Libra and Aries Compatibility

Libra and Aries are polar signs, located on the zodiacal belt opposite each other. Meeting, the two opposites can create an ideal, balanced tandem, in which the partners mutually complement each other with the missing qualities. On the other hand, their acquaintance can cause a sharp rejection because of differences in temperament. Libra belong to the air element, Aries to fire. The contact of oxygen and flame perfectly illustrates the relationship of signs: a harmonious dance of elements will give the world a bright fire that can give off a lot of heat. In the opposite situation, where there is too much oxygen and fire sparks, a big explosion can occur, which will lead to sad consequences for both partners.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, the goddess of love and fertility, endowing her with a sign of gentleness, kindness, a desire for peace and peace throughout the world. As a rule, Libra is intelligent, intelligent and nice. A problematic place in them is the sphere of decision-making: they can think long before making any choice. Libra will doubt, stop at one option, and at the last moment they can completely change their minds. They are emotionally and creatively gifted, but constantly doubt themselves and their talents. The sign of the air element is diplomatic and often achieves its own through eloquence and natural charm.

Compatibility Horoscope for Libra and Aries

Aries is under the influence of the warlike Mars, who possesses aggressive energy, which he gives to his ward in full. The fire sign is stubborn and insistent, the blood of the victor and ruler flows in his veins. He used to get his way in any situation, sometimes using physical strength. Aries has an honest, straightforward nature and requires others to do the same. His male energy, meeting the female energy of a partner, makes compatibility of Libra and Aries very fruitful and harmonious. They are like Yin and Yang, plus and minus — different, but necessary to each other elements, because you can not achieve a balance without diversity.

Both signs are cardinal. This means that if you want something very much, they will achieve it. However, the character of Libra is softened by the influence of Venus, so most likely in their pair will be the leading sign of fire. Horoscope compatibility Libra with Aries promises them interesting, but not the most relaxed relationship. After all, they will have to get acquainted with the opposite qualities of a partner, take them and even take over. In their interaction, signs receive a new experience, unfolding from different, previously unknown, sides. The air sign acquires more confidence in oneself, and the partner, on the contrary, learns to be more reserved and far-sighted.

Libra and Aries Business Compatibility

Due to the significant difference in the characters, the compatibility of Libra and Aries at work and in business can be very beneficial. If the partners are working on the same task, they are interested in achieving the same goal, their team will be successful and effective. Libras are able to think creatively and are therefore an inexhaustible source of ideas, as well as inspire a partner for new achievements. The latter, in turn, is able to achieve the set goals with the help of its high energy. But in their pair there is one underwater stone that can disrupt the effectiveness of their labor union. They quickly light up and also cool down quickly. Therefore, if both signs are burned at once with respect to the idea they are working on, they will abandon it without even thinking about the consequences.

Compatibility of Libra with Aries in friendship is at a high level: two clever people always have something to talk about and what to do. Both are endowed with a good sense of humor, like an active lifestyle and crowded places. The fire sign is more judicious and therefore can give its friend practical advice. The ward of Venus is more sensitive and helps the partner to look at things from different sides. They are for each other and teachers, and like-minded people and psychologists.

Libra and Aries Love Compatibility

The union of two opposites promises to be bright, rich and exciting. The compatibility of Libra and Aries in love is favorable, despite their different temperaments. This difference gives rise to romantic feelings between them, which attract both of them so. Aries attracts sophistication, sweetness and simplicity of the partner. The gracefulness, suppleness of the air element contributes to the fact that the sign of fire becomes softer next to it. The balance, in turn, is fed from it by active energy, which helps them to move forward and develop. With such a strong partner, the representative of Venus is not afraid of anything, his confidence is growing, and he is more successful in implementing his ideas.

On the other hand, sometimes they will be mutually irritated because of their dissimilarity. The indecisiveness of the air and his desire to make himself a straw in dangerous places, passionate fire can be considered a weakness and cowardice, which can alienate him from his partner. Libra sometimes perceive the Martian for a brazen, ill-bred and rough savage who does not know about restraint, tact and etiquette rules. The compatibility of Libra with Aries in the relationship will depend directly on what they will focus on: they will notice better — then the relationship will develop successfully. They are accentuated on the negative sides of the partner — they will quickly lose interest to each other and run away. It will depend on their personal horoscopes and the mood of the stars: will they want these two to be together in spite of all the difficulties?

Libra and Aries Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Libra and Aries in bed will be high, due to the fact that they give physical pleasures great value. In love pleasures, the fire sign represents a skillful, passionate and enduring lover, ready to have sex every single day. His inexhaustible energy resource gives him the opportunity to work all day, and then all the night long work under the blanket. He does not know the word "tired", which Libra will be very pleased. If Aries brings passion and excitement to the bed, then the air element fills their space with romance, sensuality and suggestions of experiments.

But even with such a harmonious pair, differences can arise. Sometimes Aries is ready to jump off the bat, which obviously does not suit a partner who needs a prelude. In order not to create misunderstandings and frictions, the signs need to agree on the "shore" about what and how should happen. The sign of fire is used to being a leader not only in ordinary life: in bed this need also remains, but Libra does not hate it, and maybe even like it. The best sex stars promise a couple, in which Aries will be a man, and Libra — a woman.

Libra and Aries Family Compatibility

Compatibility Libra with Aries in marriage is beneficial, but in truth, all this thanks to courteous Libra. They are more inclined to compromise, forgive and give in. Aries is more difficult. If he will excessively show his ambitions in the family on business and without him, then their union can go at the seams. Therefore, first of all it is necessary for him to learn to stop in time, at least sometimes to concede to the partner and keep his temper shortly under control. Also, the couple can face mutual jealousy: both are active enough and therefore can have many friends and acquaintances that they will not like each other.

With a successful scenario, the sign of fire is the supplier of energy, new impressions and events. Libra tend to create coziness and comfort in the house. Gusts of wind can extinguish the fire, which flares up to dangerous proportions. The flame, in turn, warms the air masses with its heat. Compatibility of Libra and Aries in family life can be very successful if the partners really love each other and are willing to try for the good of their family. The ability to talk and negotiate will help them stand out a relationship that satisfies both.

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