Leo and Leo Compatibility

Two Leos in one territory is an unusual and highly explosive phenomenon. The Sun that directs them gives them external brightness, high energy and a desire to rule. Before them there is one big question — which of the two kings is more important? Finding out this, they are ready to face for a long time and fight to the last drop of blood. Two strong leaders in one harness are subject to intense competition, so in any union they will have to decide who will get the most important role.

This dilemma can be solved by giving primacy to one of them, relying, for example, on age and experience. Who is wiser, he should command the parade. Another option is to give the palm to the man as a strong sex, of course, if a woman does not mind and is ready to stand behind her partner, supporting and helping him achieve common goals. Otherwise, for the right to be the first, they will fight to the death and still eventually will disperse, so to nothing and not coming. The matter is complicated by the fact that they do not know how to admit their mistakes, which, by the way, they do a lot because of their impatience and impulsiveness. Therefore, a successful partnership of representatives of this sign of the zodiac will be exhausted in a long confrontation.

Compatibility Horoscope for Leo and Leo

Compatibility of Leo and Leo is complicated by constant rivalry and egoism. Everyone considers himself to be that exceptional hero who should admire everyone, praising his merits and exploits. They like to be in the spotlight, get compliments and feel important. At first, the Leos see in each other their reflection, which makes them enchanted to admire their partner. But over time, in addition to their good qualities, they begin to see in another and its shortcomings. The most interesting thing is that the undesirable qualities that both of them have in abundance, the Leos do not recognize in themselves, but they strongly emphasize on them in the nature of the partner.

The element of fire, to which the Leos belong, makes them bright and passionate. Like the flames, the Leos are in constant movement: they are striving for new impressions, conquests and glory, the conquest of human hearts. The Horoscope of compatibility between Leo and Leo can be successful only if both understand that they can not defeat each other. And that only by combining their energies and holding hands, they will be able to achieve so high results, which are beyond the power of every Leo alone. Such pairs from the side look very bright and strong, causing envy and admiration in others.

Leo and Leo Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Leo and Leo in work is at a low level. Representatives of this sign can not work together peacefully. Everyone in the pair will strive to command, and everyone will resist the desire of the other to rule over him. Leos, thanks to their ambitions, occupy the chairs of the chiefs, for simple work as a subordinate can offend their sick self-esteem. But two bosses in the same chair — an impossible phenomenon, and their successful labor union — too. The more rarely their interests intersect in business, the better.

Compatibility of Leo and Leo in friendship can be beneficial if both renounce claims to leadership and understand that there is essentially nothing to divide in friendly relations. They have the same views on life and similar temperaments, so they are easy to find a common language, interests and hobbies. They like active rest, adventure and adventurous pranks. Leos are generous and supportive of those whom they love and respect. They always come to the rescue of someone who needs it. They are honest in relationships and are not afraid to tell the truth. Whether they can be friends or will compete depends on the personal horoscope of each Leo and the life circumstances in which they will meet.

Leo and Leo Love Compatibility

Charismatic and stately Leo and Lioness stand out in any society and immediately attract attention to themselves. Representatives of the same sign subtly feel each other on an intuitive level. At the beginning of the relationship, the compatibility of Leo and Leo in love will simply go off-scale, a bright flame will quickly flare up between them. From the outside one can observe an impressive spectacle, this is how their acquaintance and courtship pass. They are full of passion and sexual attraction, each of the partners tries to expose themselves in a better light. The Leo will show off his chic mane, and the Lioness, impressed by him, is well-groomed wool and neat claws. Self-love and a partner, mutual admiration glows the surrounding space to the limit.

A bit later, when the partners are full of honeyed speeches to each other, the decisive moment will come. There is a danger that the compatibility of Leo with Leo in a relationship can fall to zero, they will begin to mutually irritate from the chatter of a partner and his infinite admiration for himself. Each of them will want to be the main hero of their love story: that all events and conversations revolve around him. Young, until the end is not overgrown with Leos quickly scatter in different directions in search of someone who will appreciate them on their merits. More mature individuals are able to understand the stumbling block in the relationship and change their behavior timely. If, of course, they are both interested in this.

Leo and Leo Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility of Leo with Leo in bed can be very successful: representatives of the fire sign are passionate natures, skillful and tireless lovers. Their stage of foreplay takes a little time, they do not need to spend precious time on long preparation. The most part of an intimate action is allocated to the most sexual contact. The energy of both beats over the edge, so sexual contacts occur between them with an enviable regularity.

Leos aspire to power in everything and bed — not an exception. In this regard, they will have to negotiate even on this occasion, changing the role of the moderator in a timely manner. Mutual admiration of each other will only enhance the sexual satisfaction of each of them. In their intimate relations, there is a certain cyclicity: first the partners will not crawl out of the bedroom round the clock, and then get fed up and chill. After a while, their passion flares up with renewed vigor, and they again for a long time opt for their sexual bed.

Leo and Leo Family Compatibility

The beneficial compatibility of Leo and Leo in marriage, they will have to build their own paws. Or with your hands. The fact is that both are independent personalities and can safely spend their leisure separately. They even like it, because one Leo will not have to share his portion of compliments and fame with someone else. But it is in such free revelry that there is a high probability of treason. The sign of fire is pampered by flattery and can not resist the sweet speeches and skillful flirtation of anyone. Upon learning of the betrayal, the second partner will immediately put an end to the relationship. Such Leos will never forgive. In connection with this, such a pair should stand together, and not attend social events one by one.

A similar worldview allows them to have many common interests. Leos love a beautiful life and therefore always strive to earn well to serve their whims. They toss money to the left and to the right, feeling at the same time the center of the universe. This behavior of both spouses can give them a lot of difficulties, so they will have to learn to plan their own budget and live by their means, so as not to stay in their last pants and with debts. Children in their pair are born late enough, as the spouses are engaged for a long time each person and her nurturing. They travel a lot, attend interesting events, they have many friends and a lot of impressions for two. Compatibility of Leo with Leo in family life can be overshadowed by mutual competition, but, as a rule, women give way to the role of leader to a man, or skillfully pretend.

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