Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility

Scorpio and Aquarius form a complex partnership, in which both will not be easy. This is due to the fact that the eighth and eleventh signs of the zodiac are too different people in their characters and in their outlook on life. Scorpio belongs to the elements of water: it is purposeful, determined and stubborn. Aquarius is guarded by the air forces of nature, endowing him with friendliness, dreaminess and love of freedom. These elements are considered unfriendly: there is no positive influence between them, but they can do mutual harm. A strong wind can make a real storm in the ocean of feelings of the water element, but Scorpio will not remain in debt — this sign is able to revenge with sophistication.

Signs have different types of thinking and therefore their actions in the same direction will be strikingly different. Scorpio is dominated by the sphere of emotions, however, he is well able to control them, once again restraining his destructive aggression, which he has plenty. Aquarius lives "brains", its intelligence is highly developed, and thinking is versatile. However, the representative of the air element is stingy with feelings, much in this area remains a mystery to him. These differences can cause mutual interest of partners, but hardly for long. The Scorpion, influenced by the warlike Mars and imperious Pluto, has become accustomed to controlling not only himself, but others as well. But he does it in most cases quietly, from the outside: he does not like to be in the spotlight and prefers to remain unnoticed.

Compatibility Horoscope for Scorpio and Aquarius

But is it possible to control the impulsive Aquarius, who does not know what will happen to him in the next hour? He is also under the leadership of two heavenly bodies: Saturn, which gives him coldness and emotional restraint, and creative, unusual Uranus. The compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius is too low for spiritual ties or spiritual intimacy to arise between them. Aquarius, like any representative of the air element, is a free bird, which can be happy only in free flight, occasionally stopping to snitch with representatives of its kind. He likes to be among people: after learning one, he switches to the next. Scorpio, in turn, seeks a stable relationship in all areas.

Both signs are fixed. This means that if they have conceived something, they will not rest until they achieve their goal. Together they could do great things if their approaches did not differ so much. Aquarius takes people kindness and charm, gentleness and diplomacy. Scorpio is a prey to the ram, using any means to achieve the goal and does not look back at the consequences of their actions. Horoscope compatibility of Scorpio with Aquarius predicts a complex alliance, the success of which depends on the desires of the partners is together. The sign of water is in search of a great goal, the achievement of which will have a profitable effect on his life. The air element has a million interesting ideas, but little motivation for their implementation. In this respect, they could be useful to each other.

Scorpio and Aquarius Business Compatibility

Compatibility Scorpio and Aquarius in work is very low, and therefore their team will not be effective. Their approaches are too different: the sign of water is organized, is able to build advantageous combinations and successful strategies, and purposefully go to victory. The ward of Uranus is also resolute and active, but on condition that he is interested in this matter. He can often be distracted, hang in dreams about the future, which clearly does not appeal to a clear and quick colleague. They are unlikely to be able to achieve good results, especially if the boss is Scorpio.

Successful compatibility of Scorpio with Aquarius in friendship, too, does not shine. The first is secretive, uncommunicative, and therefore does not like going out into the light, preferring to watch events in a secluded place. The air sign, which, on the contrary, seeks to expand its surroundings to the maximum, will count the unsociable Scorpio for a boring and strange bore. They do not cause each other’s trust and therefore are unlikely to be friends. Rather, their relationship will be friendly.

Scorpio and Aquarius Love Compatibility

If the majesty of love comes to people, they are unlikely to run the horoscopes of compatibility, but in vain. This could save them a lot of time and energy. And a pair of Scorpio-Aquarius is a direct confirmation of this. Initially, partners will seem to each other quite interesting and attractive. Scorpio will like the lively mind of the chosen one, his lightness and reasoning. A sign of the air element flattered by a clever, hard partner, from which spreads a plume of sexual energy. Therefore, at first compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius in love seems pretty successful.

Scorpio stubbornly shows leadership qualities and tries to control the second half, but his partner is too fond of freedom and will in every way shirk from pressure from the outside. Also, a wide range of communication of the air element clearly does not please the Martian, who is distinguished by an increased sense of ownership and jealousy. The compatibility of Scorpio with Aquarius in the relationship promises them little pleasure, as their relationship will be filled with frequent quarrels, conflicts on the basis of mutual claims. Build a more or less tolerable relationship will be a couple in which the Scorpio is a man, and Aquarius is a woman. Friction will not disappear anywhere, but it is possible that a softer representative of the weaker sex can at least partially give the partner a leading role in their tandem.

Scorpio and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius in their bed, too, will not please. At the very beginning of sexual relations, when partners experience mutual passion and physical attraction, they can be interested in each other under the blanket. But knocking off the edge and sensual intensity, lovers will understand that they look at the intimacy in different ways. Scorpio of all the signs of the zodiac is endowed with the highest sexual energy. In importance, he most likely will put sex on one level with food and sleep. He behaves passionately, aggressively and rudely, showing his imperious nature even in bed.

Aquarius, as an intellectual, is more attracted by knowledge and new experience. Physical pleasure of this kind, he not only denies, but treats him much more calmly, without making a cult out of him, unlike a partner. Therefore, too often a desire to satisfy their need for intimacy of Scorpio will come across a decisive refusal from the air sign. Overcoming the differences that have arisen will not be easy, since a stubborn water representative will never admit surrender on such an important issue.

Scorpio and Aquarius Family Compatibility

Marriage between representatives of these signs is a rare phenomenon. Usually the partners scatter before the wedding, realizing that they practically do not have common ground. The compatibility of the Scorpio with Aquarius in marriage does not give them a bright perspective. Aquarius will constantly wonder about why he needs it all. After all, he is self-sufficient, which means he can choose any other, and not tolerate constant attempts to encroach on his personal space. Scorpio, in turn, will remain forever annoyed and angry at the fact that he can not in any way subjugate the self-willed second half.

Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility in family life can be beneficial, because miracles happen. The main condition for this should be the presence of mutual feelings and the desire of the couple to stay together. Ability to concede, understand and compromise will help them cope with the difficulties that arise due to different temperaments and outlook on life.

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