Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

Leo and Scorpio refer to fire and water respectively, the elements that stretch to each other, but practically do not combine. Signs also have many contradictions: any union that involves spiritual intimacy and self-sacrifice will be fraught with negative consequences for both, but most of all for the Leo. Being in the power of the Sun, he has charisma and a desire for leadership. To feel important, he needs people who play the role of retinue for him. Admiration of his appearance and abilities, recognition of his power — that’s what the sign of fire seeks his whole life.

But is it possible to retain the status of a sovereign in the company of a daring Scorpio? This sign of the water element is considered to be the toughest: he will not stand on ceremony with anyone when he needs something. Honest, but arrogant, going ahead to achieve their goals. In his company, the authoritative Leo often clamps his ears, because he feels that the partner is not one of those who will unquestioningly obey his will. Two so strong people can harmoniously co-exist in a pair, if they only recognize equality and act for the benefit of one for two purposes. In this case, their tandem will be unbreakable and will achieve any intended heights.

Compatibility Horoscope for Leo and Scorpio

Compatibility of Leo and Scorpio — a precarious phenomenon and ambiguous. Sick place in their pair — uncompromising disputes, the desire of each of them to defend their position, to prevail over the partner. There is a thirst for power in their blood. According to the horoscope, they rightfully occupy the first place among those who are more likely to part: and it does not matter whether the love is a relationship or friendly. The Scorpio is led by the mystical Pluto: in some magical way the sign reaches everything it comes to. It does not depend on the favor of people and their opinions. He can not be offended or angry, for he believes only in himself and in his own strength. He is uncommunicative, there are few people around him, but they are all faithful and true. Hypocris or a liar Scorpio will see from afar, he will not even give his hand. Leos also respect honesty and never lie, because they are not afraid of anyone.

The Horoscope of compatibility of Leo with Scorpio promises them many problems related to pride, which are endowed with both. Young sign representatives are unlikely to be able to suppress their selfishness and build a satisfactory relationship. Between mature people there will also be conflicts. But in their case — there is more chance of creating a successful tandem because they will both learn to make concessions and compromises with age. Scorpions will criticize less and will be more supportive of Leo, whose unflattering words are badly beaten by self-esteem. The sign of fire, in turn, must also learn to control one’s selfishness and not try to suppress the will of the other.

Leo and Scorpio Business Compatibility

Despite many disagreements, the compatibility of Leo and Scorpio in work is at a high level. To do this, they need an intensive activity that requires total dedication: then they will simply have no time to find out the relationship between themselves. One goal for two will be successfully achieved in any scenario, since both signs are punchy, have good communication and diplomacy. Both seek a high position in society and career. Having seen the benefits of mutual cooperation in business, signs of fire and water can work well, establishing parity.

Compatibility of Leo with Scorpio in friendship is also favorable. Both respect the honesty and courage of a partner. If these signs are friends, then for a long time. Each of them carefully chooses his environment. They are ready to come to each other’s rescue at any time of the day or night. Due to the fact that both have high activity, they will always have something to do. Watching TV shows in the evenings is obviously not for them. Rather, they will visit some noisy party or go to throw energy in the gym.

Leo and Scorpio Love Compatibility

At the first meeting between these signs in all directions sparks from emotional heat. Passionate, ardent nature feel the inner strength of a partner, and this is their mutual attraction. Compatibility of Leo and Scorpio in love will be at a high level, but only at the first time, until they both see the true faces of each other. Each of them will find out that the partner is not going to give him the place of the helmsman and a dangerous battle for power will begin. Regardless of the distribution of gender roles in the pair, Leo need to show wisdom and take the stage below. For the sign of water will never give up its positions: after fighting for a while, the partners will get tired and will be forced to disperse, remaining with nothing.

In combat, they use different weapons, but both will be wound by the end. Leo will give in or not — will depend on his personal astrological horoscope. If this sign in the pair is a woman, it is quite possible that it will be easier for her to recognize the leadership of her man and stand behind him. The likelihood of a good compatibility of Leo with Scorpio in a relationship falls sharply in a pair where Leo is a man. Strong sex is therefore called strong, which traditionally takes the position of head of the family. A man with the ambitions of Leo will find it difficult to voluntarily be subordinated to an imperious and obstinate partner. Although such couples take place in modern society.

Leo and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

In the world of astrology, these signs are considered the most sexual due to high energy and fervor of feelings. For both, sex is paramount. This is a way to prove yourself once again, to show your power and beauty to another. Compatibility of Leo with Scorpio in bed is close to ideal, for the sake of it both are ready to suffer the imperious and selfish partner in the life. Often the signs use sexual pleasures, as a way to reconcile.

Both Leo and Scorpio are skillful lovers. The sign of the water element is endowed with innate eroticism, physical attraction, which the element of fire simply can not help but notice. As a rule, partners find themselves in bed pretty soon after the beginning of the relationship. Both partners love experiments and gladly support each other’s proposals. Especially Scorpio stands out here: in his fantasies he sometimes reaches extremes bordering on perversions. Whether this Leo will like it is a difficult question that depends a lot on his natal chart.

Leo and Scorpio Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Leo and Scorpio in a marriage can be favorable in the absence of competition between them. As it was said above, signs can be achieved by such partnership, if only Leo surrenders or at least weaken his positions and it is good, if it is a woman. She can lead and catch admiring glances at work or in the company of friends, and at home turn into an obedient kitty. For this Scorpio will be very grateful to him: he knows how to give gratitude to those who respect him.

Otherwise, if both decide to fight for their power in a pair, Leo’s compatibility with Scorpio in family life is not enviable, because it, in fact, is practically not there. Leo decisively shows his leadership qualities and speaks directly about his desire to be the main one. Scorpio — a cunning sign: in fact, he can agree with the demand of Leo, and then sting it at the most unexpected moment, to dethrone the throne. Such an act will engender a struggle between them not for life, but for death. In addition, the Scorpions are very vindictive and can keep their grievances for a very long time, until the right moment comes to revenge. A poor Leo can be quite uncomfortable if he dared to offend a partner in any way. Spouses will have to try very hard to make their marriage happy and comfortable for both. If between them there are real, deep feelings, then maybe they can make mutual concessions for the sake of preserving the relationship.

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