Scorpio and Leo Compatibility

Scorpio and Leo are two strong, strong-willed zodiac signs that either will permeate each other with mutual respect, or they will repulse, like ice and flame, if they can not decide which of them is the main one. The boss wants to be both, because the desire to lead and command flows in the blood of each of them. Scorpio is influenced by two planets: martial Mars and domineering Pluto, the Leo is led by the majestic Sun. Celestial bodies give their wards certain qualities. So Leo is characterized by selfishness, vanity, kindness and courage. And his partner - cheekiness, straightforwardness, purposefulness and cruelty. They are damn strong and represent dangerous opponents for each other, each of which is to fight until victory. But if the signs decide to unite, they form a powerful team, sweeping away any obstacles on its way.

Scorpio and Leo refer to the elements, which in Western astrology are considered the opposite — water and fire respectively. In their critical manifestations, they act destructively on each other: a large amount of water will extinguish any flame, and the latter can turn water into steam with its heat. Therefore, signs need to be careful in interaction, so as not to cause mutual harm. And it’s easy to happen, because both want to be leaders and do not agree to second place. However, the desire to dominate is manifested in them in different ways: the fire sign declares this directly and openly, being always among people and seeking their admiration. He is accustomed to demonstrate his best qualities, and the highest reward for him is admiring, envious glances and applause.

Compatibility Horoscope for Scorpio and Leo

Scorpio does differently: he is damned cunning and prefers to stay away, controlling the behavior of others so that sometimes they do not guess. Being in the shadows, he somehow mystically achieves the recognition of others. Those who disagree with his opinion will await an unenviable fate — a sophisticated revenge, which, as a rule, the ward of Mars serves cold. But this applies only to those who for some reason need and benefit from it. A representative of the fire in the same situation will simply pass by, as it is too indulgent and kind to intentionally do evil. Nevertheless, the compatibility of Scorpio and Leo is successful, especially where they can combine their best, strengths to achieve common goals. By the way, this is how they attract partners from the very beginning, because both carefully select their circle of communication, preferring to keep only worthy people near themselves.

Horoscope of compatibility of Scorpio with Leo promises them a comfortable relationship in two cases: in the first, partners must recognize each other’s identity and maintain parity. In the second variant, the tricky sign of water will create the illusion of its subordination to the kind and naive son of the Sun: the Scorpio give way to him in the middle of the main stage, and himself at this time will imperceptibly conduct from behind the scenes. And while Leo remains ignorant, blinded by the gleam of the soffits and stunned by the applause of the crowd, their union will be firm and stable. Having stayed together for a while, the signs will eventually realize that they are beneficial to each other and, possibly, reduce the strength of the opposition in the relationship.

Scorpio and Leo Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Scorpio and Leo in the work will be beneficial only in one case — if they recognize equality and direct all their energy to achieve a common goal that will benefit each of them. In this case, they represent a powerful force, a piercing team for which nothing is impossible in business. Leo, thanks to his charisma and eccentricity, knows how to create creative projects, and the partner has the ability to build effective strategies and implement them. Both notorious careerists and therefore will be for each other excellent motivators of personal growth.

Scorpio’s compatibility with Leo in friendship is also capable of being successful. As stated above, both signs are not friendly with anyone, choosing in their circle only worthy people, and therefore, the same successful and strong. Therefore, warm feelings and mutual respect may well arise between them. Common interests and goals they always find, because their worldviews are similar. Often, apart from friendship, there is still business interest between them, because both are endowed with enterprise and rarely sit idle.

Scorpio and Leo Love Compatibility

The love relations between the representatives of these signs are filled with hot passions and are similar to those that are in the best Brazilian series. The representative of the water element immediately notices the bright person of the partner. Endowed with discernment Scorpio quickly recognizes in him a strong personality, a partnership with which will bring him tangible dividends. In fact, both flatter society each other, because together they look very impressive, which automatically increases the weight in the society of each of them. Compatibility Scorpio and Leo in love are based on passion, desire to have such an important and attractive partner. Romance in their pair is practically absent, giving way to more practical qualities: honesty, fidelity and activity.

Both signs, as a rule, are intelligent and erudite, and therefore are interesting to each other. They do not know what boredom is when they are near: they will always find classes to their liking. Their visits will be active and emotional, bringing a lot of vivid impressions. Also, they are attracted to each other by sexual energy, which is abundant in everyone. But one day, when the first shyness and mutual servility will end, then a situation arises that requires the leader to be identified in their pair. And then the development of events is unpredictable: will they be able to adopt a mutual equality? Then the compatibility of Scorpio with Leo in the relationship can be considered beneficial. Otherwise, and not having achieved obedience from the lover, signs will scatter in different directions. The prediction of compatibility in love depends on the exact position and aspects of the planets of their natal charts.

Scorpio and Leo Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Scorpio and Leo in bed is the object for the envy of other couples. These signs are considered the most sexy and attractive throughout the horoscope. Passionate, seductive and sensual — they organize themselves a sex life of the highest level, based on the skillful fantasies of both. Scorpio and Leo love sex and want to get with it the maximum of sensations and emotions.

However, the desire to rule can manifest themselves in their bedroom, which will become a stumbling block between lovers. This topic is topical for them, so they will have to discuss the rules of behavior in the bedroom in advance so as not to spoil the pleasure of a partner.

Scorpio and Leo Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Scorpio with Leo in a marriage entirely depends on them: will they understand that only after uniting, it is possible to create a strong family in which everyone will be comfortable. And only under these conditions they will receive all sorts of benefits in full: a loving, strong spouse, strong support and stable relations in which both can develop rapidly. Such a scenario is possible if real deep feelings exist between them, helping the lovers to be softer, making concessions and showing sacrifice.

In case the miracle does not happen and the signs do not stop their senseless confrontation, their union will disintegrate, leaving only broken arrows of mutual insults on the battlefield. It should be noted that in this situation, Leo will get the most: his opponent is more cunning and will be heartlessly stinging in the most vulnerable places. After that the wards of the Sun will lick the wounds for a long time, and the Martian will quickly forget about this incident, departing in search of a new partner. Thus, the compatibility of Scorpio and Leo in family life is ambiguous and depends on many components.

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