Leo and Taurus Compatibility

The characters of Leo and Taurus are both similar and different, so that their union is strong and stable. They have different elements: Leo belongs to the fire, which gives him fervor, passion and beauty. Taurus is the wards of the earthly elements. He is calm, stable and has a strong character. As a rule, the first step is to the relationship of a sign of fire: he is more sociable, and also is a good diplomat. Leo tempts Taurus’s inner strength, his steadfastness and perseverance. Fire signs want to have all the best in life: therefore carefully choose their circling from friend to colleague.

Taurus also sees all the advantages of Leo: his powerful energy and, as a rule, an extraordinary appearance, which is difficult not to notice. The land sign is very far-sighted and prudent. He immediately understands what benefits and bonuses can be obtained from a particular partnership. A Leo for him is a suitable option in any of life spheres. Therefore, Taurus will happily enter into a relationship with him. Similar views and needs contribute to an even closer rapprochement. Both signs are oriented to a high level of life — well-fed and comfortable. Together they can reach any heights. True, sometimes they will have to face foreheads because they are both very selfish and stubborn. But, on the whole, their union will be very fruitful.

Compatibility Horoscope for Leo and Taurus

Different temperaments enrich their relationship, and the partners successfully complement each other. Taurus is calm and reasonable. Thinks what he says, and says what he thinks. He calculates each step to the smallest detail and is always responsible for his words and actions. He is able to set goals and bring any business to the end, responsive to the requests of others, but he has got used to rely only on himself. He plans his life for a long time ahead, and therefore is distinguished by his constant and stable, rational thinking. Leos also have a huge willpower and are able to turn mountains if there is a need. The compatibility of Leo and Taurus is high, thanks to their strong-willed characters and decisive natures.

In addition to the will, the fire sign has generosity, he likes to make broad gestures with respect to others and, of course, receive praise and approval for it. A Leo can not live without admiration, for this, he, as a real king, needs a retinue recognizing his incomparable domination. And the more statusful and stronger the surrounding people, the more he is satisfied with their laudatory odes. Astrological horoscope of compatibility of Leo and Taurus promises them interesting, but not frictionless and disagreeable relationship. Both signs tend to dominate, so clashes for the leader’s place between them are not inevitable. Ideally, they need to come to parity: only an agreement on equality can make their union successful and promising in a variety of life sectors.

Leo and Taurus Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Leo and Taurus in the work is at a high level: having united to solve a common problem, two strong personalities can reach unprecedented heights. But this is possible only on the condition that they forget about competition and will work without looking back on their pride. Taurus is distinguished by his fierce industriousness: he is able to sit on the project indefinitely, studying it to the smallest detail. Leo, in turn, is an ideal organizer and diplomat. To achieve success, they no longer need.

But the compatibility of Leo with Taurus in friendship leaves much to be desired. On friendly terms, there is rarely any benefit, so these signs do not make sense to suppress their ego for the sake of another’s comfort. They have different interests and hobbies, so they find it difficult to find options for general pastime. Taurus is not as communicative as Leo, who, through communication, is gaining fame. The land sign will sit at home better and sleep well, and tomorrow it will go to work and earn more money, strengthening its more and so stable position. For Leo, the material side is also important, but only as an entourage, by which he emphasizes his superiority over others. Therefore, he will go on vacation where there are many people who will appreciate his luxurious mane and express his enthusiasm.

Leo and Taurus Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Leo and Taurus in love is characterized by instability and shakiness. While partners only get to know each other, they are filled with mutual interest and a desire to conquer the lover. Leo is delighted with the restraint and organization of Taurus and from all tries to please him. He can chat for hours about his advantages and achievements. At first Taurus may even like this: he will admire with fascination the fascinating stories of the sign of fire, opening his mouth in surprise. But over time, the excessive self-praise of Leo will start annoying the sign of the earth, his inner leader will wake up, and between them will begin an invisible confrontation. Everyone will try to take a leadership position, while suppressing the ambitions of the other.

In order for Leo to be compatible with Taurus in relations, the both of them will have to work on their character and attitude towards their beloved person. Selfishness, unwillingness to compromise or give in — all this is fraught with a break in relations for both. Taurus can be extremely stubborn and not flexible, sometimes it’s easier for him to part with a partner than to admit he is wrong. With Leo the same story: pride and royal vanity do not give him the opportunity to give up their positions. To solve this dilemma between signs, real, deep feelings must arise, which sometimes work miracles and change the souls of people.

Leo and Taurus Sexual Compatibility

Plus draws a minus and vice versa. But in this situation this rule works badly. Compatibility of Leo with Taurus in bed is low: so different in nature signs find little in common under one blanket. At the beginning of sexual relations, experiencing passionate feelings, the signs of fire and earth will somehow be satisfied with each other. But it will not take long, and Leo will begin to show his power and selfishness, literally demanding that in bed all the action revolves only around his desires and needs. The sign of the earth also likes to stay in the role of the chief master, whom everyone should please. Each of them would not be bothered to understand that there is no room for selfishness and vanity in a shared bed.

Both signs are passionate and love sex, or rather, like to receive pleasure from it precisely through the satisfaction primarily of their lust. None of them will sacrifice themselves for the sake of another’s desires. Therefore, soon between them will accumulate mutual grievances and claims that will lead to the fact that the signs will stop dragging on to each other and lose their physical attraction. After this, there will be a break in the relations themselves. To avoid this, they will have to negotiate, learn to hear not only themselves, but also take into account the opinion of the partner. Then their intimate life can play with new colors. No wonder they say: in order to get something, you must first give something away. In their case, this law must be respected on both sides.

Leo and Taurus Family Compatibility

If these signs survive registration in the registry office, then you can be sure that they have together gone through hard trials, accompanied by all the charms of military operations: reproaches, scandals and a long silence. Compatibility of Leo and Taurus in marriage will be the higher, the more conscious will be their decision to create a family. More mature and wise representatives of these signs are more likely to create a full-fledged relationship. Young maximalists who have legalized their union on emotions or under urgent circumstances, can hardly long tolerate such coexistence.

To build a comfortable relationship, they will need time and patience. Then they can create a strong tandem. Thus, the good compatibility of Leo with Taurus in family life is a realistic and quite real thing, the main thing is that there is true love in their pair!

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