Leo and Pisces Compatibility

Leo and Pisces are an ambiguous union. On the one hand, they belong to the natural elements, opposing each other — fire and water, respectively. As the heat of the flame can evaporate the water, so self-confident Leo is able to bring gentle Pisces to moral exhaustion. Pisces, in turn, as self-defense can extinguish the fire with an uncontrollable flow of conflicting emotions. On the other hand, these signs can give each other exactly what they need most: a representative of the elements of water need shores, support and assurance, protection from an aggressive environment. Leo needs constant evidence of his greatness and beauty, like a firewood.

These signs are very different in their worldviews, values and rhythms of life. The Leo belongs to the Sun: it gives him fervor, strong will and breadth of soul. The sign of fire loves to be in the center of attention, the best and most beautiful, like the light in the sky. He is selfish, but just and noble. Will always help someone who needs it, but without hesitation will pass on the heads of competitors in the direction of their goal. A Leo can not live without the admiration of others, and therefore constantly surrounds himself with a grateful audience, who looks at him with reverence. He is strong, brave, knows how to set goals and achieve them.

Compatibility Horoscope for Leo and Pisces

Pisces are almost the exact opposite of the sign of fire. They have a subtle mental organization and are often inconsistent in their feelings, which is metaphorically depicted on their sign — two small fish floating in different directions. They are governed by Neptune, endowing them with a rich imagination, fantasy, which are often illusions. Disappointed in them, the sign of water often suffers and falls into despondency. Compatibility of Leo and Pisces can be quite beneficial, as they can give each other much. The sign of water is endowed with such qualities as empathy, which allows him to feel the partner at the deepest level and give him the necessary support. In the case of Leo — this recognition of his merits and promotion to the podium of glory.

Pisces, in turn, because of his insecurity and sense of insecurity before the world, need a strong partner, for whose role the king of animals is ideally suited. Having received loyalty from the partner and sincere feelings, Leo will necessarily take it under his care and will protect from all adversities. The Leo and Pisces compatibility horoscope promises them a harmonious union, but with the condition that enough time must pass before the signs realize the value of each other. The first meeting, as a rule, does not bring partners positive impressions from each other, because they are too different, that immediately feel the kinship of souls.

Leo and Pisces Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Leo and Pisces in work is not entirely successful. Being in the same team, they will try not to even notice each other. If Pisces is the leader, and Leo is subordinate, the first because of his uncertainty will not be able to cope with the assertive and selfish worker. In the reverse situation, the matter may more or less merge: Pisces obedient performers, however, often fall into a reverie and dreams. In this connection, the strict boss can be extremely unhappy and irritated because of the slowness of the subordinate. The most successful is cooperation in the joint business, as equal (or almost equal, Leo will still want to be the main) partners they will be able to achieve significant results.

And the compatibility of Leo with Pisces in friendship can be quite harmonious. I like the water element, but in the depths of my soul I even flatter myself, have such a strong and charismatic friend with me. The sign of water is faithful and honest in relation to Leo, often gives him constructive advice in situations where he is clouded by hot emotions and raging feelings. Leo also appreciates Pisces as a friend: they are able to understand and accept his uneasy nature.

Leo and Pisces Love Compatibility

Astrologers state the fact that there are cardinal differences between these signs. However, stars in the horoscope can converge so that the compatibility of Leo and Pisces in love will be at a decent level, which will enable them to build a harmonious relationship. Different elements determine the distinct temperaments of signs and their views on life. At first glance, they might not like each other. Leo is bright, open, charismatic. He is not afraid of anyone and shows his best qualities with pleasure, telling them about his partner in all his glory. Pisces behave more modestly and squeezed. They need some time to look at another, to start trusting the secrets of their soul.

If the spark of attraction between them did run, then their relationship will be passionate and romantic. Leo becomes softer with such a pretty and timid partner, he likes to receive care and warmth from Pisces. He sees their admiring eyes and feels himself the center of their universe. The water element, feeling the strength and power of the Leo, acquires serenity and pacification. Compatibility of Leo with Pisces in a relationship can be beneficial if they want to learn something from each other. The first would not hurt at least sometimes to stop and relax, and the second is clearly not enough faith in yourself, which is present in the fiery sign in abundance.

Leo and Pisces Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Leo and Pisces in the bed is rather shaky and ambiguous: at the beginning of the relationship, when passions are seething between them, all of them will also suit sex, including. And then — in the intimate sphere, problems can begin. Leo — nature passionate, ardent, adoring physical pleasure. He was used to dominating and commanding everywhere: even under the blanket he would pressure that he should be in the center of the event, receive all the applause and applause.

Pisces are soft and very sensitive in nature. The sexual act itself is not an end in itself for them. Sign of the water element, almost all attention is paid to foreplay and a romantic atmosphere. Sex for him is not just the satisfaction of lust and bodily desire. This is a sacred activity, meaning the fusion of two kindred souls. Leos, such a position, unfortunately, is not familiar. In this regard, they can quarrel on the ground that the fire sign is always ready for passionate sex, and Pisces needs a special attitude for this. To maintain their relationship, signs must learn to understand each other and agree.

Leo and Pisces Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Leo and Pisces in a marriage can vary from an average level to a higher one. This will depend on the gender of the signs, their personal horoscopes and natal charts. Romantic relations without special obligations, which follow after acquaintance, can be called beneficial and satisfying for both partners. But the family union, created later and giving the couple mutual responsibility, causes them certain difficulties. By this time, the feelings fade a little, and the signs will see each other without pink glasses and illusions. At such a time, as a rule, people perceive only the shortcomings of each other. The element of water will see that the partner is too proud and rarely thinks of others. Leo does not like the excessive sentimentality of Pisces.

Over time, Leo may get bored with the emotional instability of a partner, who also tries to control the king of animals unnoticed, which he will not tolerate in principle. Pisces can become extremely jealous due to the fact that the sign of fire spends a lot of time in the environment of other people, trying to imbue them with positive energy. But if real deep feelings exist between them, the compatibility of Leo with Pisces in family life promises to be very favorable. Leo in Love will take care of his weaker partner and protect him from unnecessary experiences. Pisces in gratitude will daily dust the pedestal of his king.

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