Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

In astrology Scorpio and Cancer are representatives of one element — water. The water signs of the zodiac are endowed with subtle intuition and an extraordinary ability to deeply feel the emotional state of the surrounding people. The common force of nature contributes to the fact that her wards recognize each other and often form successful tandems. The most developed in them is the emotional sphere, but at the same time both behave discreetly, preferring to occupy the position of an observer. The Scorpio is directed at once by two planets: the warlike Mars and the imperious Pluto. Under their influence, the sign of water manifests itself very rigidly and independently, knows how to set specific goals and successfully achieve them.

Cancer, ruled by the Moon, responsible for emotions, has an extremely sensitive perception of the world. His mood often changes depending on the situations in which he falls. He is vulnerable, sensitive, and for the rest of his life he strives for security. In terms of courage, determination and other personal qualities, the signs are at different poles, so they can complement each other well. Robust Cancer is looking for a strong and reliable companion who can protect him from the blows of fate. Scorpio sees in him a dedicated and caring partner, so he will gladly take it under his wing, or rather, under the tail, which will protect him from all dangers.

Compatibility Horoscope for Scorpio and Cancer

Their worldviews are similar in many respects: they value the family and its traditions, loyalty, honesty and devotion. Both are jealous and selfish, but, at the same time, are able to become caring and attentive to their loved ones. Scorpio and Cancer compatibility is very high due to the fact that they have many points of contact and balance the weak points of each other. Their inner worlds are so deep and mysterious that both will not have enough of a lifetime to fully experience the secrets of each other. This fact positively influences their relations, since they do not lose mutual interest throughout their time of coexistence.

Compatibility horoscope of Scorpio with Cancer promises them interesting, but turbulent and emotional relationships, characterized by increased drama, which is inherent in both partners. The ward of the Moon will always try to please the authoritative Scorpio in exchange for his defense, which the latter will surely like. He also realizes in these relations his leading need — to rule and to be the most. A dangerous place in their alliance is the propensity of both to keep their grievances: they can remain silent for a long time and splash out their claims at the most unexpected moment. And Scorpio often goes to revenge, choosing for this particularly sophisticated ways, stinging the offender in his weak spots. Cancer also knows how to take revenge, and he does it through emotional manipulation.

Scorpio and Cancer Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Scorpio and Cancer quite successful in their work: if they look in one direction and are mutually interested in a high result. Cancer is a creative and diligent nature. True, he can often be distracted from work and at times fall out of reality, but a reliable Scorpio is able to return it from heaven to earth. He is an excellent strategist who immediately notes all the significant details that can affect the whole project. His foresight helps his colleague make fewer mistakes. For them, the main thing is to keep your emotions under control, especially the representative of Mars, who often likes to pounce on the address of a leisurely colleague.

Scorpio’s compatibility with Cancer in friendship is also high. Belonging to one element contributes to the fact that the signs understand each other with a half-word. They value mutual devotion to their relationships and friendship. Both know how to keep secrets, which is also important. Scorpio and Cancer always come to the rescue when you need a friend. Their relationship is almost kinship, karmic and often exists from childhood to old age. It is worth noting that the friendship between the opposite sex representatives of the water element of the practical always leads to the emergence of romantic relationships.

Scorpio and Cancer Love Compatibility

The compatibility of Scorpio and Cancer in love is almost perfect. Feelings break out between them literally after the first meeting, they are inexplicably drawn to each other. The lunar sign admires the inner power of the chosen one, which is what he needs to be calm with his partner. Scorpio likes such a gentle and caring choice, thanks to his care, he feels himself necessary and valuable. Their relationship develops slowly and smoothly because both want to first look closely, assess the prospects of their novel. Water signs prefer a long-term alliance with the prospect of a harmonious marriage. Short and frequent intrigues are not interesting to them.

The good compatibility of Scorpio with Cancer in relations is based on their mutual loyalty. Signs of water, usually inclined to control and be jealous, in this case behave more calmly. Even Scorpio, who is an eerie proprietor, feeling sincere tenderness and caring for a loved one, does not so often arrange scenes of jealousy. Cancer, in turn, loves to patronize and seeks to do everything to make the chosen one warm and cozy. Their love soon grows into a real, deep feeling, and in most cases lovers legitimize their relationship. Scorpio and Cancer have a tough, chitinous defense, under which lies their tender interior. It is in this partnership that they open themselves to each other without shame and fear.

Scorpio and Cancer Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Scorpio and Cancer in bed is almost ideal due to the fact that they intuitively feel each other’s desires, so they get a mutual pleasure. Sex for them represents a significant part of life, therefore they treat it with great attention, they engage in it often and for a long time. For both, this is not only an act of physical union, but a fusion of their souls. A magical feeling and a feeling of closeness of this kind is for them the highest point of enjoyment.

The ward of Mars is the supplier of energy, passion and ardor, and his lunar partner brings tenderness and sensuality to bed. Scorpio, on the rights of a more powerful partner, often takes a leading position, but the pliant Cancer will not resist: he is ready to do anything to please his beloved. Both signs are endowed with creative thinking, which provides them with an interesting, diverse intimate life.

Scorpio and Cancer Family Compatibility

Scorpio’s compatibility with Cancer in marriage reaches the highest peak, because the stars favor this. To create a family representatives of these signs are taken seriously, which means that they enter into a legitimate relationship only on good grounds, in this case — a real, mutual feeling of love. By this time, the couple is going through the most acute stages of grinding, and therefore their family life will be rosy and happy. Both work diligently to have a decent standard of living, and they prefer to spend each other’s time in the company of each other than in the company of other people. Spouses are jealous of their house and will not let anyone go there, and they will not show their relations in public, because happiness loves silence, and they know about it.

Mutual tenderness, trust and care make their marriage exemplary. Their common aspirations are necessarily realized, since the representative of Mars refers to fixed signs, and his partner — to the cardinal. The compatibility of Scorpio and Cancer in family life will remain high, despite the fact that there are often disagreements between them, which are solved in two ways. In the first one who wants to please Cancer will go to his wife not concessions. In the second variant, the cunning Scorpio will simply pretend that he agreed with the partner, but will remain at his own opinion. To live long and happily they need to sacrifice their ambitions and make compromises. The degree of desire to surrender their interests depends on their personal horoscopes.

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