Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius are odd signs of the zodiac circle and are located on it directly opposite each other. This means that they, as opposites, are either attracted or repelled. This type of relationship can be called "all or nothing". The elements to which they belong harmoniously coexist in nature. Leo refers to fire, Aquarius to air. These elements can influence each other both positively and negatively. Oxygen helps the flame burn brighter, at the same time, too strong a gust of wind can completely extinguish it. The flames, in turn, can either warm the air masses, or red-hot them to the extreme.

The whole universe is based on the golden mean. The relationship between Leo and Aquarius is no exception. The Leo is ruled by the Sun, giving him his energy, strength and optimism. The fire sign behaves like a king of beasts: just as majestic and noble. He carefully chooses his retinue and enjoys her applause for each success. To feel his power, irresistibility and power, he needs human admiration. Because Leo leads an active lifestyle, makes many friends and fans. He is generous and generous, has great willpower and often reaches great heights in life. The nature of his relationship with the freedom-loving Aquarius can not be predicted: from the first meeting they can both show mutual sympathy and hate each other.

Compatibility Horoscope for Leo and Aquarius

Aquarius is a creative and windy nature. He is kind and positive, often living on impulses. Freedom in thoughts and actions is of great value to him, while calmness, stability and settledness equate them to fading and death boredom. He is energetic and unstable: today here, tomorrow there, his feelings and emotions can change each other very often. Despite such chaos in the head and behavior, Aquarius is endowed with high intelligence and analytical abilities. He is an interesting, comprehensively developed interlocutor and a profitable partner. The successful compatibility of Leo and Aquarius can be built by them on the mutual complement of the characters of each other with absent features and behavioral features.

The air sign strives to know everything around and people, including. He is interested in every person, "reads it out to holes", and after that loses interest in it. In this regard, in his entourage there are no bosom friends from the school bench: his environment periodically changes completely. For a long time he can stay in the company of someone who can constantly interest him, fueling his thirst for knowledge. This partner may turn out to be an eccentric and eccentric Leo. Egoist to the tip of the tail — he never belongs to anyone. At the center of his personal reality is his own personality, and therefore he is extremely rarely able to give a soulful affinity to someone, leaving a sense of scarcity in people. The Horoscope of compatibility of Leo with Aquarius promises them an ambiguous, but vivid and very interesting relationship.

Leo and Aquarius Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Leo and Aquarius at work and in business is at a low level. Equal partnerships as hired colleagues will be ineffective. A fiery sign, striving to build a career, often goes over the heads and does not disdain to take advantage of the ideas of creative Aquarius without demand. And, in general, Leo in the role of a subordinate — a phenomenon quite rare. As a rule, representatives of this sign occupy high posts and disdain for simple work. If the wards of the Sun take the place of the boss, and Aquarius — the subordinate, then in this case, too, there may be difficulties: Leo is an imperious and demanding person, and the Air symbol is too freedom-loving. He will quickly quit his job if he feels strong pressure from someone else’s side.

Even the good compatibility of Leo with Aquarius in friendship is a rare phenomenon. Leo will be exorbitantly annoyed that his friend is constantly hovering in the clouds, without showing proper attention to his person. And Aquarius simply will not be able to accept the fact that the representative of the fire element is not interested in philosophical debates about the fate of mankind and high ideals, but he is fully focused on himself and material wealth. Their interests may coincide: both love adventure and adventure, but will the air element agree to play the role of one of the subjects of the royal retinue Leo? It will depend on his personal horoscope.

Leo and Aquarius Love Compatibility

The compatibility of Leo and Aquarius in love at the first stage of the relationship can be quite favorable. The Leo attracts all the interesting things and this is what the clever and sociable Aquarius will seem to him at the first meeting. Easy in communication, interesting interlocutor, endowed with intelligence and charisma — a fire sign will necessarily want to get to know him better. The air element will also be attracted to the article and the majesty of the Leo, his streams of light and warmth. Over time, the ward of the daylight begins to show excessive power and put pressure on the partner in order to subordinate his will. In most cases this works, but not with Aquarius, who will actively resist any attempts to restrict his freedom.

The secret of the successful compatibility of Leo with Aquarius in relationships lies in their desire to be together and willingness to make the necessary steps for this. In this situation, they will have to learn to give in to each other, sacrifice their priorities for the sake of preserving the romantic union. And this is hardly possible without real mutual feelings. Love works wonders, and sometimes even the most notorious egoists turn under its action into complaisant and caring partners. Leo would be nice to learn from the air element of his ability to analyze and take criticism with positive, looking for in it the possibility of something to change in yourself for the better. And Aquarius clearly lacks the organization and planning, inherent in the fiery sign.

Leo and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility of Leo with Aquarius in the bed is ambiguous: there can be any options for developing relations. The inconstancy of Aquarius entails a frequent change of his mood, which is expressed in excess of sexual activity, then in complete indifference to the partner. The royal person is not accustomed to refusals, especially since physical pleasure occupies one of the most important places in his life. Such a behavior of a loved one sooner or later can bother him and encourage him to look for that partner who will always be happy to give him his caresses and warmth. Aquarius will not seek to keep a partner, which can lead to their separation.

On the other hand, if Leo manages to understand the similarities of Aquarius and not make a problem out of it, then both of them will enjoy the intimate relationship. Both fire and air tend to new sensations and impressions, because their sex life under the blanket can be very diverse and interesting. A rich imagination and craving for the experiments of Aquarius will necessarily suit the passionate and active Leo, ready to easily realize even the most daring imaginations.

Leo and Aquarius Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Leo and Aquarius in marriage is rather shaky, their relationship can be thrown from extreme to extreme: then they are all well and the house is a full cup, then the marriage union is on the verge of collapse. Aquarius is drawn to the novelty of impressions, constancy in marriage weighs him down, so he tries to diversify his life in all available ways. Family ties, as well as partner’s control, cause irritation and inner rebellion in him. The fire sign is also in a constant activity, it puts more and newer goals, trying to reach all the big peaks, getting well-deserved medals. At this time, Leo is not happy that his spouse is wandering somewhere and simply does not notice his success. Both are surrounded by many interesting people and are mutually jealous of each other about this. All this together gives rise to tension and conflict between them.

Compatibility of Leo with Aquarius in family life can be achieved by reconsidering the priorities of the spouses. Both must understand that in order to be together, to have a happy and successful union, it is necessary to make mutual concessions and adjust to the spouse. And only after becoming faithful adherents, sincerely trying for the good of their tandem, they will be able to find harmony and tranquility.

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