Leo and Capricorn Compatibility

The Leo and the Capricorn belong to the incompatible elements — fire and earth, respectively. Both signs are strong, strong-willed persons who achieve a lot in life. They know how to set goals and go straight ahead to their dreams. Leo is led by the Sun, endowing him with high energy, kindness and strength at the same time. The sign of fire, like the day-light, tends to be always in the center of attention, different from others, demonstrating to its surroundings its exceptional irresistibility. Therefore, he seeks to be the first and the best everywhere. Recognition and admiration of people is all that Leo needs for happiness. His life is full of vivid impressions and memorable events, fascinating travels and interesting acquaintances.

Capricorn is similar to Leo in terms of activity and energy, but his views on life are very different. It is led by Saturn, and therefore his character is strict, serious and more mundane than Leo’s. Capricorn is a real hard worker, he strives for financial stability and independence. He is prudent, has got used to plan everything and provide, spends a lot of time in meditation. It seems that in Capricorn’s life everything is adjusted and is under his strict control, but as time shows, the land sign usually achieves fewer results than the Leo. Doing the same thing, and sometimes Capricorn tries a lot more, signs come to different results. Astrologers associate this with the extraordinary luck of Leo, relating him to the favorites of fortune.

Compatibility Horoscope for Leo and Capricorn

Compatibility of Leo and Capricorn is ambiguous: on the one hand they are attracted by each other’s strengths. Leo is impressed by the perseverance and purposefulness of the partner. The sign of the fiery element skillfully calculates the benefits that it will receive from this union. Capricorn, in turn, also understands that, together with Leo, he can achieve much greater success. Both carefully refer to the choice of partner and, when establishing any relationship, remain loyal and faithful to them. They really admire each other and have mutual respect. Leo attracts Capricorn with his charisma, brilliance and creative thinking. And the sign of the earth element causes the interest of the king, due to its practicality, caution and rationality.

On the other hand, the compatibility of Leo with Capricorn does not give them any guarantees of a successful and stable union. Disagreements begin where the sign of the earth begins to make attempts to control a partner for whom freedom, both vernal and internal, is at the forefront. For Capricorn, the need for control is one of the most important: it is with his help that he organizes stability and peace of mind. The king of animals this fact will be greatly depressed, since he was the one who used to dominate and lead.

Leo and Capricorn Business Compatibility

The level of compatibility of Leo and Capricorn in the work will depend on the positions they occupy. If the signs are running a personal business for one, then such a partnership can bring them good results. The fiery element always has a couple of interesting ideas available and can easily realize them, thanks to its charm and perseverance. Capricorn has the ability to effectively plan activities, calculating all the minuses and pitfalls. If we are talking about equal partners, then most likely, their interaction will be overshadowed by a mutual desire to dominate. The desire to conquer the tops of the career ladder as quickly as possible will inevitably create competition between them.

Compatibility of Leo with Capricorn in friendship can not be called successful. They are interesting to each other, but the desire for power of both will give rise to a lot of conflicts and contradictions between them. They are more comfortable with free and friendly relations, from which both can get some benefit. Soulful intimacy is unlikely to arise in their relationship. Capricorn is critical, prefers quiet classes, between rest and work always chooses the second. Leo does not tolerate criticism, loves a noisy pastime and is not so devoted to work as a partner. It is unlikely that they will understand and support each other.

Leo and Capricorn Love Compatibility

At first, the compatibility of Leo and Capricorn in love is at a high level. The first behaves openly, as a rule, goes to contact first, showing all his passionate feelings. He is impulsive and wants to immediately win the favor of the partner, showing him all his irresistibility and talents. The sign of the earth is more emotionally closed, although a lot of unspent tenderness is stored inside it. Despite the external coldness, Capricorn is very pleased that such a bright and strong personality pays attention to him. By nature, he is a romantic and will behave accordingly: make unexpected surprises and arrange evenings in an intimate atmosphere.

The sign of Earth will be flattered by the fact that such a prominent partner is interested in it and in return will express its sincere admiration for it. A fire sign, in turn, is the only thing you need — a loving and devoted look across. Compatibility of Leo with Capricorn in the relationship will begin to deteriorate as lovers will more and more open up to each other, become closer and bolder, throwing away unnecessary pretense and courtesy. Saturn’s ward is unnecessarily straightforward and speaks without hindrance about the shortcomings of Leo, who does not accept criticism in any form, as his royal ears are only set to praise. He, in turn, will bother Capricorn with his chatter, the theme of which is his royal personality. Both will want to be better, higher, stronger, and against this background will begin friction.

Leo and Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

Successful compatibility of Leo with Capricorn in bed is possible, but only after a certain time. Their excellent temperaments do not allow them to find common ground immediately. Capricorn is too secretive, that in everyday life, that in an intimate setting. He will need a certain period for which he can fully trust the partner and open up to him in all his nature. Leo is by nature a conqueror, and the fact of inaccessibility of the sign of the earth can play a pair only on the hand, provoking the fiery element and provoking it to purposeful actions.

If the king of beasts puts maximum of his charm, charm and sexual skills, then modest Capricorn will give him all his tenderness, warmth and care. The sign of the earth does not have a great imagination, but it is abundant in the partner. As a result, Leo will offer experiments, and Capricorn agree and give first gratitude and emotion.

Leo and Capricorn Family Compatibility

Astrologers consider the compatibility of Leo and Capricorn in a marriage unpredictable phenomenon. Both want to be free and at the same time to rule, therefore in their pair there is a high risk of struggle for leadership. The vain Leo will not be able to take off his crown and sit down at home, playing the role of a prosperous spouse. Even after marriage, he will make forays into a secular society in order to be imbued with positive energy. Capricorn hastens to equip his life and prefers to spend more time at home with a partner. Also, friction between spouses can arise against the background of spending a common budget: both love money and know how to make money. Only then they spend them in different ways: Leo can lower all to a penny on his hobbies and pleasures. Capricorn is also a spender, but spends exclusively on family, home and comfort in it.

Compatibility of Leo with Capricorn in family life promises to be beneficial only if the partners will unite something. And this, unfortunately, is not spiritual intimacy and deep feelings, but rather material benefits. They can create a successful personal business, have common interests, for example, sports hobbies, or engage in joint parenting. For both, the external picture of a happy family is of great importance, and it does not matter if it is really so.

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