Pisces and Pisces Compatibility

Two Pisces form a strong, but immature union. They have such qualities as empathy, which means the ability to empathize with others, to penetrate into human souls and to read their feelings. This feature determines the union of two representatives of this sign as successful, because they do not need words for mutual understanding: they feel each other intuitively. Pisces belong to the elements of water, therefore they adopt all of its qualities: they are as deep as the ocean, sensitive to changes, like a water surface and are able to adapt to any conditions, as the liquid takes the form of the vessel into which it was poured. But a stormy river can not exist without a riverbed, so Pisces needs the support and assurance of a stronger partner. That is why it is preferable that in their union one be older, more experienced and wiser. If both are too young, then there will be a problem — no one will want to be a leader and lead both. In this case, their relationship will simply come to naught.

Pisces are very sensitive to everything, they have a lot of fears that do not allow them to be fully realized. They have many creative talents that are hidden from prying eyes. They often dream or are hovering in the clouds, confusing their fantasies with reality. The sign of water avoids responsibility, shifting it to the shoulders of others. He is endowed with a quiet and modest nature, strives to establish warm human ties, to please his relatives and take care of them. So the Pisces feel their need and significance. Preferring partners are stronger than themselves, they count on their protection and patronage, thanks to which their confidence is strengthened, and representatives of the last zodiacal sign grow in the personal plane.

Compatibility Horoscope for Pisces and Pisces

Compatibility of Pisces and Pisces is twofold: on the one hand, this is an ideal relationship, because partners perfectly understand each other and get on well. They do not tolerate aggression in any form, so quarrels and disagreements arise between them quite rarely. They have similar worldviews, values, interests and tastes. On the other hand, their undemanding to each other, the tendency to silence insults and irritation to avoid conflict, can lead to a slow increase in tension and a tandem split. Also, deplorable consequences await a couple where both are simultaneously entangled in their fantasies: partners can get into a bad company, succumb to the influence of dishonorable people or even be in a sect.

The tendency to fall out of reality is rewarded by the patronizing Neptune — a planet responsible for dreaminess and illusions. Often Pisces idealize people, their actions, and then bitterly suffer from disappointment at moments when the rational part of their nature becomes stronger. They are also led by Jupiter: he gives his wards a philosophical look, a craving for everything new and incredible luck. Being influenced by two celestial bodies, Pisces is a melancholic person with ephemeral thinking, often reasoning about the meaning of life, suffering because of the imperfection of the world and in need of a defender. Compatibility of Pisces with Pisces can only be favorable for a short time, because sooner or later the relationship will come to a deadlock if one of them does not dare take responsibility for the union.

Pisces and Pisces Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Pisces and Pisces in work will be good if they work in the creative sphere, and there is someone else in charge of them. Two creative-minded partners are able to create a unique project, but from time to time they are distracted from the task, plunging into their own dreams or experiences. Also, they are unlikely to have the resolve, will and determination to independently realize their idea.

Pisces with Pisces compatibility in friendship is ideal, because they have everything they need for this — deep affection for each other, a mutual desire to help and care, similar values and views, hobbies and interests. If friends are heterosexual, then over time their relationship can develop into a romantic one.

Pisces and Pisces Love Compatibility

Usually Pisces learns a partner for a long time before letting him in closer and trusting in a close relationship. But in the case when both partners belong to this sign, their rapprochement occurs much faster, because they immediately feel "their". Compatibility of Pisces and Pisces in love is at the highest level: two gentle and caring romance unhurriedly enjoy each other and completely devote themselves to relationships. They like to chat on philosophical topics and can spend the whole night doing it.

Lovers see in each other their positive qualities, and flaws prefer not to notice or adapt to them. They are interested in spiritual development, so they tend to be interested in beauty, aesthetics and many kinds of creativity. The conflict-free nature of their natures, the ability to smooth out acute angles make their relations stable and balanced. The compatibility of Pisces with Pisces in the relationship will be high until the time comes for making serious decisions that relate to both. Logically, the leader in their pair will have to become a man, if this does not happen, then the pair will part.

Pisces and Pisces Sexual Compatibility

Pisces and Pisces compatibility in the bed is harmonious, because between them reigns full mutual understanding. They know exactly the needs and desires of the partner, share their secret desires with each other and try to satisfy the beloved. In their bedroom there is no main thing, they love erotic experiments and entourage. For them, long, foreplay, bodily caresses and sensual sensations are important. Before the amorous pleasures they carefully prepare: create an intimate atmosphere, pay enough attention to sexual accessories and prefer beautiful bed linens.

Pisces do not tolerate harshness and rudeness, everything should be gentle, smooth and with love. They are not used to being embarrassed, so they speak directly about their erotic fantasies. The creative thinking of both contributes to a diverse sexual life, so they do not face boredom.

Pisces and Pisces Family Compatibility

Pisces with Pisces compatibility in marriage is good, they are comfortable with each other in any aspects of life together. Their cozy house is filled with warmth and care. Spouses are not very sociable, so they have few friends, but they are all true and decent. A couple does not like to advertise their personal lives, so they do not like frequent forays to visit themselves and rarely invite themselves. All their free time they spend together, eventually gaining in each other reliable comrades-in-arms and loyal comrades. With the advent of children, partners become sensitive and affectionate parents who take an equal part in their upbringing.

Pisces appreciate fidelity, completely giving themselves to one partner. Therefore, the topic of infidelity in their union is not relevant. In the conditions of mutual support, love and complete harmony, the spouses become calmer, more confident and push each other to accomplish. Compatibility of Pisces and Pisces in family life causes envy on the part of people, as more caring and devoted spouses are hard to find. Between them there are no violent passions, bright scenes and emotions, their joint life proceeds smoothly and measuredly. Divorces in such pairs — a phenomenon is not frequent, since rare circumstances can destroy their serene, happy marriage.

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