Gemini and Pisces Compatibility

Gemini and Pisces are not very similar to each other. The first are representatives of the air element, giving them more energy, cheerfulness, windy and passion for everything new and unusual. They are restless, constantly in motion, surrounded by people and vanity. Pisces belong to the elements of water and represent the exact opposite of Gemini. The water sign is endowed with a subtle sensitivity to everything that happens around him, so his emotional background is in constant movement: from calmness to hysterical state. Next to the air element Pisces will experience constant stress associated with the changeability of Gemini in the mood and actions.

Pisces is a very correct sign: they are economic, they like peace, comfort and constantly strive for peace of mind, which is not always the case with them, because of uncertainty. They constantly doubt their actions and surrounding people. Their inner world is full of mysticism and fantasy, so the inconstancy of Gemini frightens and repels them. Signs of air and water differ in their outlook and temperaments, which is reflected in their frequent quarrels and confrontations. Gemini are too superficial in relation to life, for them the inner and outer freedom is at the forefront. Pisces also wants spiritual affinity, trust in relationships and partnership for life.

Compatibility Horoscope for Gemini and Pisces

Astrologers believe that the compatibility of Gemini and Pisces is very low. So different partners expect constant disassembly and confrontation. Everyone will defend his position, considering it to be the only true one. Pisces will lack stability and confidence in the future. From the partner they need guarantee about their joint future, and the Gemini simply can not give them, because few of them know where it will be in a year or even every other day. In this regard, the water sign will try to control an irresponsible partner, which will only provoke his irritation and cause attempts to break out of a strong embrace.

The sign of the air element does not tolerate criticism, but in relation to Pisces, it simply can not be avoided. A sign of water wants to feel protected in a relationship, so it will try in every possible way to subdue an unruly partner. The horoscope of compatibility of Gemini with Pisces does not promise them bright prospects, but if they try hard, they can achieve mutual understanding. For this, Gemini needs to be more open emotionally, more often to talk to the partner about their feelings and experiences. It is possible that such revelations will give Pisces peace of mind, will inspire confidence on their part and reduce the desire to control every step. Thus, Gemini will get the desired freedom in a relationship, and Pisces — a sense of security.

Gemini and Pisces Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Gemini and Pisces in work is very low. Two of these signs in one case will not come to a significant result. Gemini can throw good ideas, but they will not be able to implement them. Firstly, they are only interested in inventing, but not doing. Secondly, even if they wanted to do something on their own, it is unlikely that they succeeded, because the air sign is not characterized by the ability to plan, organize and follow a clear instruction. Pisces in this tandem are more executive: they will do something, but drop by drop per hour, constantly distracted by fantasy. As a result, it turns out that the air is occupied by something from the outside world, water — its internal content, and the common cause — is idle.

Gemini with Pisces compatibility in friendship, too, can not be envied. At the beginning of the relationship, they can be interesting to each other, but over time, knowing the partner closer, both are disappointed. Gemini will find the water sign too correct, demanding and boring. Pisces, however, will consider irrepressible Gemini superficial and slippery. Between them, a friendly relationship is possible, where there is a personal benefit, but no more. Pisces are honest and diligent, not hiding anything and completely trusting a friend. In response, they expect the same attitude, but to achieve this from the representative of the air element is extremely difficult, he himself does not know - what a crazy idea will come to him in a minute.

Gemini and Pisces Love Compatibility

Both signs gravitate to everything beautiful, so the compatibility of Gemini and Pisces in love is at least possible, but very shaky. The matter is complicated by the fact that it is difficult for them to meet in reality at all. They have different companies, activities and hobbies. But if this happens, then at first signs like each other. Pisces will admire the ease of Gemini. The air sign likes to talk and can tell interesting stories for hours, which the elements of water will listen with their mouths open. Pisces, in turn, will beckon Gemini with its mysteriousness, sensuality and romantic character.

This will not last long: when the signs begin to depart from the love euphoria, the image of the partner will begin to change its outlines for the worse. Gemini will find Pisces too emotional, and perhaps boring. Pisces quickly become attached to the object of passion and begin to remodel it for themselves, which Gemini oh, as not like it. The compatibility of Gemini with Pisces in a relationship is at a low level also because both signs do not like the burden of responsibility. Each of them needs a more serious relationship for long-term relations: one who will make decisions for both and guide the pair. Signs do not see each other such people, do not feel this on an intuitive level, and therefore in their tandem there is no mutual trust and sense of security.

Gemini and Pisces Sexual Compatibility

Gemini in bed represent an unpredictable lover. The ambiguity of the character leads to the fact that the air sign can rush from extreme to extreme: then to be gentle and courteous, then passionate and not tolerating objections. Pisces is a subtle nature and requires a special approach. Random sex or sex for the sake of their little interest: they need everything to be for love and peace of mind. They are united by a preference for two: both like to experiment and get unusual sensations.

Thus, the compatibility of Gemini and Pisces in bed can be quite successful, but only for a short time. Gradually, the problems of everyday life begin to move to their bed. Pisces can not relax under the blanket, not having a stable relationship with a partner and confidence in the reciprocity of feelings. A Gemini because of low emotional intelligence, sometimes will not understand what is happening and how to react.

Gemini and Pisces Family Compatibility

As a rule, the compatibility of Gemini with Pisces in marriage, which they concluded at a young age, is rarely successful. Young people who have not developed clear life positions and goals, will not be able to build quality relations that require sacrifice and compromise. Geminis are too busy with the outside world: they are interested in everything at once, and marriage only cuts off its wings. Pisces, on the contrary, are busy with themselves, digging in their souls and trying to answer the questions "who they are" and "why they exist". Mutual understanding is a rare guest in their pair. Geminis are too closed and superficial, and Pisces are too emotional.

If there are real feelings between the partners, then in time they can get used to. With age, the Gemini become a bit mundane: each of them once realizes that it is impossible to soar all the time in the clouds and run in pursuit of the unknown. What is the meaning of life is a warm relationship with loved ones and relatives. Pisces will learn to control themselves, not the partner, giving him freedom of will and movement. Therefore, the compatibility level of Gemini and Pisces in family life can increase with the passage of time that partners spend together.

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