Libra and Aquarius Compatibility

Libra and Aquarius are literally created for each other. At least, so say astrologers. Signs refer to the same element — air, and therefore have a connection at the karmic level. Representatives of these signs intuitively feel each other and quickly find a common language. In any of life spheres they can make an organic couple in which harmony and mutual understanding will reign. Both are cheerful, positive people, sincerely adoring communication and fun, because they gather around themselves a lot of friends. Also, both signs tend to freedom and independence, supporting and approving these qualities in character.

Their relationship develops very quickly in a partnership of any kind, as they find each other interesting, versatile personalities. They can quarrel and immediately put up, because they do not know how to take offense and long to keep their grievances. They hover in the same airspace and therefore see life almost the same: their worldview and values are very similar. Weights are led by the sensual Venus, who in ancient mythology is the charming goddess of love and beauty. She gives her sign a soft feminine energy, good-naturedness and a desire for harmony. Representatives of this sign are nice, tactful and do not tolerate aggression. They have very developed intellectual abilities, however, like Aquarius.

Compatibility Horoscope for Libra and Aquarius

The patron of Aquarius was originally considered Saturn — a planet of independence and restraint. Later, Uranus was discovered, who was also ranked as ruler of this sign of the zodiac. The influence of the latter is reflected in the desire for action, research and dreaming. Two planets give birth to a powerful energy, which has their wards. Compatibility of Libra and Aquarius is considered successful, due to the fact that they understand and accept the non-ordinary nature of each other, which is sometimes expressed in crazy ideas and desires that have nothing to do with reality. Also their common features are the ability to think big and see cause-effect relationships, sensitivity and emotionality.

The horoscope of compatibility of Libra with Aquarius is favorable for one more, and probably the main reason: signs have one common karmic task — finding inner balance and balance. Libra all life are in constant search of itself: he constantly doubts, how exactly to act, as it will be correct, and how is not present. Outwardly this sign looks quite relaxed and calm, and very few people know that inside it there is a constant struggle. Aquarius, which is influenced by two planets of different energetics, is also in an eternal search: It is then in the clouds and loves the whole world, it becomes mundane, cold and indifferent — ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of achieving the goal.

Libra and Aquarius Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Libra and Aquarius at work and in business can be very fruitful, as both creatively think and approach any business creatively. A special success awaits them in matters that require creation and innovative solutions. Complexity can arise if both colleagues immediately dream and break away from reality. In this regard, they both are to alternately lower each other from heaven to earth and remind them of the goal to which they are going.

Compatibility of Libra with Aquarius in friendship is just perfect. They are kind, cheerful and enterprising. Their interests in many ways converge, and most importantly, they respect other people’s personal space, do not impose unnecessary advice and do not seek to climb each other’s souls. In their tandem, there is no leader, and they do not need it. Such a friendship can be born in early childhood and survive all life. Libra and Aquarius will connect the common desires, dreams and, most likely, a lot of common acquaintances.

Libra and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Two emotional, romantic natures are immediately attracted. When you get to know Libra and Aquarius, you often get the impression that they know each other all their lives. Having discovered much in common, the partners will want to chat for hours on the phone, walk around the night city and attend noisy events. A similar rhythm of life and hobbies contribute to the successful compatibility of Libra and Aquarius in love. Their mutual interest is strong and will only grow with time. Most of these couples in the near future can no longer live without each other and enter into a more serious relationship.

Wards of Venus are important feelings, spiritual and physical intimacy with a loved one, and his partner is more reserved in emotions and words, preferring to judge others by deeds. Like everyone else, there will be quarrels between them, quickly flaring up and also quickly dying out. The basic vector of misunderstanding lies in the direction of excessive traction of both to live communication. Each of them has many friends and just friends. This fact can cause mutual jealousy. To avoid this, partners need to agree on limiting free communication with the opposite sex on the side and making common friends. The rest of the stars promise them a harmonious, strong alliance, so the high compatibility of Libra with Aquarius in the relationship can only envy.

Libra and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Libra and Aquarius in bed is at a transcendental altitude. In their pair there is little passion and ardor, but despite this, they know how to have fun in the bedroom. The very physiology of love is of little interest to them, but what precedes it is the preparation for sex, the creation of a romantic atmosphere, the feeling of tremulous anticipation and prolonged bodily caresses — all this is for them a cherished cherry on the cake.

Representatives of the air element are distinguished by their looseness and ease in behavior, sexual, including. And since these signs are still endowed with creative thinking and inquiring mind, their intimate life is very diverse. The likelihood that she may bore someone from partners — almost equal to zero! Both lovers every time carefully come up with, what would such a newcomer surprise the partner, to get a mutual pleasure. The more time they spend with each other, the closer they become in spiritual understanding, and the more qualitative their sexual pleasures.

Libra and Aquarius Family Compatibility

The compatibility of Libra with Aquarius in marriage is ideal. As a rule, after marrying, the spouses will never part. Divorces in their pair are very rare. Their relationship is harmonious even before the wedding and remains so for life. Emerging conflicts they solve quickly and through negotiations: broken plates and physical violence — this is definitely not about them. Mutual respect, trust and support are the basis of their union. They inspire each other and promote mutual growth. Often, spouses have a successful family business, which also contributes to their unity.

Partners never sit in one place, lead an active lifestyle and travel a lot. They have many friends, and their house is not empty. Even after many years the couple never cease to admire each other and more like newlyweds who just left the wedding palace. Aquarius is considered to be stronger and more stable in nature, therefore, as a rule, he is the leader in their family. It is not advertised and does not prescribe in their rules. This arrangement of roles develops by itself and suits everyone. To arrange a life in their pair, as a rule, nobody is inclined, so they live in a simple environment. The whole joint budget of the spouse spends on what can give them new, pleasant feelings, emotions and leave an indelible mark on the soul. Thus, the successful compatibility of Libra and Aquarius in family life can be set as an example to representatives of other signs of the zodiac.

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