Leo and Gemini Compatibility

The Leo and the Gemini can form a successful union, as their elements perfectly match with each other. These signs belong to fire and air, respectively. Fire element can warm its flames with air masses, and oxygen, in turn, is able to create from a small spark a large conflagration. The friendliness of the elements causes a harmonious relationship between the signs of the zodiac that belong to them. And the Leo and the Gemini are by nature great adventurers who love adventure. They are easy to climb, have endless energy and natural charm. The charge of strength and vivacity both draw from communication with people, so there are always a lot of people around them.

Their tandem is noteworthy in that the signs favorably complement each other with qualities that the partner does not have. Gemini have high intelligence and creativity. His creative, groundless thinking attracts many signs, among which is Leo. He, in turn, has a stubborn will, a strong character and excellent organizational skills. All this Gemini will certainly appreciate. The air element is often windy and irresponsible, and therefore attracted by strong partners, on which you can shift part of your responsibility.

Compatibility Horoscope for Leo and Gemini

The Leo is the wards of the Sun, endowing him with endless energy, brightness and extraordinary data. Representatives of Leo inherit their charisma, the desire for power and generosity in relation to the weaker. A fire sign can not live without love, so it surrounds itself with many people who admire it. To some extent, it depends on the opinions of others, because, as they say, "the king is playing retinue". Gemini are exactly the ones who will admire the article and the power of the partner and is even proud of what has to do with it. Signs harmoniously fit each other. To diminish the high compatibility of Leo and Gemini can only aspire to the primacy of each of them.

Astrological horoscope of the compatibility of Leo and Gemini promises them interesting relations, more than filled with impressions and emotions from joint adventures, which are sought by both signs, driven by the need to realize their raging energy. In the periodic change of the situation both are needed, especially the air Gemini. They are controlled by Mercury — a planet, one of whose sides are in permafrost, and the second is always hot. This duality is reflected in the character of her ward sign. Mood, desires, aspirations of Gemini can change very often, because he is always in an active search for something new.

Leo and Gemini Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Leo and Gemini in the work will not be too successful. With a fiery sign, few can work together. He always puts himself in the position of a leader: he likes to command, not knowing how to admit his mistakes and mistakes. Gemini do not tolerate open criticism, so they will quickly leave business partnership with Leo. More or less they can work together in a bunch of boss-subordinate, where the sign of fire, naturally, the boss. For Gemini, the main condition for productive work is personal interest in it.

But the compatibility of Leo with Gemini in friendship can be quite successful. Both signs are vigorous, which means that they will not be bored. They like noisy companies and outdoor activities. The friction between them can be due to the formal egoism of Leo. Or the sign of the fire will be irritated by the frequent changeability of the friend in their decisions, judgments and preferences. These unpleasant moments they can settle through negotiations. Otherwise, the friendship between them is quite strong and can last a lifetime.

Leo and Gemini Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Leo and Gemini in love is at a high level: partners are interesting to each other from the first minute of dating. The fiery sign conquers with its charm, charm and gloss. Great posture, gait and manners — everyone wants to touch the regal person, and Gemini is no exception. They are very inquisitive and always aspire to where there is something extraordinary. A Leo really stands out against the background of others. Gemini conquer the sign of fire with their lightness, openness and optimism. Both signs welcome honesty in the relationship, although Gemini is often not exactly lying, but being cunning, without concluding certain moments, leaving for itself a loophole for the reverse move.

And the Leo and the Gemini are awful chatterboxes: they can talk for days and a half, which is what they do during their first acquaintance. This fact can play against them a little later. The sign of fire will take offense at the partner because he pays little attention to his person in conversation. And the air element is not happy with the constant self-glorification of Leo. And, nevertheless, Leo’s compatibility with Gemini in the relationship remains high: such quality as openness allows them to solve all emerging issues and problems on the shore, rather than drag them along with them. Very often their acquaintance grows into a legitimate marriage union.

Leo and Gemini Sexual Compatibility

The sexual life of signs is an example for envy and imitation. Both have a stupid energy and are therefore willing to engage in amorous pleasures often and for a long time. The compatibility of Leo with Gemini in bed is high due to their mutual desire for physical pleasure. Creative Gemini bring interesting ideas to bed each time, which the Leo loves with pleasure. It is noteworthy that their mutual attraction does not cool down even after a rather long time of joint existence.

An intimate life that satisfies both partners has a beneficial effect on their relationships outside the bedroom. In this regard, treason and stare on the sides of their tandem does not threaten. Gemini like to sometimes flirt with the opposite sex, but the Leo is too confident in himself to be jealous of the partner to those he thinks below. And who wants to leave the place where everything suits you?

Leo and Gemini Family Compatibility

Astrologers believe that the compatibility of Leo and Gemini in a marriage is stable and only grows stronger from year to year. The distribution of roles between spouses often occurs in an interesting way: from the side the dominance of the Leo is clearly traced. But it is worth considering their interaction closer, then you can see that the Gemini only make a kind of submission to the partner, skillfully create this illusion, because the Leo really needs it. But in fact, the parade is led by the cunning Gemini, directing the gaze of the proud partner in the right direction.

Life in marriage takes place in them quite fun: they often travel, attend various events with many people. They have many friends who are frequent visitors to their home. Both love to communicate and will never sit at home on their day off. They are constantly being pulled somewhere, and in this they fully support each other. Children these signs start already in adulthood, because they want more time to give themselves loved ones and have a good walk. But with their appearance they become exemplary and loving parents. Although they do not have to suddenly break down and go on a trip with the whole family. Thus, the successful compatibility of Leo with Gemini in family life has a beneficial effect on their relationship: their marriage is strong and stable.

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