Leo and Aries Compatibility

Leo and Aries will be excellent partners in any of life spheres. They have one element for two — Fire, and this means that they represent strong, confident personalities. Their nature, life values and temperaments are similar in many respects, because they will easily understand each other. Aries is a ward of Mars — a warlike planet. She endows him with strong, masculine energy, ardor, passionate nature and high activity. He is honest, straightforward and always goes ahead to the goal. Aries is a cardinal sign and therefore, if he wants something, then he will certainly achieve it. Congenital stubbornness allows him to reach unthinkable peaks.

Leo — belongs to the fixed signs of the zodiac, he is also insistent in his aspirations and always brings the matter to the end. He is ruled by the Sun, so he has the same bright and hot temperament. The Leo can not live without praise and recognition: like a true king around him there are always a lot of people playing the role of his retinue. He likes adoring and admiration from both relatives and casual acquaintances. He is kind and generous, often showing generosity to the weaker people. Like Aries, Leo has a lot of aggressive fire energy. Both signs intuitively feel the firmness and power of each other, so they show mutual respect and due admiration.

Compatibility Horoscope for Leo and Aries

Compatibility of Leo and Aries is at a high level: they have much in common, and together they are able to swim the oceans and turn mountains. True, both signs are innate leaders, and in the event of competition, they can reach the warpath. Especially, it concerns the business sphere. But it often happens that a little fighting, they both understand the value of each other as a strong ally, so they become like-minded people looking in one direction. In their pair, Leo plays the role of a wise teacher, and reckless Aries is an apprentice. The latter often can turn to the "senior" partner for advice or with a request for help, which the senior comrade will be only happy about.

Their relationship in any field will be passionate and hot. The union of Fire signs is like a volcano: it is as ebullient, hot and can explode at the most unexpected moment. Their interaction is similar to the plot of the Mexican TV series: they love, are friends and work in a brightly emotional atmosphere. They just do not have to miss. Astrological horoscope of Leo’s compatibility with Aries promises them interesting and long relationships, filled with serious passions and interesting events. Sometimes a straightforward Mars’ ward can be too harsh about Leo, touching his pride and pride. Wards of the Sun can be annoyed by the desire of a partner to be everywhere first. Therefore, in relations, both need to learn to avoid competition among themselves, and then both will only benefit.

Leo and Aries Business Compatibility

Excellent compatibility of Leo and Aries in work and business contributes to the receipt of high results and good profits. Together they make up a successful, highly organized and effective team: these two can do everything, so they do not need any helpers. They know how to set goals and achieve them. True, Aries sometimes in the fires can trigger a fever, but a calmer Leo will always warn the partner and protect him from mistakes made because of emotions. Aries is characterized by the creative approach to complex tasks, and the Trust of the Sun has good skills of organization and effective management. Looking in one direction and working for the common good, signs of fire can reach any horizons.

A similar energy and life rhythm determine Leo’s compatibility with Aries in friendship as high. They are interested in spending time together, they have a lot of common interests and goals. They push each other forward and support in difficult life situations. Their vacation is varied: they can both chat together all night, and fall to a noisy party. Sometimes competition between them plays a positive role in their lives: looking at the successes of a friend signs tend to higher achievements. Often Leo and Aries are so carried away by each other that friendly relations are mixed with the passion of mutual attraction, which leads to the beginning of a bright love story.

Leo and Aries Love Compatibility

Both have an ardent temperament, and when they meet, between them begins a passionate dance of two fires. Initially, their relationship is filled with romance, surprises and original deeds. The Leo shows off all his best sides, demonstrating the beauty of his mane in profile and full face. Aries can not help but admire such a stately, bright partner, to some extent he is flattered by such a connection. The Leo, in turn, feels the power of Aries and is also pleased to receive approval from such an important partner. Compatibility of Leo with Aries in relationships depends on them.

When the hormonal background calms down, and signs begin to think more soberly, both will see a strong, powerful personality who wants to rule on their love ship. For the successful continuation of the novel and the movement to something more serious, they need either declare equality among themselves, or Aries will have to bow down, since the royal nature of Leo is unlikely to drop to the rank of subordinate. The outcome of the situation depends on the personal horoscopes of specific people who represent these signs, as well as their natal charts. Their romantic relationship in most cases ends with an official registration in the registry office. This indicates the beneficial compatibility of Leo and Aries in love.

Leo and Aries Sexual Compatibility

Both signs are endowed with a lot of powerful energy, which periodically hits the edge. And where is the best way to do this, if not in the bedroom? Compatibility of Leo with Aries in bed is almost ideal due to the similarity of sexual temperaments. Both love passionate sex: before physical contact they do not need all these "veal tenderness", romantic dinners and the creation of a special atmosphere. Therefore, both of them move to the matter immediately, as soon as the light in the bedroom is extinguished, sometimes even without waiting for it to turn off.

They have a special relationship to sex: both Leo and Aries are full of animal passion, so both prefer frequent lovemaking. I must say that their turbulent intimate life has the most beneficial effect on relationships outside the bedroom, supporting the heat of passion between them. After all, fully satisfied partners do not look at the party at all, which ensures a stable fidelity in the pair.

Leo and Aries Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Leo and Aries in marriage is high and will grow even higher over time. At first, partners can be in illusions about what they can re-educate each other. More mature individuals understand that it is not beneficial for them to fight each other. Only by uniting, they can transform their union into a strong, beneficial and successful, which will bring both much pleasure and benefit. Spouses achieve good results only when they become like-minded people and turn their faces towards each other. As a rule, in such a family a good prosperity, mutual trust and full understanding.

Both partners love a comfortable life: beautiful things and delicious food. The appearance of offspring will only rally their union. Their children, as a rule, grow as strong, smart and promising. Signs of fire are responsible and loving parents, strict, but fair. Sometimes conflicts between them can be born due to the egoism that is inherent in both of them, but over the years the level of pride of each of them will decrease, which will also promote the rapprochement and growth of Leo’s compatibility with Aries in family life. The ward of the Sun is accustomed to having all the best and is happy if someone envies him. Therefore, partners will have to keep themselves in good shape to match the ideal of the spouse.

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