Libra and Virgo Compatibility

Libra and Virgo are signs of different parity and are located on the zodiacal belt nearby. Their elements — air and earth are considered contradictory, which certainly affects their relationship. The differences between them are as many as those of heaven and earth. This manifests itself in excellent temperaments, rhythm and ideas about life. Libra is kind, open people, with pleasure going to contacts. It is controlled by Venus, the goddess of love and creation. She endows her children with gentleness, sensuality and love for everything living. Libra — these pacifists: they try to settle any conflicts amicably, without raising their voices and, moreover, not releasing their hands. At heart, they are afraid of such situations simply because they do not know how to behave in them. Therefore, everything is achieved due to their courtesy, pretty appearance and developed eloquence.

Libra is kind and optimistic. They dream and fantasize a lot, they have creative thinking and developed intellect. Comprehensive development and erudition allows them to invent non-standard ideas, which they dream of realizing. But this happens infrequently due to the fact that their wishes change too quickly. This is due to the inherent indecision in the air sign: it is difficult for him to make decisions and make choices. Within him there is a constant struggle of doubts: today he thinks one thing, tomorrow another, in the end can do something that he was not expected at all. Therefore, the air element is difficult to catch at the word, it does not differ by constancy. Such variability is very few people will like. Especially the Virgo, who sees the permanence as the meaning of life.

Compatibility Horoscope for Libra and Virgo

The Virgo is led by the planet Mercury, which in mythology is a god of trade and communication. It strives for the same stability as the earth has. The compatibility of Libra and Virgo from this point of view will be very difficult. Earth element plans its life for a long time ahead, while Libra can not even imagine what will happen to them with them this evening. Virgo thinks rationally and trusts only logic. Her emotional sphere is depressed, but intellect is well-developed. She is smart, accurate and hardworking. Her foresight allows her to calculate the benefits that she strives to get in everything. As a rule, Virgo works hard to organize herself a solid financial ground under her feet. She has few friends, but all are tested for years and with them you can safely go to the reconnaissance. Her demands are high not only for people, but for herself. She always strives for perfection and is angry, if this does not work.

The love horoscope of Libra with Virgo compatibility does not promise them good, even relations. If these two want to be together, no matter in what quality — friends or lovers, they will have to reconsider much in themselves. Virgo has become accustomed to controlling her life and the lives of her close people, to which the freedom-loving Libra is not at all happy. Also, their characteristic shyness and uncertainty will inevitably provoke irritation in the partner. On the other hand, Libra and Virgo can learn a lot from each other. Earth element will be able to learn from aerial optimism and the ability to live more calmly, to think more positively and allow oneself to relax, forgetting about work and affairs. Libra, on the contrary, would not be prevented by such qualities as confidence, responsibility and organization.

Libra and Virgo Business Compatibility

The good compatibility of Libra and Virgo in the work is not without a right to exist. Both signs are smart, but the air element is more developed in a creative aspect. It can supply interesting ideas to the partner. Trust Mercury is an excellent planner and organizer. She pays attention to any little things and knows exactly whether it will work out or not. True, Virgo is overconfident and stubborn. And here Libra can gently show the colleague that you can look at the same situation from different sides, and hence there can be several solutions to the problem.

Compatibility of Libra with Virgo in friendship is very low. The sign of Venus is benevolent and does not know what sarcasm is, irony, and criticism, in general, is very painful. And do not feed the earthly elements with bread, let someone discuss and criticize. She will also do this with Libra, because deep down she envies their openness, intelligence and simplicity. In life, much is given to them much more easily than to the Virgo and this fact will not remain without her attention either.

Libra and Virgo Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Libra and Virgo in love in the first stages of the relationship may seem very successful. They will attract each other with intelligence, which they both appreciate in other people. But very soon the enchantment of love will begin to dissipate, and the partners will look at each other in negative ways. The Virgo is restrained and shows little her emotions. Her preference for living on a clear timetable will seem too boring to the partner, and she herself will consider it a bore, who periodically reads notations. Earth element, in turn, will be annoying because the partner often does not hold back his words: he says one thing and does another. This quality destroys the whole rigid construction of everyday life, which the ward of Mercury erected around itself.

The air can not be kept in the hand: it is also impossible to control the Libra, which their partner really needs. For Virgo everything must be clear, predictable and understandable. The air element is difficult to understand and accept. She needs freedom and space. And if it encounters restrictions and obstacles in its path, then it simply overcomes them. What is actually often done by Libra — leave the relationship in which pressure and pressure are felt. The beneficial compatibility of Libra with Virgo in the relationship can be achieved if the partners imbue each other and express a desire to stay together, and also work on themselves. Both signs are able to adapt to others, if they really need it.

Libra and Virgo Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility Libra and Virgo in bed, too, is not happy, because their relationship to sex varies significantly. Earth element is very cold, restrained and constrained, therefore intimate life does not bear for it great value and significance. Inside it lives a romantic, but to find and uncover it, it takes a long time and a partner in which she is confident.

Libra considers the intimate side of life to be very important. They prefer long preludes in a romantic setting, like to experiment, trying to get more and newer, pleasant sensations and emotions. If Virgo is very much in love, she will agree to all offers of the partner, but not for long. In the future, to achieve mutual understanding and complete harmony in bed, it will be increasingly difficult.

Libra and Virgo Family Compatibility

Often, partners marry while in love euphoria. But over time, she comes to life, and with it the stage of grinding the characters and a lot of problems. The compatibility of Libra with Virgo in marriage can not be perfect in any way because of different ideas about how to live. The air element tired of the endless claims and criticism of Virgo, increasingly will spend time outside the home, thus avoiding conflicts. It is difficult for her to give up her freedom and live the way her partner wants — according to the pattern.

Libra wants warmth and romance, attention and spiritual intimacy, but the restrained Virgo can not give it. In her understanding, love is, first of all, actions, control of a loved one, so that he does not make a mistake and does not fall, providing a material basis and creating comfort. Compatibility Libra and Virgo in family life can be raised to a higher level, if the partners sit at the negotiating table and find out what they want from each other, and most importantly, will make mutual concessions.

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