Libra and Scorpio Compatibility

Libra and Scorpio are signs of neighbors of different parities and belonging to incompatible elements — air and water and, respectively. Their union can hardly be called unsuccessful, but it will not be perfect either. The possibility of relations between them in most cases depends on Scorpio: as a rule, he decides to be together or not, and it is he who initiates the rupture of an already existing union. In general, such a couple often meets, which is somewhat strange. Libra is considered kindest and innocuous sign. What can attract them to a partner who has a reputation in the astrological world as the most rigid representative of the horoscope? Apparently, the irony is present in the stars to the full.

Libra is a cheerful people who tend not to notice problems and go through life with optimism. They like to dream, to hang in the clouds, which, on the other hand, makes it easier for them to adapt in this difficult world, and on the other — brings a lot of difficulties. Libra is governed by the sensual Venus, which in mythical tales is considered the goddess of love and creation. Its representatives are endowed with kindness and a sweet appearance. They are intelligent and well-rounded, they are interested in everything new, so they lead an active lifestyle. Libra tend to find their place under the sun, so they are in constant search. Their main negative feature is indecision. They see a lot of options for the development of events, but they constantly rush into doubts about which one to choose.

Compatibility Horoscope for Libra and Scorpio

Scorpios differ from Libra with their ideas about the world and values. They are directed at once by two planets: Mars, giving its representatives a high level of aggression, and Pluto, in charge of their desire for power. Thus, Scorpio is a very passionate, strong and strong-willed character who always wants to be a leader. He has a high self-esteem, he is not interested in what others say about him. To his goal, he goes by leaps and bounds, despite the obstacles. It is this force that attracts the air element, which strives for balance and firmness. The sign of water, in turn, sympathizes with the living mind and creative thinking of the partner, which he will want to use for his own purposes. Compatibility Libra and Scorpio can be successful if they see the benefits of their partnership.

The Horoscope of Libra’s compatibility with Scorpio promises them a strong alliance if they combine their best qualities, and will not focus on the shortcomings. The representative of Venus is delighted with how quickly the partner makes the right decisions. His determination contributes to the fact that Libra himself alongside him becomes much bolder. A strong partner brings a sense of security and confidence. The sign of water, in turn, respects the air sign for practical advice and necessary tips, to which he himself would hardly have guessed. But not everything is so rosy: Scorpio can often fall into aggression, which his sensitive comrade is very afraid of. The latter can irritate the sign of the water by its soaring in the clouds and irresponsibility.

Libra and Scorpio Business Compatibility

Libra and Scorpio compatibility in the work promises to bring them good results, provided that the signs will share roles. The first sign differs creativity and foresight, and a suspended language and charm help it to emerge victorious in any negotiations. The second sign of their pair differs unswerving will and purposefulness, that’s why it almost always achieves the desired. By combining their efforts, such a team will turn any mountains. True, Scorpio should reduce his pressure on the partner, as the latter, feeling the pressure, will simply escape from this tandem. If Libra asks for something, not command, they always make concessions.

Compatibility of Libra with Scorpio in friendship is at a low level, but still possible. Where there is no mutual benefit and feelings, representatives of these signs are unlikely to tolerate each other’s negative characteristics. They simply do not have the incentive to endure the inconveniences that are reciprocally delivered. Scorpio is too powerful and aggressive. His partner is disgusted with both these qualities. He, in turn, irritates the friend with his dreaminess and detachment.

Libra and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Initially, the compatibility of Libra and Scorpio in love is satisfied with the high due to their physical attraction. A refined, interesting, easy-to-communicate air element can not leave an indifferent ardent partner. The representative of Mars is interested in Libra with his passion and jealousy. He gives them a sense of security and stability. When they get to know each other closer, there are mutual claims and discontent. Jealousy of Scorpio is on the verge of tyranny and the requirement of complete submission. And the romantic, light nature of his partner turns into a superficial attitude to everything and irresponsibility.

If sincere feelings are born between partners, then they should continue their communication and mutual knowledge. At the same time they will have to agree on the rules for further co-existence, in order to reduce the level of misunderstanding and avoid conflicts. Compatibility Libra with Scorpio in a relationship can be comfortable for both if they so choose. The air element must cease to be so self-willed and reckon with the feelings of the beloved. A sign of water must learn to keep your emotions under control so as not to injure a sensitive partner. Only an agreement reached on both sides can provide them with a successful alliance.

Libra and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Libra and Scorpio in bed is very high, however, it remains so for awhile. Initially, there is a physical attraction between them, it is with him that the construction of their relationship begins. In their bed is very hot: the air element fountains with unusual offers, and the ardent and passionate partner is just glad about it.

Over time, Scorpio’s fantasies go very far and begin to border on perversions, often endowed with aggression. Libra, who prefer softness and romance, frightened by the gusts of cruelty on the part of the lover, they can cease communication until a complete break. The use of force in the intimate sphere is unacceptable for them.

Libra and Scorpio Family Compatibility

Astrologers never came to a single opinion about the compatibility of Libra with Scorpio in a marriage. On the one hand, they can be a successful couple, pushing each other to development and growth. Libra learn persistence, persistence and rapid response. Their character is tempered and becomes more stable. The hard representative of Mars, on the contrary, learns softness, patience, talking in calm and quiet tones in conflict situations.

On the other hand, if they have little interest in marriage, their feelings are immature and each of them is not ready to sacrifice their ambitions for the sake of another, then the compatibility of Libra and Scorpio in family life will come to naught and sooner or later. Then after long confrontations there will be a break. The air element under the influence of Venus is more flexible and complaisant, especially if one feels strong feelings towards the spouse. It is capable of making compromises and concessions. It is easier for her to understand, to accept a partner and to adapt to him, but this can not go on forever. Not seeing the other side of the response, Libra will not look for points of contact.

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