Sagittarius and Taurus Compatibility

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Taurus is not the most successful and that’s why. They belong to the elements that are not friends in natural conditions — fire and earth, respectively. These are different in character, temperament and worldview signs of the zodiac. The earth is static, firm and is a support for oneself and others. Flame loves freedom, it moves in any direction convenient to it. It can burn the earth and everything that grows on it. On the other hand, the raging fire can be extinguished by casting it down with earth. Elements convey their characteristics to the wards: Sagittarius — the bird is free, impulsive and does not know where to carry it the next minute. Taurus loves stability, peace and order. Therefore, the probability of meeting them is very low, but if it does happen, then the partners will quickly become convinced that they are not suitable for each other.

Sagittarius belongs to mutable signs, that is, it can adapt to the changing conditions of the surrounding world. He also provokes these changes himself, striving for everything new and unexplored. Taurus is a fixed sign: wishing for something, he will rest his horns on the ground until he gets what he wants. On the idea, in their pair to be arranged according to the nature of the partner is a fire sign, but this is not so. An obedient calf, admiring the charisma of a partner, is just the sign of the earth. He is attracted by the openness, lightness and friendliness of Sagittarius. His optimism and spontaneity are sympathetic to Taurus, because he lacks these qualities.

Compatibility Horoscope for Sagittarius and Taurus

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Taurus can be comfortable if they understand that they can mutually complement each other. The first is often restless, sinning by being in fantasies, not noticing reality. A balanced and practical representative of the earthly elements will help him to find a stable support, and at this time he will be recharged by positive emotions, which will bring a fire sign into his life. Sagittarius is led by Jupiter, giving him endless luck and luck in everything he touches. Also, the sign of fire is endowed with male energy and philosophical thinking. He seeks to acquire new knowledge, which he shares with pleasure with a close environment. His karmic role is precisely this — to be a teacher for other members of the horoscope.

Taurus is influenced by Venus, the goddess of love and creation. He has a soft, feminine energy, so he seeks beauty, aesthetics and luxury. There is a chance that the horoscope of Sagittarius’s compatibility with Taurus will be favorable, but only on the condition that they can adapt to each other’s characteristics and positively assess their different views on life. Their different behavior can be represented in the form of two extremes: Sagittarius is too impulsive, and Taurus is too conservative. If they listen to the opinion of another, make concessions, they will have a completely beneficial relationship.

Sagittarius and Taurus Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Taurus in work is very good. Complementing each other, they successfully cope with the work of any complexity. Sagittarius is the supplier of creative ideas and unusual ways of their implementation. Serious Taurus can rationally approach the matter, calculate everything, organize effective activity and bring it to the end. This pair has all the necessary capabilities for a successful business, so no one needs them anymore.

Compatibility of Sagittarius with Taurus in friendship is by no means the most rosy. If there is no mutual benefit between them, they are unlikely to communicate closely. Their relationship can be called friendly. This is due to the fact that they are too different in their characters and life styles. Taurus is slow, loves peace and comfort. Sagittarius as a perpetuum mobile: constantly on the move, he likes active pursuits and a carefree vacation. Therefore, it will be difficult for them to build relationships that suit both. The sign of fire does not sit at home reading the classics, and the Venus wards are unlikely to dare to jump with a parachute.

Sagittarius and Taurus Love Compatibility

Initially, the compatibility of Sagittarius and Taurus in love may seem high: passions boil, hormones play. In a word - euphoria, in which lovers see the world is not entirely realistic, giving it their fantasies and desires. But gradually the pink glasses of glasses go pale, and the partners begin to see the shortcomings of each other, to realize their differences and come to the conclusion about the impossibility of further relations. Conservative Taurus wants everything to be soft, calm and, most importantly, constantly. Big changes introduce it into stress. A partner is exactly what you need, because only, so he feels life — receiving emotions and impressions of constant changes. He can not sit in one place, he is always somewhere pulling. Different rhythms of life are the cause of serious misunderstandings in their pair.

Sagittarius seems to partner too reckless and superficial, and the latter, in turn, the sign of the land is seen as a big bore and hypocrite. Compatibility of Sagittarius with Taurus in a relationship can be improved if both want. For this there is only one condition — strong, mutual feelings. Interested partners will try to understand each other, to hear and make mutual concessions. If this happens, the tandem will gain strength and stability. The sign of fire will appeal to the judgment of the beloved, his more realistic views and support. A representative of the earth element will appreciate the enterprising and optimistic nature of the chosen one.

Sagittarius and Taurus Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Sagittarius and Taurus in the bed is rather shaky. At the very beginning of the relationship, partners, overwhelmed by passion and physical attraction, will have a bright, violent sex, satisfying both. But gradually the hormonal background will return to normal, and the relationship in bed will become colder. And first of all it will concern Taurus: the monotony in the pair and the routine in the bed is quite satisfactory.

But not Sagittarius, because he can not live without vivid emotions and impressions. And here the situation has two variants of development. Either Taurus will try, that there are forces, supporting the emotional background at the proper level. Or Sagittarius will get boredom and routine, and then he will go in search of new adventures. As for the first option — the sign of the earth can not pretend for too long, portraying fervent feelings, and sooner or later everything will fall into place.

Sagittarius and Taurus Family Compatibility

The successful compatibility of Sagittarius with Taurus in marriage — a phenomenon almost unreal. Partners are too different to have a harmonious relationship in all plans. Sagittarius is selfish and behaves independently. He does not pretend to leadership, but he behaves very smugly. This fact will irritate the spouse and provoke scandals. Also, to quarreling will result in excessive sociability of the fire sign. Taurus is less sociable and very jealous, so collisions can not be avoided.

The financial side of marriage also does not favor the good compatibility of Sagittarius and Taurus in family life. The ward of Venus is hardworking and knows how to make good money. All the money he seeks to invest in arranging a love nest, seeking comfort and beauty. A spouse treats material values too simply and is able to lower everything to a penny, driven by an impulsive desire. Different preferences in the organization of rest, too, will become an occasion for mutual misunderstanding. Taurus wants home heat, coziness and stability. Sagittarius wears from side to side, as if in a field smoke. To save their marriage they will have to work long and hard on their characters and relationships in general. Whether they will go to such sacrifices will depend on their natal charts and personal horoscopes.

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