need a lot of patience, and most importantly, a strong sense of love. Otherwise, Cancer will not be able to reconcile with the desire of the partner to complete freedom, and the Gemini will consider him a bore and disappear from his horizon forever.

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