Pisces and Virgo Compatibility

On the zodiacal circle of the horoscope, the Pisces and the Virgo are opposite each other, that is, they are opposites. Their type of relationship is called "all or nothing": they either immediately attract and create a beneficial union, or repel, experiencing mutual hostility. Indifference between them can not be. Their elements — water and land respectively — are considered friendly, since their interaction is positive. The soil needs moisture, because the withered land can not bear fruit. Streams of water, in turn, need a haven in the form of a reliable riverbed, as well as coastal design as a pillar in life.

Partners in many ways differ: Pisces are more concerned with the spiritual world, endowed with sensitivity and intuition. Empathy helps them to deeply look into the inner world of another and understand his feelings. They seek to build trustful emotional ties with people and suffer if this does not work out. Virgo is a materialist: she lives, obeying the laws of logic and rationality. She is emotionally restrained and used to controlling her entire life as a whole, that’s why she lives in a strict regime and obeys discipline. Pisces are often unpredictable, which depends on the frequent change in their mood. They slope hanging in a fictional world, and after suffering, when illusions begin to crumble. The sign of the earth tends to firmness and constancy. They are practical, they seek profit everywhere and believe only that which can be touched.

Compatibility Horoscope for Pisces and Virgo

Compatibility of Pisces and Virgo is very high when signs find advantages in their differences and use for the benefit of their union. The sign of water is creatively developed and always has a lot of interesting ideas in stock, but it does not dare to embody them because of their own doubts and insecurities. In union with a business, reliable and determined Virgo, the Fishes will become bolder, calmer, more balanced and will achieve great success. The Earth sign, on the contrary, will reveal its hidden talents, raise the level of sensitivity, learn to relax and have fun. Each of them will learn a lot from this relationship, which will positively affect the personal growth of partners. The success of their union will also contribute to the fact that both are mutable signs of the horoscope. This means that their nature is changeable and can easily adapt to any conditions, especially where they see benefits. Therefore, if both evaluate their tandem as favorable and useful, they will try to get along together.

Their ruling-planets also have a beneficial influence on each other. Pisces is patronized by two celestial bodies: Jupiter and Neptune. The first gives his ward philosophical thinking, a craving for novelty and amazing luck, the second — illusions, dreaminess and the desire for an ideal. Virgo is protected by Mercury — the god of communication and trade relations. In this connection, the earth sign sees benefits and knows how to get it, using its gift of convincing communication. Horoscope of compatibility of Pisces with Virgo promises them excellent relations in almost every sphere of life: uniting, Neptune’s creativity, knowledge and Jupiter’s success combined with the efficiency of Mercury give birth to a strong, successful tandem.

Pisces and Virgo Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Pisces and Virgo in work is good, which makes them an excellent, effective team. True, high achievements from them can not be expected, because both are extremely cautious and do not like to take risks. Pisces generate creative ideas, and practical Virgo scrupulously elaborates its details, turning it into a ready-made plan.

But the compatibility of Pisces with Virgo in friendship is below the average. If there is no mutual benefit in the relationship, then they hardly want to adjust to each other and change something in themselves. Pisces, of course, want peace, but not so: the cold Virgo is not emotional, so the sign of water will feel next to her alone. The representative of Mercury, in turn, finds the partner too contradictory and unpredictable.

Pisces and Virgo Love Compatibility

The compatibility of Pisces and Virgo in love is high, at least at the very beginning of their romance. They are interested in each other in their dissimilarity. Pisces tend to create a pair with a reliable and stable chosen one, which is Virgo. She cares about the second half, gives reasonable advice and directs in the right direction. This gives the water sign a sense of security and confidence. The representative of Mercury is impressed by the tenderness and attentiveness of the beloved, who tries to please and support loved ones in any situation. Pisces are fully developed, their lover is also clever, so they have something to tell each other.

When the first burst of emotions subsides, their shortcomings will become more obvious. At this stage, serious misunderstandings and mutual claims are possible. Most likely, the representative of Neptune will miss the novelty and liveliness of the beloved, and the earthly sign will seem to them too restrained and boring. The latter, on the contrary, will be annoyed because of the inability to control the too active elect, because he is emotionally unstable and changes in mood at the speed of light. Further compatibility of Pisces with Virgo in relationships depends on them, or rather on their personal horoscopes and natal charts. A great role will be played by their mutual feelings — the stronger and deeper they will be, the more likely that the signs will stay together, matching each other.

Pisces and Virgo Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility of Pisces and Virgo in bed is not as good as in other areas. They have completely different approaches and a vision of the intimate sphere. Pisces want to experience in sex the whole positive range of feelings and emotions, like prolonged bodily caresses and a romantic atmosphere. To get more impressions, they bring their erotic fantasies to bed, offer bold experiments and sexual pranks to a lover.

Virgo is not an ardent admirer of sensual sex, since classes give him pleasure, mostly physical, but not moral. In a love alliance, Virgo appreciates intellectual compatibility more: an interesting conversation satisfies her more than the most enchanting love pleasures. But there is a possibility that in time it will be liberated, become more relaxed and begin to get sensual pleasure in bed with your loved one.

Pisces and Virgo Family Compatibility

Pisces with Virgo compatibility in marriage is not very successful, at least, at first after the wedding. A joint life will reveal all the differences of partners that can give rise to a protracted confrontation between them. The main cause will be different emotional backgrounds: Pisces is intense and violent, and Virgo is mean and calm. This prevents them from meeting truly — to feel a spiritual connection. And if such a state of affairs will suit the sign of the earth, then the Pisces will suffer.

To survive the grinding stage, spouses need a lot of patience. In the end, they will have to take each other’s characteristics and learn to get along with them. The flexibility inherent in both, will help them survive this stage in the shortest time and with fewer losses. But the most important conditions for their marriage to become happy and strong are sincere mutual feelings and a desire to be together. In this situation, compatibility of Pisces and Virgo in family life has every chance to grow to a high level. Both are loyal and faithful partners, able to cherish close people and take care of them warmly and gently.

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