Libra and Libra Compatibility

Libra zodiac sign refers to the air element, which gives them ease, which is present literally in everything that they do. They are active and are in constant movement, they are looking for their calling and place in the society. Optimism and good nature accompany them throughout their lives. Libra pacifists and make peace for the world. Conflicts cry out for them rejection: they avoid them, like devil incense, because they do not know how to behave properly in this situation. The sensual Venus that controls them, rewarded them with a soft female energy and a desire to create. Aggressive energy is, of course, there, but it is extremely scarce and it is spent only to achieve the goals.

The representative of Venus brings love to the world. As a rule, they look very nice and inspire confidence. With the help of its softness, courtesy and desire to please, this sign achieves everything, anything. Around him is always a lot of interesting people, as the air sign adores communication. He is intellectually developed, and also has creative thinking along with a rich imagination. In this regard, he dreams and dreams a lot, makes plans, which many would consider foolish inventions. Some of them turn out to be realized, but many still remain at the level of dreams. The sign of the air element often throws the started business halfway, as it quickly loses interest. His desire changes unexpectedly, which also happens quite often.

Compatibility Horoscope for Libra and Libra

Frequent change of preferences and desires is due to the fact that Libra is very indecisive. They desperately strive for balance and balance, being in constant doubt about how to act properly. Today they think so, tomorrow — different, in the end, in fact, something will turn out third. They are difficult to catch at the word, because they often do not keep it. The compatibility of Libra and Libra is rather shaky. On the one hand, these are two partners, which are a mirror image of each other. They know everything about the partner, for them there is nothing surprising in their relationship. They have one for two worldview and values, similar characters and behavior. But whether two people who are in eternal search for something new and who do not have internal stability will be able to get along together — one can not answer unequivocally.

The Horoscope of Libra with Libra compatibility does not give concrete predictions. The success of their relationship will depend on the personal horoscopes of partners and their natal charts. Each of them strive for balance and sustainability, desiring to have a partner next to it that will help achieve all this. This may be the reason that once met, the wards of Venus will quickly scatter. After all, with their throwing, they will even more rock each other’s boats. On the other hand, each of them knows and understands the partner perfectly, knows how to anticipate his actions, and this gives them the illusion of control, and therefore stability. If they learn to negotiate and concede, they will be able to build a strong, conscious tandem.

Libra and Libra Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Libra and Libra in the work is quite good. They are intelligent, they think differently and have a creative approach to everything. One partner sees the task and several ways to solve it. Most likely, he will doubt which of them is the best. And if two people who are representatives of Libra work on the task, they will quickly find the best option with the help of negotiations. Two representatives of Venus favorably influence each other, supporting in difficult situations, and increase labor productivity several times.

Libra with Libra compatibility in friendship is at a high level. Two active and sociable friends with diverse interests and a bunch of ideas simply can not get bored with each other’s company. There are practically no conflicts between them. If there are misunderstandings, they are quickly resolved at an early stage. And in a series of constant adventures they do not have time for stupid quarrels. They are constantly busy with something, they have many common friends and no jealousy about it. There should not be any competition between them: everyone does what he likes. If friends are heterosexual, sooner or later they will have romantic relationships.

Libra and Libra Love Compatibility

Due to the fact that both tend to fantasize, they often idealize a partner in a love relationship. Meeting, the two Libra are fascinated by each other, because there is so much in common between them! They feel the lover intuitively and foresee all his desires. Relationships are filled with romance and pleasant surprises. Compatibility of Libra and Libra in love in the first stages is quite high. Everything can change at a time when you need to take responsibility for your union: nobody wants to command the parade, because the leader will have to make decisions for both, and this is the Achilles’ heel for each of them.

To continue the relationship, they will have to negotiate, distribute their roles and responsibilities. If they manage to do this, then Libra with Libra compatibility in the relationship will continue to be favorable. And there are many reasons for this. Between them there is always physical attraction, which is one of the pillars of their tandem. Developed intellectual abilities also promote rapprochement. And Libra can not endure loneliness and wish to stay a long time with a trusted partner for exactly that reason. Improvement of contact is also helped by the fact that representatives of Venus absolutely can not take offense: they quickly forget about mutual claims to each other.

Libra and Libra Sexual Compatibility

Physical contact and bodily pleasure are important in the life of Libra. Sometimes they confuse their lust with love. Being in intimate relations for a long time, deep feelings can really be born between them. The passion for sexual pleasures determines the compatibility of Libra and Libra in bed as a successful one. They love romance, long preludes and experiments. Their rich imagination gives them the opportunity to make their sex life very diverse.

Libra deeply feel the partner and therefore are skillful lovers who know how to satisfy him and themselves. In their bed there are no wild passions and rudeness: everything should be beautiful and aesthetic. Sex for them is a physical pleasure and nothing has to do with spiritual intimacy. For this reason, Libra is often seen in treason, which they forgive each other.

Libra and Libra Family Compatibility

Compatibility Libra with Libra in marriage promises to be perfect only in the first months. Spouses are filled with pleasant feelings and dream of a joint future. All is well and calm until the euphoria of the wedding salutes begins to come to naught. Instead, the newlyweds will begin to get acquainted with the life, which requires compliance with certain rules and responsibilities. And it is these things that the representatives of Venus do not like and avoid. For a long time they will decide who should lead their family ship and navigate the route. By custom, it should be a man, but in their pair it is possible that the helm will become the wife.

The newlyweds would not be harmed by outside help, for example, parental. More mature and experienced people could explain to them the laws of family stability and direct them in the right direction, and young people would only have to follow their instructions. Because it is not known whether they will be able to figure it out themselves: it is quite possible that either of them, or at once both, will find that marriage is very difficult, it will be difficult and the union will disintegrate. Thus, good compatibility of Libra and Libra in family life is possible, but requires large, and most importantly, voluntary changes of spouses. They will have to descend from heaven to earth, reduce the number of their fantasies and start real deeds.

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