Gemini and Capricorn Compatibility

Speaking of the compatibility of Gemini and Capricorn, astrologers hopelessly raise their hands and shake their heads. Their natural elements — air and earth respectively — are considered incompatible. They are different from the top to the fingertips: it’s hard to find any different characters than they have. Gemini are dreamers in life: they can have several ideas at the same time, but in the end only one of them is embodied in life. His mood changes with the speed of sound, he lives with inner impulses and can not sit still for a minute. All that he needs is freedom, communication with people and a sea of positive emotions. In search of new impressions, he is ready for the most reckless acts.

Capricorn — it’s the complete opposite. The element of the earth gives him firmness, stability and a serious attitude to everything. He methodically makes plans for a long time ahead and strictly follows each item on the list. For Gemini, this seems boring: they avoid uniformity and stability as features of incense. The sign of air is used to fuss, calmness for it means stagnation. And Capricorn will never understand his irresponsible and frivolous attitude to life. Although at first they may well be interested in each other. Gemini are looking for a partner who will be able to protect and nail down — that’s what a land sign looks like to him at the beginning of dating. Capricorn attracts extraordinary lightness and openness of the air element. A little later, both will realize that they were seriously mistaken.

Compatibility Horoscope for Gemini and Capricorn

Compatibility of Gemini and Capricorn is low, but all impossible — it is possible. To get along together, partners will need to show a lot of effort and patience. First, accept the shortcomings of the other, and secondly, adjust the characteristics of his character, which will not suit the partner. In real life, it is almost impossible. Who will completely change himself for another? Although exceptions are everywhere: signs can coexist for the sake of mutual benefit, for example in the business sphere.

And yet the horoscope of compatibility of Gemini with Capricorn does not advise them to hope for an ideal relationship, but recommends looking for someone more suitable to each of them. Together they will be difficult, they are literally on different waves: the land sign is a materialist, firmly stands on the ground and prefers to look at the world without rose-colored glasses. Gemini always fly in the clouds, not having support under their feet, do not want to grow up and become serious people. Everyone wants to have a reliable partner with him. And if Capricorn is still suitable for this role, the Gemini does not correspond to it.

Gemini and Capricorn Business Compatibility

Paradox, but different worldviews and nature determine the compatibility of Gemini and Capricorn in the work as fruitful. The first approach to everything, including work, is based on creativity: the air is able to generate new ideas day and night, but is not able to implement them. Capricorn, in turn, has good organizational skills: the idea of a partner, he can bring to perfection, and also plan the way to achieve it to the smallest detail. If the couple accurately allocate their responsibilities, and everyone will do their own thing, they will be able to achieve good results in joint activities.

Compatibility of Gemini with Capricorn in friendship is unlikely: between them there are few points of contact, so even common lessons they find with difficulty. They differently look at what should be the rest: the sign of the earth, tired of work everyday, most likely, will lay down with a book on the sofa. The Gemini will go where more people play and the music plays louder. They are frivolous and live one day, while calculating Capricorn once to suffer such nonsense.

Gemini and Capricorn Love Compatibility

There is a high probability that a pair of these signs will part after the first date. Most likely, the Gemini will just be late for the meeting, which will cause discontent punctual Capricorn. But if the relationship continues, then there are many surprising revelations ahead of each other. Capricorn is stingy for emotions, and sometimes it is cold, that at first the air element takes for a mystery and an attempt to intrigue. Chatting a partner very soon will irritate a serious sign of the earth. As one recognizes each other, the gap between them will grow, confirming the skepticism of astrologers regarding the compatibility of Gemini and Capricorn in love.

While making new acquaintances with the opposite sex, Capricorn always hopes that this time he will meet his destiny. In this regard, he will long and carefully look at the partner to make sure that he is the same. Family for the sign of the land is of great value: they try to bind themselves by marriage once and for life. What can not be said about Gemini, who are guided only by their feelings next to the chosen one: if the feelings pass, then the air disappears from the tandem that does not suit him. Thus, the compatibility of Gemini with Capricorn in the relationship is close to zero because of the different views on partnership.

Gemini and Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

It’s almost impossible to envy the compatibility of Gemini and Capricorn in bed. Different worldviews are reflected in the difference in their views on making love. For the Air sign, sex is not just a physical act, the purpose of which is to relieve physical stress. This is a whole action, a sacred ritual, in which he wants to receive more moral satisfaction. They prefer to carefully prepare, create a romantic atmosphere. In bed, they love experiments and chase after new, unusual sensations.

Capricorn looks at it, to put it mildly, with surprise. Sexual games offered by a partner seem to him something out of the ordinary and form an opinion about Gemini as perverts. For the sign of the earth element, sex is acceptable only in its traditional sense. Therefore, the air element will have to try hard to persuade him to something more. In the end, the Gemini will start looking for a more compliant and relaxed partner.

Gemini and Capricorn Family Compatibility

If these two have reached the exchange of engagement rings to the sounds of Mendelssohn, then they have worked hard to work on themselves and their relationships. Such a marriage resembles the relationship of the parent and the intractable teenager, where the adult and serious is Capricorn, and his disobedient child is Gemini. In fact, the signs could have learned a lot from each other: the air sign can realize that responsibility and rational thinking can make his life more safe and quality. And the sign of the earth will sometimes learn to give up too serious a relationship with oneself and others, and also sometimes turn off your head and include feelings. Thus, the compatibility of Gemini with Capricorn in marriage will largely depend on the natal chart and the personal horoscope of each of them.

According to astrologers, the Gemini-Capricorn couple is one of those who are most often divorced in the first years of cohabitation. After a long confrontation, miles of spent nerves in trying to change each other, the signs simply give up, they drop their hands and go away with nothing. The low level of compatibility of Gemini and Capricorn in family life due to different temperaments and opposite natures deprives them of all chances of creating a strong and happy union. The Earth will never be able to tame free Air, as it can not and itself soar above itself.

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