Pisces and Leo Compatibility

Pisces and Leo create a complex, but interesting union. The first belong to the water element, they have a deep inner world, variability and need support. The emotional sphere of Pisces is very developed, so they are able to see the real motives of people, responding subtly to any changes in their mood or behavior. Contradictory by nature, they need stability, but they do it with difficulty, because their own fantasies and rich imagination often play a bad joke with them. They have a lot of creative ideas that they can not realize because of their doubts and uncertainties. Leo, who is patronized by the forces of fire, differs sharply in this respect: he is like a true king, on the contrary, he is self-confident and piously convinced of his superiority over others. He is extraordinarily strong, brave and generous.

Both signs tend to establish connections, but with different goals: Pisces wants to have real friends, loyal comrades, to feel protected from them. Leo surroundings are needed to feel their own importance and greatness. Fishes are guided by spiritual values: good, honesty, justice. Leo is passionate about the material side of life, loves comfort and luxury. Uniting, the signs meet the leading needs of each other. Pisces needs a stronger and more volatile partner, on whose shoulders they will gladly throw their responsibility and will follow it rights on the heels. The fire sign perfectly suits the role of a brave defender: strong, independent and generous. Stately Leo wants to be the main everywhere: to rule and command, receiving from his suite admiring glances, exclamations and applause. And Pisces is ready to give him all this, being under his generous patronage.

Compatibility Horoscope for Pisces and Leo

Compatibility of Pisces and Leo will be good if they learn to maintain a stable balance in the relationship. Otherwise, too much water will extinguish any fire, and a strong heat of the fire can completely evaporate all life-giving moisture. Similarly, the Pisces discourages the partner, depriving him of motivation, and Leo with his pressure can bring the sign of water into an exhausted state. Partners need to understand and accept each other’s characteristics and be more tolerant. The fire sign is fixed, its partner is changeable. The former is in constant search of ideas, the second one successfully creates these ideas. In this aspect, they have a mutual beneficial effect: Leo has enough energy and ambition to help less confident Pisces to translate their fantastic projects into reality. Also, the latter are a source of inspiration for the partner.

The success of the compatibility horoscope between Pisces and Leo depends on their natal charts. The sign of water wants to take care, to patronize the loved one and is waiting for reciprocity in return, but if his partner is too busy with his ego and does not give anything in return, the vulnerable and touchy Pisces will simply swim to the other side. Pisces is controlled by Neptune and Jupiter, the Leo is the Sun. Neptune bestows creativity, imagination, imagination, Jupiter — luck and philosophy, and the Sun breathes light, life and strength into all this. Thus, the fruitful interaction of the planets-leaders of these signs give them an additional chance to build a strong alliance, in which the signs complement each other. The Trust of the Sun learns to be interested not only in his person, but also in thinking about others. And the son of Neptune will become more resolute, active and rational.

Pisces and Leo Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Pisces and Leo in work can be fruitful: having different abilities and applying them in practice, the partners will achieve good results. Fishes are creative and executive, they provide a lot of interesting proposals, and Leo, having organizational and managerial talents, will be able to direct their common activities in the right direction. Sometimes a water sign falls into prostration, the world of one’s own fantasies, but the powerful partner can return it to the earth. The main thing is that the pressure from the Leo should not be excessive, because Pisces is more interested in the result than in forcibly compelling to do something.

Horoscope warns: good compatibility of Pisces with Leo in friendship is unlikely, since their temperaments are too different from each other. As a rule, they have different circles of communication, goals and interests. Philosophically minded Pisces radiant Leo will seem too concerned with himself and his prestige, fussy and bustling. His life is too active, and the sign of water loves calmness. And from the side of Leo, there will be no due attention: such a friend in his eyes will create the impression of a dull bore.

Pisces and Leo Love Compatibility

But the compatibility of Pisces and Leo in love is more rosy: they will create an interesting union based on the mutual addition of characters with missing qualities. The former attract the partner with their mythical mystery and developed spirituality, and the second subjugates everyone with regal charisma and outward luster. At first, the Pisces behave fearfully and with restraint: they look long at the new chosen one, trying to understand whether he should be trusted. The initiator of acquaintance is likely to be Leo, and he will try his best to make an indelible impression on Pisces, showing them his chic mane in profile and full face.

The dreamy representative of Neptune will believe the strong and strong-willed Leo and even will attribute to him even more positive qualities, which may or may not be in reality. The conceited Leo is pleased to receive admiration, he does not hide his desire to be the main one in their pair. And Pisces, most likely, will agree to such a distribution of roles, having received in exchange the patronage and support of such a stately person. Thus, the compatibility of Pisces with Leo in a relationship is satisfactory for them: each gets exactly what he most wanted.

Pisces and Leo Sexual Compatibility

Pisces and Leo compatibility in bed is far from ideal. On closer examination, it will be seen that each of the lovers wants to receive more than give. This is so because, in sex, they are driven by different needs, which remain unsatisfied, causing each of them to experience sexual hunger.

Pisces, being an emotional nature, strive for spiritual unity with Leo, emphasize the sensual side of the sexual act. The fire sign obeys instincts: for him the intimate sphere is passionate, animal copulation, in which he is always in the leading position. To come to a common denominator, they need to talk more about their desires, temper their ego and more often adjust themselves to the lover.

Pisces and Leo Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Pisces with Leo in a marriage is much lower than that which exists at the stage of romantic relationships. Joint life reveals partners newly. The most unenviable position will get Leo. Pisces — a mutable sign and will be able to adjust to any conditions. But the proud and powerful representative of the Sun is difficult to break, to make concessions and cope with his discontent, because he was used to being always comfortable and mentally and physically. Because of jealousy, he will protect the elect from a wide range of contacts, but in the meantime he will not even consider limiting his freedom. After all, people for a fiery sign are a source of high self-esteem and self-esteem. If the Pisces show flexibility, then there will be no friction on this matter.

Wise Pisces show a cunning in family relationships: they also need freedom, otherwise they will not be able to think creatively. And in order not to create conflicts with the demanding spouse, the sign of water often makes the appearance of its consent, but acts in its own way. Such tactics, undoubtedly, will cause a violent reaction in the partner and can develop into a real conflict. Compatibility of Pisces and Leo in family life is ambiguous and depends on their personal horoscopes: the positions of the main planets and their aspects. It is possible that the water sign will abandon personal ambitions and devote himself to the family, or Leo agrees to give the spouse more rights and personal space.

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