Leo and Virgo Compatibility

In the astrological world, the union of Leo and Virgo is considered a rather dubious adventure for the reason that they represent completely different types of people. They also belong to contradictory elements — fire and earth, respectively. Leo is ruled by the Sun: it makes his ward as bright and alive. By its warmth and charisma, the sign of fire attracts many people. The leading need of Leo is the desire to be in the center of attention, to be important, meaningful, to receive praise and recognition. He as a true king wants to rule and lead. He is generous and kind, generous to those who are weaker, but brutally suppresses any competition.

Leo is overactive: he always has several parallel cases. Finishing one, he immediately takes up the second. Such a race for success contributes to the creative disorder around him, to the multitude of mistakes that Leo is unable to recognize. Virgo is the trustee of Mercury. The planet gives her excellent organizational skills, thanks to which she builds her life according to clear logical rules. She loves order, tranquility and dimensionality, therefore she carefully plans her activities for a long time ahead, trying to avoid unpleasant surprises. She is careful in everything, sometimes reaching the point of tediousness. But it is all these qualities that provide her with a sense of security and self-confidence. For such a careful and responsible person, meeting with Leo will look like a real hurricane, like a bolt from the blue!

Compatibility Horoscope for Leo and Virgo

The beneficial compatibility of Leo and Virgo can be achieved, but this will take time. At first, partners see each other as one fault. The fire sign seems to Virgo too vain and arrogant, and his uniform egoism causes her irritation and desire to leave the contact. Leo also sees Virgo as superficial, boring and even boring. If in some magical way they stay together for some time, they will be able to consider each other’s pluses and even learn something. Leo will not be harmed at all by the prudence and restraint that the land sign has. A Virgo can learn from a partner his spontaneity, the ability to genuinely have fun and enjoy life.

Thus, the horoscope of the compatibility of Leo with Virgo can be very successful if they manage to consider the friend in a friend positive traits. The Leo is a fixed sign. This means that he knows how to set goals and achieve them. Another thing is that all his desires are often impulsive and often change, and decisions are made on emotions. Virgo, unlike him, carefully pondering each step, scrupulously working on every idea. It is a mutable sign, that is, it can easily adapt to a variety of circumstances and partners, including. If the prudent Virgo sees the opportunity to get something profitable from the partnership, then pursuing its goals, can for the time being turn a blind eye to any flaws in the ally.

Leo and Virgo Business Compatibility

The perfect compatibility of Leo and Virgo in the work will be observed in a bunch of boss-subordinate, where the first manages, the second obeys. The sign of fire is a born leader, in his veins there is a desire to dominate and command. Therefore, in the role of the boss, the Leo is beautiful, as nowhere else. The Virgo, in turn, is an effective performer. She can not work through her sleeves. Any commission will execute quickly and qualitatively, even more will do, than from it demand. Any boss will be the work of such a responsible employee.

Compatibility of Leo with Virgo in friendship is not the most successful. Different worldviews leave them little chance to find common interests and hobbies. The fire sign prefers an active rest, bordering on extreme. He attracts noisy companies and elite parties, where he can show all his gloss and get the approval of others. The correct Virgo does not like to be in the spotlight, prefers a more restful and useful rest. In addition, she is very critical — he will boldly tell his comrade what he thinks. Such a willful vanity will not tolerate Leo.

Leo and Virgo Love Compatibility

The compatibility of Leo and Virgo in love is at an average level. Such pairs are formed infrequently due to different life rhythms and habitats. The stars need to try very hard to make this happen. It can happen by chance: in the store or on the street, but not where the signs constantly spend their time. Initially, interest between them is very high. The wards of the Sun, radiating powerful energy, attract others to themselves. Virgo immediately notices such a bright partner and calculates possible bonuses from getting to know him. She attracts Leo with her balance, seriousness and romanticism.

But, as often happens, the candy-bouquet period quickly passes, and the phase of grinding the characters begins. And here the compatibility of Leo with Virgo in the relationship will already depend on their personal horoscopes and natal maps of partners. It may happen that the Leo, feeling tender feelings towards his partner, will be lenient towards his criticism and formalism. And Virgo, in turn, will also close her eyes to the selfishness of the fire sign for the sake of bonuses from partnership with him. On the other hand, the sign of the land may find Leo for a windbag and a set-down and just pass by. And the forces of fire will not want to tolerate tediousness and impartial statements in their address.

Leo and Virgo Sexual Compatibility

Low compatibility of Leo with Virgo in bed practically does not give positive prospects to their relations. The reason is that the signs look at sex from different bells. The ardent Leo is ready to deal with it 24 hours a day, especially since his endless energy allows it. The carnal pleasures for him are another way to prove his irresistibility, to receive praise and to break applause. He does not need preludes and long courtship. Sex for the fire sign is not related to spiritual intimacy, it is an instinct that needs to be satisfied.

The Virgo is different. And it’s not even that she would like to have sex in something else. In fact, in general, it is not important for it! No, of course, she will engage in it and even with pleasure, but for her it is much more important what happens behind the doors to the bedrooms than in herself. Her coldness does not allow her to open sensuality and get moral satisfaction. Intimate relationships for Virgo are a simple physical act. Leo will have to try very hard to unfreeze her latent sexuality. If this does not happen, then Leo will quickly lose interest in her and leave.

Leo and Virgo Family Compatibility

The level of compatibility of Leo and Virgo in the marriage again depends on them. Frankly, they will need to seriously try to maintain a good relationship for a long time. Especially, it’s about Leo. He loves space and freedom. Virgo, in turn, has become accustomed to control everything and close people, including. It will be difficult for her to do this, because of different temperaments, most likely, partners will spend a lot of time separately. The sign of fire can not be without society and, therefore, will often run to gather with friends and other events. Virgo will have to decide: to adjust to his pace of life and everywhere to accompany him, or spend his free time the way she likes. And she likes quiet, cozy evenings at home more.

Most often, the spouses are united not by their intimate closeness, their values and priorities. At the heart of their marriage will most likely lie common goals, calculation and mutual benefit. And if they have a common business, then joint activities will rally them even more. Thus, the good compatibility of Leo with Virgo in family life does not imply deep, mutual feelings. Moreover, relationships built only on love, will give birth to many contradictions and conflicts.

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