Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility

Pisces and Scorpio are even representatives of the horoscope, belonging to the same element — water. Driven by the kindred power of nature, they recognize each other as kindred souls and are inevitably attracted. Such unions are formed quite often and have good relations in different spheres of life. All water signs have a developed emotional intelligence, with which they build relationships with the outside world. Therefore, they feel and understand perfectly "their", successfully interacting with them. Both Pisces and Scorpio are used to looking closely at the partner first and then deciding whether to spend their time on it. But in this case the period of their rapprochement is noticeably shortened, since the signs feel kinship.

Pisces are a vulnerable, sensitive person, who often brews in their own doubts and indecisiveness. They are slow, creative, tend to fantasize — to see what is not really and indulge in suffering, realizing the illusory nature of their ideas about an ideal world. They come up with many creative ideas, but they can not always implement them because of their own uncertainty. Scorpio, on the contrary, lives passionately, boldly, quickly. He purposefully goes towards his plans, without turning to the opinion of others. His main characteristic of the character is that all his ideas are hidden from outsiders. The eighth sign of the zodiac gives the impression of a mysterious, mysterious person, since no one ever knows what’s on his mind. In connection with the unpredictability of his actions, astrologers attribute a mystical meaning to Scorpio. Both signs are emotionally unstable, but they show it in different ways: modest Pisces, throwing themselves in emotional unrest, are likely to fall into depression and depression. Their partner, on the contrary, becomes aggressive, cruel and assertive.

Compatibility Horoscope for Pisces and Scorpio

Everyone is patronized immediately by two planets. Pisces is Jupiter and Neptune. The first gives the sign a philosophical view of the world, luck and the desire to receive knowledge, the second — dreaminess, a wide imagination and a tendency to indulge in illusions. Scorpio is led by militant Mars and demanding Pluto. Under their influence, the sign is characterized by aggressiveness, imperiousness, masculinity, courage and initiative. Outwardly this sign looks exactly the same — self-confident and resolute, but the water element often creates a ripple of doubt on the surface of his soul, which no one can guess. Pisces show their emotions more openly, which is sure to please their partner. Compatibility of Pisces and Scorpio is considered good, because they perfectly complement each other with their different characters.

Pisces wants stability and security, therefore they intuitively seek a strong and reliable partner, are ready for a complete merger of the soul and are ready to obey it. Scorpio feels comfortable when he completely controls his life and the people present in it. In this respect, the signs are perfectly combined: Jupiter’s wards are changeable by nature, it is easy for him to be the second in the pair and follow the partner if the latter gives protection and patronage in return. Scorpio refers to fixed signs, which means full concentration on one project or person. Both differ in fidelity and devotion to their relationship — this is another reason for a successful horoscope of Pisces compatibility with Scorpio.

Pisces and Scorpio Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Pisces and Scorpio in work is at the highest level. The first create a comfortable emotional climate in the team: Pisces do not like conflicts and in every possible way try to smooth out the acute angles, which is very useful in partnership with such an explosive colleague. Both signs think creatively and because they always have a couple of excellent business ideas. Scorpio is endowed with strategic thinking and organizational abilities. He also easily returns to the land of dreamy Pisces, who are often distracted from work.

Pisces with Scorpio compatibility in friendship is also excellent. They perfectly understand each other at the expense of similar temperaments, their interests and passions often coincide, and most importantly, there is a spiritual intimacy between them, which is important for both. Pisces are very kind by nature, they like to please, they are ready to come to a friend at any time. Scorpio is not so generous, but in a relationship with a loved one is able to show sacrifice. In this union, it is for Pisces a powerful support, helps to cope with current difficulties.

Pisces and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Pisces and Scorpio in love is almost ideal: similar features bring them closer, and the differences of characters — are successfully complemented. The initiator of dating and starting a relationship, most often, is Scorpio. He acts on the principle "I see the goal — I go to it". Pisces will ponder for a long time, doubt, hesitate, not daring to approach the person he likes. Signs of water quickly grope for a related relationship and almost immediately come together. Scorpio immediately shows its leadership qualities, and the partner obediently agrees with such an alignment of roles. The representative of Mars — a large owner and jealous, who wants to have a chosen one entirely. But this fact again does not cause any difficulties, since Pisces, on the contrary, flattered this attitude: they feel special and significant.

Compatibility Pisces with Scorpio in relationship is harmonious: they understand each other without words, like to spend a lot of time together, moving away from the worldly vanity. Partners treat each other gently and carefully, while maintaining fidelity. Between them there will be no bright scandals, their romance develops quietly and smoothly. Scorpio can sometimes be irritable and quick-tempered, but Pisces manages to gently extinguish his outbursts of anger without much loss. They sincerely admire the will and power of the beloved, forgetting about their fears. The latter, in turn, guides and supports the partner in all his aspirations.

Pisces and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Pisces and Scorpio compatibility in bed can be envied: the kinship of their souls most beneficially affects sexual relations, where for lovers there are no prohibitions. The leader in the bedroom is also Scorpio: being a passionate, hardy partner, he will not let Pisces get bored. For them, emotions and sensuality are important. For this, both are always ready to offer each other erotic experiments.

Scorpio in an intimate life often reaches the border, followed by perversion. The complaisant partner, despite her shyness, more often agrees to such offers, becoming in time all uninhibited and skillful in amorous pleasures. In the bed, Pisces will be led, and Scorpio will dominate, despite their gender.

Pisces and Scorpio Family Compatibility

Good compatibility of Pisces with Scorpio in marriage gives them all chances for long-term, strong, and most importantly, harmonious relationships. Such couples are divorced very rarely: in most cases, signs live together for life, because between them there is no betrayal, betrayal and lies. They subtly feel the partner, understand his inner world without special explanations and try to please each other in everything. Scorpio takes on the role of leader of a joint life, and also protects their marriage from invasion by strangers. Both work diligently, but the main solutions to the problems lie on the shoulders of the Martian.

Compatibility of Pisces and Scorpio in family life has a beneficial effect on both, because interacting in the same space, the spouses discover new sides, which contributes to mutual personal growth. Gentle, melancholy Pisces calm down next to a reliable companion, become more determined and stable in their manifestations. They learn to trust the world and themselves, including, more effectively to deal with problems. Scorpio with time also relaxes and slowly releases the levers of ubiquitous control.

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