Sagittarius and Libra Compatibility

Sagittarius and Libra can make a successful pair in all respects. Their elements are considered friendly: the first belongs to the fire, the second sign in the pair to the air. Sagittarius has impulsiveness, is in constant movement, so that his life often takes a very chaotic and chaotic character. He gravitates toward new knowledge, impressions and emotions. His partner, on the contrary, for all its variability has a leading need for consistency and balance. Thus, it can help the fire sign to become more stable and balanced, while retaining a sense of novelty in their pair.

In their tandem Libra plays the role of a teacher, so it would be nice if their representative was older and more experienced than his Sagittarius-student. The sign of fire loves to learn and will listen to someone whose authority and power recognizes. In other cases, he everywhere will try to seem the most intelligent, behaves too self-confidently, independently and does not give in to education from the outside. His partner has an innate tact and is able to conduct a dialogue on all the rules of diplomacy. This fact allows Libra to influence the other without resorting to aggression. They are generally inherently ardent pacifists: even the most complex conflicts are solved, applying only their charm and benevolence. And if such a method does not work and the situation goes out of control, then the air sign is quickly retired from the battlefield.

Compatibility Horoscope for Sagittarius and Libra

The compatibility of Sagittarius and Libra is also successful in the successful interaction of their planetary rulers. The Sagittarius is under the influence of Jupiter — the heavenly body responding to luck, philosophical thinking and craving for knowledge. Libra is protected by the sensual Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Her children are creative and creative personalities. In this union, a versatile, intellectually developed sign of the air element is the supplier of creative ideas. The fiery partner values this quality in him, even hears his opinion different from his own. Their interaction is quite comfortable and easy for both. Sometimes Libra can be overly emotional, and Sagittarius is rude and assertive. But all conflicts are successfully solved and forgotten: both signs do not like to store grievances and quickly forgive each other.

The compatibility horoscope of Sagittarius with Libra is successful for one good reason. The air sign belongs to the cardinal cross of the horoscope, which means its active, stubborn movement towards the goal, although he can change his mind from step to step. Also, he simultaneously has too many desires, so not all of them will be achieved. In the horoscope of his partner is listed as a quality as variability: in addition to the fact that Sagittarius himself seeks everything new, he also adapts easily to what is changing not according to his will. To the nature and mood of the partner, including. Both signs value their freedom, so they do not invade each other’s private space, which is very important for everyone.

Sagittarius and Libra Business Compatibility

The Sagittarius and Libra compatibility in the work is also beneficial. They will perfectly cooperate in a sphere that requires a creative approach, altruism. But for greater efficiency they need someone third — one who will drive them and stimulate, as they tend to fall into dreams and fantasies. They also have a problem with responsibility: both partners do not very much welcome it and try to avoid it. Therefore, to successfully organize a joint business, one of them will have to become more serious and learn how to keep the answer for both.

Compatibility of Sagittarius with Libra in friendship is almost ideal. Two active, inquisitive personalities will always find something to do and talk about. They are intelligent, and this fact attracts each other. Such friendship will last as long as the signs of fire and air are interesting together. And if we take into account the fact that both of us are engaged in self-development all our lives, then the mutual attraction will never disappear.

Sagittarius and Libra Love Compatibility

Sparks and oxygen give birth to a bright flame, so the compatibility of Sagittarius and Libra in love is very favorable for both. These signs are smart, interesting personalities who will tell each other much new and unusual. Sagittarius attracts the partner with its optimism and cheerfulness. In Libra, he likes simplicity and ease, lack of conflict and the ability to smooth tense moments. In most cases, the familiarity of representatives of these signs ends with wedding fanfare, degenerating into a strong and long-term marriage.

However, their pleasant interaction can be overshadowed by the fact that a true sign of fire can sometimes be excessively straightforward and says offensive things that severely injure the gentle elect. Libra, in turn, can also create misunderstandings on an equal footing because of their uncertainty. And yet Sagittarius with Libra compatibility in the relationship will remain at a high level, as lovers will quickly learn to smooth out embarrassing situations. They are constantly evolving, and therefore their thinking changes with them, thanks to which their genuine mutual interest does not disappear anywhere, but only grows from year to year.

Sagittarius and Libra Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Libra in bed can cause a burning feeling of envy in other representatives of the horoscope. The sign of fire is an ardent, skillful lover, since sex occupies a far from last place in his life. It is extremely important for him that his partner is sexually liberated. In the case of Libra, this is so. The sign of air, too, adores love pleasures and constantly brings in them something new, which is very pleased with Sagittarius.

Thus, Libra offers new poses and extravagant experiments, and Sagittarius performs. The first gives, the second takes. This is their harmonious combination in bed. Both have a creative approach to intimate life. Sexually enslaved and bashful partner can not hold on to any of them for long.

Sagittarius and Libra Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Sagittarius with Libra in marriage is based on their intellectual similarity and the general craving for adventure. Having become spouses, these two will not sit quietly on the sofa, but will travel a lot and constantly look for something new and inspiring. They have many friends, both general and individual. And most importantly, that this does not cause them a sense of jealousy, since both are very sociable. They love a comfortable life, and Libra is also beautiful, so the signs are able to earn, but they never save, living here and now. This attitude to money often leads them to an empty refrigerator, but this is not for long, because they know where to get the treasured coins. The speculation, which boils in the blood of both and the desire for pleasure sometimes give deplorable results in the form of problems with the law and all sorts of chemical dependencies. Therefore, it is important that one of them was older and wiser, preferable — Libra, and kept a couple of bad habits.

In everyday life, friction also arises between them: the fire sign does not know how to create coziness, warmth and housekeeping. This role is best suited to the spouse, while Sagittarius will be better accountable for the financial side. Compatibility of Sagittarius and Libra in family life will remain good if they immediately distribute their roles and responsibilities. In their tandem, it does not matter who will be the main earner, and who will be responsible for the outbreak: a man and a woman will separate for their own reasons, not relying on public opinion. The offspring in their family, as a rule, appear relatively late, as the spouses are too busy with themselves, with their ambitions and dreams.

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