Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility

Scorpio and Capricorn form a harmonious union, despite the different and complex characters. Their elements — water and land respectively, are friendly in natural conditions. The soil will not be able to bear fruit without moisture and will simply dry out, and the flow of water needs a coastal design, otherwise it will spill over into many small drops and lose its strength. Signs are interesting to each other due to their difference: an excellent worldview, interests and temperaments. Scorpio thinks, more relying on the emotional sphere, and Capricorn is used to reasoning logically, sometimes reaching a uniform tediousness. Thanks to this, their relationship is always accompanied by intrigue and energy. They are equally looking at new acquaintances: both are cautious in choosing their surroundings and will not let an almost unworthy person close to themselves.

Under the influence of Mars and Pluto, Scorpio receives a resolute, brave character. He aspires to power, but because of his secrecy he prefers to lead from behind the scenes, being a gray cardinal. Capricorn is governed by Saturn, endowing his ward with seriousness, vitality, diligence and perseverance. He is practical and prudent, stability and permanence are the main features. Signs impress each other with their strong, strong-willed characters. Both are honest, devoted to close people and keep family traditions. Partners can learn a lot from each other: Scorpio will see that feelings and emotions can be successfully controlled. Capricorn, on the contrary, will overcome emotional stinginess.

Compatibility Horoscope for Scorpio and Capricorn

Compatibility of a pair of Scorpio and Capricorn can be very fruitful in any of life spheres. An alliance of practicality and creative change will bring both significant benefits. Both attach great importance to material values, but achieve them in different ways: the sign of the earth works hard, and the element of water seeks to receive all the benefits through power. If they manage to agree, then their tandem will be incredibly successful. Scorpio refers to fixed signs, Capricorn — to cardinal. The former seeks security and stability, its decisions do not change, and words coincide with actions. The second needs constant movement, in the course of which he does a lot of things. Therefore, sometimes he throws one, immediately taking on another.

The compatibility horoscope of Scorpio with Capricorn promises them a favorable relationship, if they consider the dignity of each other. The hardness of the first is successfully combined with the ambition of the second. The weak point of their union in the notorious authority: both leaders, who do not wish to yield to the palm tree of anyone. And the following will happen: a cunning Scorpio, seeing that the partner is as strong and stubborn, will manipulate it secretly, using his most powerful weapon — emotions. In Capricorn, this sphere is not so developed, so it easily falls into the spaced networks. It should be noted that the earthly sign will eventually learn to recognize the Martian’s tricks. This will mean the personal growth of Capricorn. Scorpio, in turn, will also have to grow: if his usual way of behavior ceases to work, there will be a need to invent a new, more perfect method.

Scorpio and Capricorn Business Compatibility

As partners in business, the signs will have to look in one direction and think primarily about the purpose and the overall benefits that they will receive along with its achievement. In this case, the compatibility of Scorpio and Capricorn in the work will be high. Two active, purposeful partners will achieve a lot. The sign of water has the feature of seeing those small details that are invisible to others, but are fateful. His resourcefulness, ability to cope with difficulties and the iron will have a beneficial effect on their overall performance. Workaholic Capricorn undertakes the work of any complexity, performs it in short lines, and most importantly, qualitatively.

Compatibility of Scorpio with Capricorn in friendship is also at a high level. Despite their different temperaments, they have many common interests and interests. Both prefer a quiet pastime and do not like noisy gatherings. They are interesting to each other, and therefore will always find something to chat about. Although the topic of their conversations will not be gossip, but the discussion of joint projects and the exchange of experience. Both are honest in a relationship and are ready to help a friend at any time.

Scorpio and Capricorn Love Compatibility

The initiator of romantic relationships in most cases is passionate Scorpio. Conqueror of life, he used to always achieve what he wanted. Initially, a low level of emotionality of a partner may lead him into a stupor or irritation, but over time he will be able to stifle Capricorn, melt his cold heart. The compatibility of Scorpio and Capricorn in love over time will only get better. Unfolding one another, the partners will learn to feel each other intuitively.

Their romance develops very slowly, but it suits the lovers, as they prefer to first get to know a good one before their relationship turns into something more. None of them is used to rushing into the pool and want a long, stable relationship. Therefore, the signs will carefully peer at each other, figuring in the mind the chances for a joint future. The reliability and seriousness inherent in both of them, determine the compatibility of Scorpio with Capricorn in a relationship as successful.

Scorpio and Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

The good compatibility of Scorpio and Capricorn in bed is based on their mutual passion. Only here the first demonstrates it more openly, and in the second it is deep inside with seven seals. But Scorpio will be able to open all the locks and liberate the clenched lover. The sign of water is considered the most sexual and erotic astrologers. Guru intimate relations — he will find an approach to the most capricious partner. What happens to Capricorn: over time, it reveals itself, revealing all its sensuality.

In bed, the head is, of course, Scorpio. Capricorn rightfully gives him the palm tree, because he understands that being in submission will receive three times more pleasure. The Martian is endowed with a rich imagination and always has in his arsenal some mischievous ideas that the partner offers to translate into reality.

Scorpio and Capricorn Family Compatibility

The partners take the march to the wedding palace very seriously and legitimize their relationship, only after spending a considerable amount of time together to make sure of the decency and loyalty of each other. Therefore, we can confidently say that if they got married, then the feelings between them are really real and deep. The quality of compatibility of Scorpio with Capricorn in marriage, like good wine, tends to only strengthen, improve and grow. The couple has mutual trust, understanding and respect.

They gravitate towards a beautiful and comfortable life. Their diligence and ability to earn allow them to have a good standard of living. Both love their home and are constantly trying to improve their way of life. Compatibility Scorpio and Capricorn in family life is also based on a dislike both to global changes: even if once their passion will come to naught, they will have the habit of being together — it is so convenient for them. By that time, they will acquire children, which for each have great value. And they will have another common goal — the upbringing of their offspring. Often enterprising Capricorn and decisive Scorpio create a joint business in marriage, which also unites them.

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