Scorpio and Libra Compatibility

Scorpio and Libra are quite a controversial alliance for the reason that they have different world views and characters. The first is considered the most rigid representative of a horoscope, to get on with which few can. Aspiring to his goal, he rarely looks at someone, other people’s opinions do not interest him. He is selfish, resolute, appreciates in others such qualities as honesty and fidelity. Libra is softer by nature, friendly and open. In dealing with others, they behave diplomatically, facilely. In addition, these signs in different ways cope with problems. Scorpio is an excellent strategist, knows how to see difficulties and successfully fights with them. Libra prefer not to notice problems, twisted in their fantasies and dreams. They are generally alien to any negative, they stubbornly avoid it with the help of notorious optimism.

Scorpio belongs to the water element, and Libra — air. These forces of nature can not boast of friendship and compatibility in natural conditions. And this imposes a negative imprint on the relationship between the signs that belong to them. Their planet-leaders also empower their representatives with different qualities and traits. The sign of water is controlled by two celestial bodies: aggressive Mars and imperious Pluto. Under their influence Scorpio seeks to govern, lead, control and suppress. In his aspirations, he is ready to be a very tough, decisive tyrant. In this aspect, Libra differs from it in a cardinal way. Being influenced by the soft energy of Venus, the goddess of love and creation, the air sign rings for peace throughout the world, does not tolerate tension, negative emotions and criticism. He achieves his goals with the help of charisma and kindness.

Compatibility Horoscope for Scorpio and Libra

Compatibility Scorpio and Libra is at a low level, as the signs are too different both for internal qualities and for external manifestations. On the other hand, they could play in contrast: to build relationships in which partners successfully complement each other. Scorpio is distinguished by determination and logical thinking. His partner dreams a lot and sometimes breaks away from reality, but thanks to this he is intelligent and has a wide horizon. These qualities will be useful for the sign of water, thinking more narrowly. Libra will also benefit from this partnership: they are not the most successful feature are a strong shyness and indecision, in situations involving choice. The ward of Venus all the time is in doubt about how best to do and what to say. In interaction with the Martian, who is accustomed to act urgently, Libra will become more active and confident.

Compatibility horoscope for Scorpio with Libra promises them a difficult relationship, which will be a lot of both positive events and negative moments. Scorpio and Libra can get used to each other and learn to live next to a strongly dissimilar partner, but friction will become an integral part of their tandem. And the most interesting thing that they need to do is to learn how to conflict. No matter how absurd it may sound, both partners try to avoid a direct conflict. Scorpio closes, turns away and does as it sees fit. A Libra simply escapes from the battlefield and pretends that nothing happens: for them, the quarrel is associated with another choice, decision and so terrible for them responsibility. While the sign of water simply does not want to waste its time. Problems between partners that are hushed up have the ability to accumulate, due to which, one day an explosion of universal scale will occur.

Scorpio and Libra Business Compatibility

Compatibility Scorpio and Libra in the work of envy is not necessary: they can hardly be a cohesive and friendly team. The sign of water is used to working alone: it is fast, accurate and always to achieve the set goal. His partner, in turn, is inclined to shirk business, plunge into the world of fantasy and be effective in mood. The joint business for Scorpio and Libra will be difficult: a different rhythm will also be a cause for irritation of both.

Scorpio’s compatibility with Libra in friendship is also unlikely. In a relationship where there is no benefit for both, the signs will not tolerate each other’s quirks. Libra is too fond of freedom and easy communication, gravitate to scams and adventures. Scorpio is more serious, does not like noisy societies, preferring to observe what is happening from afar. A peace-loving sign of air is extremely difficult to accept a partner, often falling into excessive emotionality and even aggression.

Scorpio and Libra Love Compatibility

The authoritative Scorpio is more likely to become the initiator of their novel, because he is used to taking what he likes, and sensitive Libra often fluctuate. Initially, the signs mutually attract each other. The air element is always drawn to a stronger partner who can balance it and calm it down. Scorpio is for her just this: he is mysterious, secretive, which causes even greater interest in him. Libra, in turn, attract him with their lightness, a lively mind and openness. Thus, the compatibility of Scorpio and Libra in love in the first stages is quite high. They like to know each other, because they are so different.

A little later, the first enthusiasm will begin to give way to mutual disappointment and annoyance for the same reason that they initially attracted each other — this is the difference in their temperaments, characters and interests. Further, the compatibility of Scorpio with Libra in the relationship will require them to joint efforts, and most importantly, the desire to understand and accept the lover as he is. This is possible only if deep feelings emerge between the partners. Light sympathy will not stand the test of time and mutual claims, and the couple will disintegrate.

Scorpio and Libra Sexual Compatibility

But the compatibility of Scorpio and Libra in bed is ideal, at least in the first time of their relationship. They are brought together by the propensity for unusual sex through the realization of their erotic fantasies. The sign of water tends to power, on the territory of the bedroom, including. But the representative of Venus does not resist and is ready to be led in the intimate sphere. Together they create unrealistic scenarios, delivering maximum physical and moral pleasure to both.

Scorpio is considered the most sexual sign, whose eroticism is visible to the naked eye. The Libra also behave quite uninhibitedly, which impresses the partner. In their bed, the idyll will reign as long as lovers have a mutual passion. If it disappears, then partners will focus on the shortcomings of the other, and their ideal sex will completely disappear into oblivion.

Scorpio and Libra Family Compatibility

Astrologers do not make specific predictions about the compatibility of Scorpio with Libra in a marriage. On the one hand, the spouses, being together, have great opportunities for personal growth of each of them separately. Both have many positive traits that signs can adopt from each other. This is possible if they sincerely want to keep their partnership. On the other hand, good compatibility of Scorpio and Libra in family life is not so easy to achieve.

Spouses differently looks at family life: the sign of water wants to improve and ennoble home, and the partner by and large does not care. He is more interested in adventures and impressions. The financial side will also cause misunderstandings: Scorpio can earn and save, but Libra does not like to work, but the spoils of them are notable. Rest, they also prefer a different: the Martian does not like noisy gatherings. On his day off, he prefers to do something about the house and watch a movie. And his chosen one will not be able to stay in one place for long, he will always strive to be closer to people. Excessive sociability Libra will be a serious reason for scandals, because Scorpio is the owner and jealous. Summarizing, we can say that only true love can give them strength to maintain and improve their difficult relations.

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