Libra and Gemini Compatibility

Libra and Gemini are two dreamers who will be very lucky if they suddenly meet. Astrologers promise them a successful union, in which mutual understanding reigns at the deepest level. Both belong to the air element, so they will notice each other at once. Air signs are endowed with developed intelligence and appreciate the mind in others. Light, versatile — they immediately become like-minded people, as their worldviews, life values and interests coincide in almost everything. Signs have quiet characters, so conflicts between them if they occur, then without screams and fights. All problems are solved by negotiation, in which everyone expresses his opinion and is ready to hear the interlocutor. They do not know how to take offense and quickly forgive each other for any missteps.

Libra strives for balance in everything. They are friendly, optimistic, do not like conflict situations and often run away from the battlefield. The best war, they prefer a poor world. They are controlled by Venus, the goddess of love and fertility. It gives its wards a soft energy, sensuality and a desire to create. Libra is in constant search of themselves. Thanks to creative thinking and a broad outlook, they are always busy with something interesting, where they are striving and dreaming about something. They are attracted by the novelty of situations, impressions, feelings. They are cute and charming, they achieve their goals with the help of their charm and well-hung tongue. Sometimes his partner does not understand how he could agree to something that he strongly opposed — so subtly manipulated by the Venus wards.

Compatibility Horoscope for Libra and Gemini

Gemini by nature and character are very similar to Libra. The same light and airy, love communication and appreciate the beauty of the world. Compatibility of Libra and Gemini promises to be very harmonious, as they represent for each other an endless range of knowledge, discoveries and novelties. And all this thanks to one for two of the line — impermanence. In Libra, this manifests itself in their uncertainty. They can think about one solution for a long time, tossing between different options. Stop at one, and in the last few seconds change your mind and do something else. Therefore, he can think one thing, say another, and do the third as a result.

The same feature is also found in Gemini. They are led by Mercury, the feature of which is that the planet has two sides: one is in permafrost, the second is blazing with heat and has an average temperature of about 350 degrees Celsius. The nature of his ward also consists of two subpersonalities, which periodically replace one another. Now the sign can be kind and smiling, and after a moment it is sullen, angry and closed. Making decisions in one condition, he can abandon it by entering into another emotional state. Thus, the horoscope of compatibility of Libra with Gemini foreshadows a very interesting, full of surprises life.

Libra and Gemini Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Libra and Gemini in the work will be ideal where creative thinking and non-standard thinking are required. Both are intelligent, erudite and endowed with a rich imagination. As a creative team, they will not be equal. Problems can arise when the time comes to embody what has been conceived into life. This is not strong none of them: they often hover in the clouds and sometimes confuse the reality with their fantasies. Therefore, it is better for them to work in the creative department of the company engaged in creative work, and to entrust the realization of ideas to someone more serious. Or, if they have a joint business, they will need to additionally hire people who have the skills of effective planning and organization.

Compatibility Libra with Gemini in friendship is at the highest level. Two people, who constantly have some ideas, aspirations for development and knowledge, will once even quarrel. And if he finds a scythe on a stone, then the signs do not know how to save grievances and quickly forgive each other. Between them reigns mutual understanding and calmness, together they are comfortable, and most importantly, not boring and there is always something to discuss. They have many friends in common, and none of them will be jealous, as both consider it to be the norm. Their communication can begin at a fairly early age and last a lifetime.

Libra and Gemini Love Compatibility

When different-sex representatives of these signs get acquainted, they literally see their destiny in the partner. They are surprised and delighted by such similarities between themselves: after all, they are practically reflections of each other. In addition to real advantages, the partners immediately give the other fictional virtues, because passion like to fantasize. Compatibility of Libra and Gemini in love is favorable for both. Romanticism reigns in relations: they make unexpected, pleasant surprises, walk under the moon and can chat all day long. They are interested together, both love beauty and aesthetics, so they are interested in everything beautiful.

But, as in any other relationship, very soon the pink glasses will begin to fade, and the partners will see their real faces. They are not that completely disappointed in each other, but some features will not definitely be appreciated. And still the compatibility of Libra with Gemini in the relationship will remain high, if the leading position will take the representative of Mercury. Libra is prone to doubt and is unlikely to be able to confidently direct their tandem. Together they can carelessly dream, plan and enjoy today. Gemini also has the role of a think tank or parent, and Venus’ ward is a practical child.

Libra and Gemini Sexual Compatibility

Thanks to the similarity of ideas about the intimate life, the compatibility of Libra and Gemini in bed will also be favorable. They intuitively feel each other and know what the partner wants, so no one leaves the bedroom unsatisfied. Their calm temperaments do not require passion and ardor: the signs of the air element prefer a long, languid prelude in which one can experience a wide range of emotions. Naked physical act does not seem to be the only valuable one for them. They seek to provide themselves with a romantic atmosphere, introducing each other in awe and temptation.

Both have a developed imagination and imagination. With their help, lovers constantly come up with something of this kind that will give a completely new feeling. They are one of those people who spend a lot of time in elevators, dressing shops and petrol station toilets. Their intimate life will never turn into an ordinary marital duty.

Libra and Gemini Family Compatibility

Astrologers in one voice argue that the compatibility of Libra with Gemini in a marriage is ideal, so that their family relationships are strong and long-term. The main thing that draws them together is common interests and hobbies. They understand and accept the impermanence of each other. Representatives of other signs refer to their variability is not so supportive, and therefore spouses are an ideal variant of the pair. Weak Libra will expect more responsibility from the partner, in theory it will happen. Geminis are more active in life and therefore achieve more. In this regard, it would be good if the representative of Mercury was a man, and his partner — a woman.

Gemini, who play the role of a parent, will have a beneficial effect on their "child". Next to him Libra is typed courage, confidence, which stimulates them to promote and translate their ideas. For them, this partner is the most suitable, because few of the other signs will be so cuddly with him. For them, this is a greenhouse, a safe environment conducive to personal growth. Gemini, in turn, become more mature and responsible, acquire moral stability. Thus, the compatibility of Libra and Gemini in family life has a beneficial effect on both spouses.

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