Gemini and Virgo Compatibility

Gemini and Virgo are a couple that is not common. These signs belong to the opposite elements — air and earth, respectively. They have different temperaments, characters and vital values. Gemini are a spoiled teenager with a leaping hormonal background: he is endowed with high energy and emotionality, an interest in everything new and a thirst for impressions. He is impatient, stubborn and can not sit for long in one place, he likes to communicate and therefore there are always many friends around him. His adventurous nature always pushes him at risk and adventure. External and internal freedom is what the Gemini cherish most.

Virgo is a sign of stability, tranquility and mundane. She always has everything laid out on the shelves, she strives for perfection, her life is calculated and planned for a long time to come. She is restrained, and sometimes cold in her emotional manifestations. In relation to the world, she uses only a rational approach: among her acquaintances only necessary, useful people. Even married Virgo often goes not for love, but for convenience. Goes to his goals slowly but surely and very upset if something goes wrong. She likes to keep control over everything, thus gaining a sense of security.

Compatibility Horoscope for Gemini and Virgo

Compatibility of Gemini and Virgo is based only on one fact: they are both the beneficiaries of the planet Mercury. In mythology, the god Mercury was a communication genius, engaged in trade and had great success. He endows both signs with great intellectual abilities and talents in the field of communication, which will help the signs to find a common language in matters of mutual benefit. Also, Gemini and Virgo are interesting interlocutors who can enrich each other with new knowledge.

The classic horoscope of compatibility for Gemini with Virgo promises them little pleasant, especially in areas where relationships are built on the basis of feelings, as their emotional intelligence is at different levels of development. Too correct Virgo says that she thinks and thinks what she is saying, pushing her sensitivity to the background. Gemini are spontaneous and often live only today, guided by inner impulses. Close relations between them are unlikely to develop: air will find the land too passive and boring, and the earth can not reconcile with the unrestrained and frivolous air.

Gemini and Virgo Business Compatibility

Highly developed mental abilities determine the compatibility of Gemini and Virgo in the work as positive. Two active leaders, strong personalities will be able to build a fruitful union. The sign of the air fits creatively and offers a variety of non-standard ideas and suggestions. Virgo, in turn, due to its prudence and foresight, successfully engaged in effective project planning, considering all possible bonuses and losses. Thus, business cooperation of signs can bring high results.

The compatibility of Gemini with Virgo in friendship is unlikely. Between them, a couple of interesting conversations can take place, but the matter is unlikely to go any further. For spiritual closeness, people need common landmarks, values, which are practically nonexistent between them. Support for acquaintance signs can only because of the personal benefits of each. Both of Mercury’s wards are too irritable and will not be able to tolerate each other’s shortcomings for long. About warm affection here and speech can not be conducted.

Gemini and Virgo Love Compatibility

The compatibility of Gemini and Virgo in love is at a very low level and yet possible. When meeting each other, the signs of air and earth experience physical attraction and mutual interest. Everyone finds the partner attractive, strong and clever. They can chat for hours on various topics, tell interesting stories. Virgo in the interlocutor attracts ease, which she is very lacking. The sign of air sees in it a person with a rod, under the wing of which you can hide from life’s misfortunes. Gemini, being by nature children, always look for someone stronger and more experienced than themselves. The Virgo could have come to this role if she had not been so pedantic and critical.

Very soon each of the partners will catch himself on a feeling of disappointment: the first impression will be false. Demanding Virgo will be horrified by the irresponsibility and windy partner, and the Gemini will take her for a boring, mumbling mother and will not be able to endure her moralizing for a long time. Although the air element can fill any space, adapt to any circumstances. Hence, the Gemini would be able to live with the Virgo at a great desire. But all the salt is that the sign of the earth is unlikely to agree to this. Thus, the compatibility of Gemini with Virgo in a relationship is unlikely.

Gemini and Virgo Sexual Compatibility

For both signs, sexual life is not in the first place. If the signs choose between bodily pleasures and an interesting conversation, then both will choose the second. Virgo is deprived of sensuality and has sex for the sake of a tick, receiving only physical pleasure. She is too reserved and rarely reveals herself even in bed. Gemini are not used to take the initiative and often expect that all the necessary steps will make the partner. Although they can offer various experiments, but encountering coldness in response, they are unlikely to insist on their own.

Sexual relationships will be more or less successful if in their pair of Gemini there will be a man and Virgo a woman, since sex is more important to strong sex. In this case, an ingenious air sign would show more persistence and, perhaps, could find an approach to the conservative Virgo. But again, having received several refusals in a row, he would look for attention on the side. Therefore, the high compatibility of Gemini and Virgo in bed is possible only with short-term romances, otherwise partners risk greatly disappointed.

Gemini and Virgo Family Compatibility

The family institute has different meanings for signs. Virgo, having decided to bind herself by marriage, will take this seriously: she will plan both the wedding and the life after it for a long time ahead, not missing any details. The sign of air is interested in the family as long as it has feelings for the partner. If he grow cold, he will break off relations without any remorse. Compatibility Gemini with the Virgo in a very shaky: partners will need to try hard to establish relationships and common life. Virgo is concerned about the material side of the family and seeks to bring her more physical comfort. All the earnings she will spend on improving living conditions. Gemini is more important psychological aspect. First, they do not seek wealth. Secondly, even if they have financial success, they will most likely spend their money on hobbies and pleasures.

Compatibility of Gemini and Virgo in family life is unlikely to be good because the signs have few points of contact. They differently imagine their vacation: the stocking Virgo will rather spend leave to improve the quality of life or postpone until better times for some profitable purchase. The air sign will lower all to a penny, buying a ticket to one of the exotic countries. They also look at the upbringing of children in different ways. Virgos prefer to raise their offspring in strictness and discipline. Gemini are not very demanding parents and often indulge their offspring. Different outlook, different approaches to the same case will be constantly provoked between signs of friction and quarrel. Only one can save them: one of them must change himself for the sake of the other, which is hardly possible, since in essence it means completely redrawing one’s personality.

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