Scorpio and Gemini Compatibility

Tandem Scorpio and Gemini is difficult to call successful: they are characterized by a specific relationship, consisting in opposing two different natures. The first sign is considered to be the most rigid and implacable of all. It is controlled by two planets at the same time: the warlike Mars, giving it aggressive energy and vitality, and Pluto, in charge of the desire for power. Thus, Scorpio is a strong, strong-willed personality, accustomed to being everywhere the first and able to go on the head, if this is required to achieve the intended. Geminis are very different: they are soft, kind, intellectually developed, love communication and strive for novelty in any of its manifestations. The representatives of this sign are too contradictory: this is connected with the planet Mercury, which is leading them. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it has two different hemispheres, one of which is always cold, and the second constantly keeps an unbearably high temperature.

Signs belongs to the elements that do not combine in nature. Scorpio belongs to the elements of water, and Gemini — the air. Despite the fact that the former has a significant superiority in the strength of character, in these relations he is more dependent on the partner. Water can not affect the air masses, but a strong gust of wind can disturb the whole ocean. This metaphor is reflected in the following way: Scorpio, accustomed to suppress and dominate, can not subordinate himself to a partner for whom freedom is the main condition for a happy life, growth and self-improvement. In this regard, the representative of Mars can suffer a lot of suffering in such an alliance, especially when it comes to love.

Compatibility Horoscope for Scorpio and Gemini

Compatibility horoscope of Scorpio with Gemini is ambiguous. On the one hand, they are different literally in everything. On the other hand, they can build interesting relationships thanks to this contrast: to develop together and receive new experience. The representative of the water element is an excellent strategist, he can plan and live according to the rules he has created. The inquisitive Gemini will seem boring, although in time they will teach them organization and self-discipline. In turn, they will show the partner what is spontaneity and ease in making decisions. Scorpio is able to become a defender for the weaker Gemini, to give a sense of security, in which the partner will begin to develop faster. In return, the sign of air will help him to think wider and richer, which will positively affect his life achievements.

The sign of water has a complex character, and therefore not everyone can get along with it. Compatibility level Scorpio and Gemini for the most part will depend on the desire and interest of the second. They are able to adjust where they benefit. Therefore, if they are interested in a relationship, they will be able to accept its characteristic features. The probability of what will happen this way is very high. After all, Gemini do not differ in love of responsibility and always strive to throw it on someone else. To do this, they intuitively look for a stronger partner who can be responsible for both and guide them to success.

Scorpio and Gemini Business Compatibility

Compatibility Scorpio and Gemini in the work will be high only if both are interested in the goal they are going to. Creative and versatile air sign will offer many creative ideas and as many solutions. And his partner due to his foresight will calculate all the pros and cons of the planned enterprise and build the right strategy. In order not to frighten off the resentful and not tolerating pressure of the Gemini representative, Scorpio needs to keep his habit of criticizing and making sarcastic attacks in check.

The compatibility of Scorpio with Gemini in friendship depends on their natal charts. On the one hand, the first in a couple loves and knows how to listen: he knows how to keep secrets and therefore is a reliable companion. The air sign loves chatting about everything in the world and can do it for hours on end, so the signs are perfectly suited to each other in this regard. On the other hand, they lead a different lifestyle: Gemini like to be among people and often attend noisy activities. The sign of water prefers to stay on the sidelines, taking an observant position, so more often it is engaged in useful matters, and news learns from other people’s lips.

Scorpio and Gemini Love Compatibility

The romantic union between them was initially built quite successfully. Scorpio likes the kindness, simplicity and openness of a partner. The sign of water has a subtle intuition and sees people through and through, not for nothing are they talking about it, as about the most mystical and mysterious sign. Gemini in the beginning of the relationship evaluate the partner as a strong, strong-willed and intelligent person who can serve as a strong support and assurance for them. Therefore, the compatibility of Scorpio and Gemini in love is initially high. But this does not last long: with time they begin to look at their beloved more soberly and find each other a lot of minuses.

The ease of Gemini turns into windblownness and irresponsibility in the eyes of the vis-a-vis. Scorpio, who is accustomed to dominate, is aware of his powerlessness and the inability to fully control such a freedom-loving partner. The sign of water is very jealous and is an outright proprietor, and his chosen one is constantly surrounded by other people, which provokes jealousy and anger of the second half. The level of compatibility of Scorpio with Gemini in the relationship is rapidly going to zero also for one more reason. The air element has a slight sense of disappointment in the beloved: it seemed so strong, confident and calm, the representative of Mars suddenly begins to rush from side to side in emotional outbursts. After all, he obviously did not expect such disobedience on the part of the beloved and is not familiar with the feeling of powerlessness.

Scorpio and Gemini Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Scorpio and Gemini in bed is considered favorable, thanks to the interaction of two different natures: the aggressive, masculine essence of the first and androgenic energy of the second combining give birth to a hot mixture. The sign of water brings passion and fervor to the bed, a partner of softness and sensuality.

Signs like to receive new sensations and emotions. For this, they seek to diversify their intimate life through various sexual experiments. Both love sexual pleasures and treat them on a par with art. Each time for them it’s a whole event, in which both get a real pleasure.

Scorpio and Gemini Family Compatibility

The successful compatibility of Scorpio with Gemini in marriage is possible, but for this they will have to go through many tests, which consist in accepting each other’s shortcomings and concentrating on the positive aspects. A romantic air sign can soften the hard nature of the spouse. The latter, in turn, will teach the second half to be more mundane and purposeful.

Mutual interest of partners in marriage, their desire to be together, and most importantly, mutual, real feelings contribute to good compatibility of Scorpio and Gemini in family life. Relationships are considered more favorable in a couple where the first sign is a man, the second woman. Astrologers explain this by the fact that strong sex is considered less emotional, and therefore the Scorpio male will manifest in partnership more steadily, and his partner, thanks to his gentleness, will be able to help him in this.

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