Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility

Leo and Sagittarius belong to the fire element, and therefore their relationship will be filled with fervent feelings, passions and interesting events. Two fires together are capable of firing a large conflagration that will sweep away everything that comes in its path. Leo is on the fifth place in the zodiacal circle and in the relationship with Sagittarius plays the role of a teacher. It refers to fixed signs, which means that constancy and unshakableness are its inalienable qualities. Sagittarius is a mutable sign, that is, changeable, it occupies the ninth place on the zodiacal circle and paired with the wiser Leo plays an unruly disciple. The hot blood of these horoscope representatives promises them a strong, stable connection.

The Sun protects the Leo: this sign is endowed with brightness and warmth emanating from the daylight. Surrounding people feel his high energy, hardness of character and breadth of soul, that’s why everyone wants to touch him — to be among his friends. Leo is selfish, self-centered and knows his worth, but to confirm his irresistibility he needs a retinue that will appreciate the gloss of his manes and royal manners. Therefore, he seeks to attend all social events, constantly to be in the center of attention, to receive praise and approval from the outside. Sagittarius are the wards of Jupiter, who endows them with eccentricity, a desire for freedom and travel, a philosophical mentality and friendliness.

Compatibility Horoscope for Leo and Sagittarius

Compatibility of Leo and Sagittarius is at a high level, because they are similar in their views on life, the level of energy and perfectly understand each other. They can be both bosom friends, and have a successful love alliance. Of course, not everything is so smooth between them: the desire for power and leadership of each of them can play with them a cruel joke. Therefore, they need to yield to each other and make compromises. A huge plus that contributes to the preservation of their tandem is that both signs are not remembrance, can not take offense long and are able to forgive.

Since Sagittarius is a mutable sign and can adapt easily to circumstances and people, he does not mind at all having parity in dealing with a strong Leo. Wards of the Sun, seeing such a positive attitude of a partner, can also ease their pressure and show tolerance. Thus, the horoscope of compatibility between Leo and Sagittarius, thanks to their joint efforts, has a positive character and promises them a long, stable alliance. Sagittarians admire the nobility of the partner, his generosity and ability to achieve the set goals. Leo, in turn, attracts the honesty and justice of Sagittarius, whom he regards as a stubborn, disobedient child and therefore treats him with softer than with other signs.

Leo and Sagittarius Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Leo and Sagittarius in the work is at a high level and gives the signs of fire good results in the professional field. Leo is always an excellent organizer, the developer of effective tactics and strategies. Sagittarius, thanks to its extraordinary thinking, knows how to find the most successful solutions to the tasks assigned to them. In a business partnership, signs can have friction, but they only go to their advantage, spurring both on new records.

The compatibility of Leo and Sagittarius in friendship can also be envied: signs are devoted to each other and ready to come running to help at any time of the day or night. They are honest, generous and respectful of their partner. Very often the friendship between them begins in childhood and lasts until gray hair. A similar worldview helps to quickly find common interests and interests. Often their friendship is complemented by cooperation in the business sphere. And if friendly relations have arisen between people of different sex, then there is a high probability of their degeneration into love.

Leo and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Sagittarius attracts Leo with his non-trivial thinking, creative flight of thought and the desire for ideal in everything. It inspires the hardworking Leo to new achievements and victories. Compatibility of Leo and Sagittarius in love is high, because the signs are very similar internally, therefore they quickly come to mutual understanding. The main vital value for both is freedom — internal for Sagittarius and external for Leo. In the center of the world, both put their own person and have a desire for self-realization. This fact has a beneficial effect on the development of their relations, since no one is trying to restrict or impede the development of the other.

Creating a family, the birth of many children, quiet home evenings — all this does not appeal to any of them. Romantic relations give rise to bright, passionate feelings between them, packed into beautiful joint dreams and noble deeds. The compatibility of Leo with Sagittarius in the relationship will begin to move to zero, when the passions will be replaced by ordinary, earthly problems. And here friction begins: someone must sacrifice their own interests and take responsibility for the relationship. Who will this be and, in general, will depend on the partners themselves — their personal horoscopes and natal charts. It can happen that at this moment the love will simply burn out and the signs will scatter in different directions.

Leo and Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Leo with Sagittarius in bed is satisfactory for both of them. Both signs put sex on one of the first places in their lives: they engage in it a lot and often, carrying to bed all their passion and tender feelings for their partner. Two fire signs are skilled and persistent lovers, able to surprise and please each other. The intimate sphere directly affects their relationship with the perimeter of the bedroom, making them even stronger and more stable.

They love a beautiful life, do not spare money for their pleasures and desires. Both signs like to fantasize and bring something new to the bed: after being alone, they will always find something to do. A diverse sexual sphere, where both experience vivid sensations and impressions, minimizes the possibility of betrayal from either side.

Leo and Sagittarius Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Leo and Sagittarius in marriage is based on their curiosity and the desire for everything new. Happy spouses can behave like carefree teenagers in both 20 and 50 years. They travel to different countries, attend various events. Both are happy only when they are active and get new impressions. Having become like-minded, signs can achieve almost everything they want. Two strong personalities striving for independence, as a rule, earn well and indulge each other with exquisite gifts. Together they make up a strong, bright and positive couple. And so it will last until the routine and gray everyday life settle down in their house: in this case, both will get bored and, most likely, disperse in search of more rosy relationships. Whether it happens or not depends on them.

Children in such a family are born relatively late, as the spouses are too busy with themselves and with each other. Leo, though selfish, but the parental instinct in him wakes up sooner or later, and, having developed a lot, he starts talking about the child. What can not be said about the freedom-loving Sagittarius: for them the question of marriage or marriage is already a very serious step, depriving it of some degree of precious freedom. And the topic related to children, in general, can become an edge and an occasion for a dispute, since the parent, in fact, is bound by serious obligations to the offspring of the hands and feet. The Sagittarius woman will decide to become a mother more quickly and willingly than the man of this sign by the father. Thus, the compatibility of Leo with Sagittarius in family life is happy with high, has its own difficulties and pitfalls, but, in general, pleases both partners.

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