Pisces and Taurus Compatibility

A beautiful couple in any of its incarnation will create the Pisces and the Taurus. Their temperaments are similar — both strive for peace and stability. The elements of signs are also combined: the first belong to the water, the second to the earth. Soil can not be fertile if it is dehydrated. And water flows need reliable banks, only then they are recruited by force and can overcome any difficulties. This metaphor works perfectly in sign relations. Pisces are very emotional and sensitive, they will help a more closed and restrained partner to open up and get more impressions, look at the world more widely and achieve greater results. The latter, in turn, due to its confidence and firmness of character, will provide Pisces with the necessary support and protection.

They are different in character, but at the same time, their qualities are perfectly combined. Pisces like to dream, build unrealistic plans and stay in a world of their own illusions. Taurus is always focused, he is an inveterate materialist and believes only in what can be touched and used for his own benefit. He will gently lower the partner that is hovering in the clouds. And he, in turn, will demonstrate the sign of the earth the ability to enjoy with the help of feelings and sensations. Their life values in many ways coincide, which facilitates their interaction. For example, both want to help others, respect qualities such as loyalty and honesty, put the family and its traditions in a priority.

Compatibility Horoscope for Pisces and Taurus

Compatibility of Pisces and Taurus has a beneficial effect on the development of both. The former have creative thinking, a subtle spiritual organization and developed empathy, allowing deep penetration into the inner world of the partner. Pisces are contradictory, they are filled with doubts, and they just need someone stronger, purposeful and stable. Taurus, on the contrary, is sometimes extremely self-assured: defending his opinion, he firmly rests horns in the ground and stands so until he gets what he wants. His permanence, responsibility, discipline attracts Pisces, because he gives them a much-desired sense of security. Taurus looks reserved and secretive, but deep inside it is a sensual romantic who gives warmth and care to the closest and loyal people.

Horoscope of Pisces with Taurus compatibility is successful in different life spheres. They fit each other as details from the Lego designer. The sign of the earth is fixed, which means its active activity and the ability to bring it to the end. But this same quality speaks of his stubbornness. Faced with a rival like himself, Taurus does not fight for life, but for death. But in the case of Pisces, this need disappears, since they refer to mutable signs. This means variability, successful adaptation to any conditions and partners. If Pisces is important to a person, they will accept it with all the shortcomings, and will not experience discomfort due to differences. Their planet-leaders too can successfully interact: introducing into the relationship a soft, positive energy. Pisces is patronized by Jupiter, responsible for the philosophical view and craving for knowledge, and the dreamy Neptune, giving his wards a rich imagination and a penchant for illusions. In Taurus, one leader is the sensual Venus, the goddess of beauty and fertility.

Pisces and Taurus Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Pisces and Taurus in work is ideal. Both prefer to work slowly and thoughtfully not to drive horses and make mistakes. Creative Pisces will give the team an interesting idea, and a practical Taurus will think it through to the smallest detail, turning it into a successful project. He is an idealist and, most likely, will take control of the business for himself. But his partner will not mind, on the contrary, giving the other all responsibility for making decisions, he will feel comfortable and relaxed. Both are responsible workers, although sometimes they like to be lazy. Yet it is difficult to call them slobs: having rested, signs immediately return to work.

The compatibility of Pisces with Taurus in friendship is also high and contributes to their harmonious relationships in which both are mutually beneficial. Emotional Pisces finds in the face of Taurus a wise adviser who looks at the world impartially and can put a rational grain into the friend’s head. The sign of the earth, in turn, seeing the loyalty and care of Pisces, reveals itself in contact with it: frankly shares its problems, which makes it extremely rare.

Pisces and Taurus Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Pisces and Taurus in love can be envied, because they really understand each other, being half of one whole. Two sensual romances, adoring everything beautiful and beautiful, quickly find much in common. They like taking care of each other and making a partner nice. Therefore, each meeting they try to make an unforgettable experience. A serious, stable Taurus evokes from Pisces kindest feelings: trust, admiration, the desire to please. They, in turn, conquer the beloved with kindness, gentleness and a lively mind.

Authoritarian Taurus helps the partner cope with doubts and be more active. Its practicality and realism prevent the Pisces from falling into the world of dreams and winding themselves, because they become more balanced. Helping them, Taurus feels satisfaction and literally shines, accepting sincere gratitude in return. Compatibility Pisces with Taurus in a relationship is successful, in this connection, lovers in most cases legalize their tandem.

Pisces and Taurus Sexual Compatibility

Pisces and Taurus compatibility in bed is also favorable and the most interesting is that its level will only grow with time. This is due to the fact that the land sign is restrained by nature and opens before any slowly, therefore their intimate sphere will become more interesting along with the growth of Taurus’s looseness.

Both signs are romantic and highly sensible, so long preludes and the creation of a special mood before sex are important for them. When lovers reach the peak of spiritual intimacy and trust, then their sex life will become truly ideal. The value of a partner for each of them will also gain weight, so they are not afraid of treason.

Pisces and Taurus Family Compatibility

Compatibility Pisces with Taurus in marriage is high and gives them the opportunity to build a strong, reliable union in which the leader, regardless of gender, will be the land sign. Everyone tries to bring something good to their relationship: from the representative of the water element it is coziness, warmth and peace, and his partner seeks a stable material basis. They can have many friends, thanks to the sociability of Pisces, but they prefer to spend most of their free time together. Between them reign mutual respect and full trust: these feelings guarantee the spouses confidence in the future.

Over the years, the compatibility of Pisces and Taurus in family life will only improve. Despite the monotony, they will never be bored, as creative Pisces will bring a spark into the relationship. Sometimes they need a reboot, an emotional shake-up in the form of adventures or a scandal for an extreme case. Taurus needs to give the spouse enough freedom, without which he simply can not create. A Pisces is less likely to swim away to the boundless world of his fantasies, and often listen to the advice of a rational partner. A similar worldview will provide them with common interests and hobbies, which, in turn, will bring them even closer together.

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