Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

Gemini and Scorpio are completely different natures, so together they exist quite difficult. The first refers to the air element, the second — to the elements of water. Their relationship resembles a boiling volcano: boiling, passionate and unpredictable. In general, in the astrological world, Scorpio is considered to be the strongest and toughest sign. Self-sufficient and proud person, not giving anyone the right to make a mistake. But not in this case. In relations with Gemini, he becomes a rabbit manipulated by a partner. The sign of water is used to be a leader, always to achieve the desired and to subordinate others. And if they do not obey, then without flinching, he will cross them out of his life.

Gemini have a large supply of energy, often travel and love to get acquainted with interesting people. They have many friends, they do not tolerate boredom and loneliness. They constantly carry somewhere, they do not know the state of rest. Freedom is for them the highest value. If such a reckless person becomes close to Scorpio, then they both are in for a lot of trouble. The sign of water is used to command and control, by nature it is a great owner and wants the people important to him to belong only to him. This desire clearly does not like the Gemini, and they will in every way shirk from the obligations that they impose.

Compatibility Horoscope for Gemini and Scorpio

Their relationship is reduced to a game of catch-up, where Scorpio is trying to catch and tame the freedom-loving partner, but to no avail. A sign of water, accustomed to being on a horse, suddenly finds itself in a situation of impotent, nothing controlling partner, and this fact is hard to hit on his nervous system. Compatibility Gemini and Scorpio is possible, but is below average. Initially, the signs to each other will greatly appeal. The Gemini will feel the strong inner core of the interlocutor and hurry to create a pair with him. They are always looking for someone stronger and wiser than themselves, so endowed with frivolity and irresponsibility. In a word — they need a helmsman. Scorpio, in turn, will attract a light and interesting sign of air, its simplicity and openness.

A little later, when the partners start to see, they will see the true faces of each other before them. Gemini will consider that before them is not such a strong and responsible, and sometimes emotionally unstable partner who also encroaches on the main value of his whole life — freedom. And the sign of the water element will understand that his power does not work at all: this specimen is too tough for him. The horoscope of compatibility of Gemini with Scorpio promises them a relationship full of passion, drama and suffering. Relationships are possible if the sign of water discards its principles and allows the partner to be who he is.

Gemini and Scorpio Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Gemini and Scorpio in the work completely absent. Gemini is a creative nature. They are restless, often fly in the clouds, hate routine work and more like doing something alone. Scorpio such connivance in the work will be terribly angry. He used to do everything strictly according to plan, to study every project to the smallest detail. On this ground, conflicts will arise between them. It is undesirable for them to work on a common cause. As partners, they quarrel to the nines. If Scorpio is in the boss’s chair, he will quickly dismiss the unauthorized employee. But if the air sign becomes at the helm, Scorpio will be able to carry out any orders from the authorities. However, in this case, the Gemini will have to worry about their chair, which the insidious subordinate will certainly try to occupy.

The compatibility of Gemini with Scorpio in friendship is to some extent possible. Gemini like to talk, tell stories, share their experiences. This appeals to Scorpio, since he loves and knows how to listen. Difficulties can arise in the search for common hobbies and goals, so between them, most likely, will develop friendly relations, rather than a strong friendship in its usual sense. They will not like each other permanently in the company of each other, since the Gemini will find such a friend very boring and dull: it is unlikely that the water sign will agree to participate in the next adventure of the air sign. Scorpio does not want to lead a friendship with such an irresponsible and windy person.

Gemini and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Gemini and Scorpio in love is difficult to call good. At first the signs are enchanted with each other, but then comes the lapping stage, which is accompanied by real military actions. The struggle between them arises literally without any reason. Gemini zealously for their personal space and freedom of choice, which actively attempts partner. The air sign is surrounded by a wide range of people, which Scorpio does not like very much. The sign of water is excessively jealous and can create violent scenes because of the sociability and friendliness of the partner towards other people. Partners will constantly quarrel, defending their priorities.

Scorpio, in general, a complex sign, has a dominant character and few people get along. Therefore, the compatibility of Gemini with Scorpio in the relationship is not an exception and leaves much to be desired. Save the union can only rational thinking of each of them. Scorpio must accept that his partner is sociable and inquisitive. A Gemini should stop paying attention to attempts to sign water to establish control over it. If real feelings between them erupt, which they will be able to strengthen and nourish, it is possible that for their sake such different signs will begin to seek suitable solutions to common problems and make concessions to each other.

Gemini and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility of Gemini and Scorpio in bed is considered one of the most successful. Scorpio is a passionate nature and very fond of sex. He is ready for any experiments, sometimes reaching a slight perversion. Gemini are also masters of intimate games under the cover of night and therefore they will not be bored for sure. Often the sign of water, carried away, can go all the boundaries, and this is exactly not like the Gemini. Such contradictions can provoke tension and conflicts in a pair.

If mutual trust and respect were established between the partners, they will be able to agree on the optimal version of their sexual life. Most often the leader in bed is Scorpio, so the most successful intimate relationships will be in a couple where the man is standing at the helm, and the woman of the Gemini sign gives in to him.

Gemini and Scorpio Family Compatibility

If this couple has reached the wedding palace, this indicates that they have undergone a serious test of their feelings and reconciled themselves to many of the shortcomings of each other. Such a union is really strong, and feelings are deep. The compatibility of Gemini with Scorpio in a marriage will gain strength over time. The ideal version of such a partnership will develop in a pair where a strong and strong-willed Scorpio will be a man, and a softer and more pliable Gemini woman. Weak sex has a natural cunning, with which the husband softens the hardness of man’s nature.

In the reverse situation, this marriage is very problematic. Women have a higher sensitivity and emotionality, so it’s easy, but scary to imagine the behavior of a jealous wife, Scorpio, during another quarrel. In anger such a partner is capable of extreme measures, biting and stinging a defenseless spouse in the most unexpected places. The compatibility of Gemini and Scorpio in family life will depend directly on their mutual desire to be together and maintain their relationship. Otherwise, mutual resentments and contradictions will push both to seek solace on the side.

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