Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility

Representatives of the water element, which are Scorpio and Pisces, have a developed intuition with which they easily "read" the souls of other people. The union of these signs, according to astrologers, is very successful: in it Scorpio plays the role of a wise teacher, and Pisces is a diligent student. They are literally on the same wavelength, and therefore a trusting relationship is quickly established between them. In both, the emotional sphere is the basis of perception: signs contact the surrounding world through the prism of emotions and feelings. Both seek security, but do so in many ways. Scorpio is a fixed sign of the zodiac: controlling, demanding and persevering. He is secretive, few people allow himself close to him, preferring to control from the outside. By obeying people and imposing their will on them, he feels protected.

The Pisces sign, in turn, has a soft nature and does not know how to achieve anything by brute force. In order to find harmony and tranquility, they are looking for someone more determined: one who will take on some of their problems will direct and support. Decisive Scorpio is perfect for this role. He is influenced by two planets: aggressive Mars and domineering Pluto. This sign is considered to be the most cruel of all, because in its actions it seldom looks back at the consequences of its actions and, when the goal so requires, can go head over heels. Pisces attracts such a strong-willed partner, because they suffer from their shyness, often are incredulous and have difficulties where they need to act firmly and decisively. They are also controlled by two celestial bodies — Jupiter and Neptune. The first gives his wards a philosophical mindset, and the second — with gentleness and dreaminess.

Compatibility Horoscope for Scorpio and Pisces

Four planets-rulers unite, create interesting, long-term relationships, in which there are many emotions and drama. The compatibility of Scorpio and Pisces is beneficial for them, as everyone learns something new in this tandem. The Martian is used to looking at details and sometimes does not see the picture as a whole. A dreamy partner will teach him to stay away from small things and think more broadly. Pisces belongs to mutable signs. On the one hand, it is good, because such a feature allows them to adapt to situations and people. On the other hand, this quality makes them emotionally unstable: the mood can change very often, and sometimes its own contradictions are unsettling. The variability of the partner can irritate Scorpio, but also teach him to be less restrained and show more of himself. He is also emotional, but prefers not to openly show his doubts and worries.

Horoscope of Scorpio’s compatibility with Pisces promises them a harmonious relationship in which they get to know each other closer and build mutual trust. Then the first will become less secretive and aggressive, because he no longer has to restrain himself and accumulate emotions. Pisces can take the character of Scorpio as he really is. And the second next to a strong and open partner will find calmness and balance, which he so sorely lacks. Both signs tend to a spiritual intimacy, but they hardly fit with people because of distrust. Therefore, having found in someone a faithful companion or companion, will be faithful and devoted to him all his life.

Scorpio and Pisces Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Scorpio and Pisces in work is successful and gives excellent results to both. The versatile representative of Neptune is very inventive and gives his colleague many interesting ideas. Scorpio, in turn, is an excellent strategist and planner. The ability to see little things here and it helps, because one small detail can spoil or save the whole thing. The dream of Pisces can irritate him from time to time, but he will be able to return the partner from heaven to earth, to interest him and direct him to the goal along the shortest path. The martian refers to fixed signs: he always achieves the conceived.

The level of the Scorpio with Pisces compatibility in friendship is also high. Representatives of the same element are close to each other spiritually, to coincide in their views on life and to have common interests. They will certainly find interesting pastime for themselves, because their preferences in rest also coincide. Scorpio, who has a penchant for criticism and sarcastic attacks, will manifest himself so infrequently, because he feels sincere devotion, defenselessness of a friend and very much appreciates him.

Scorpio and Pisces Love Compatibility

Compatibility Scorpio and Pisces in love in the astrological world is considered to be almost ideal. Their relationship is that rare case when lovers do not need words to understand each other. Everything happens by itself and develops in the best way. Scorpio is a lord by nature, and paired with Pisces he successfully satisfies his need for this. His partner does not resist, because the jealousy and possessiveness of the Martian, on the contrary, flatter him and make him feel necessary and loved. They spend a lot of time together at home or walking under the moon.

Sometimes their harmony will be violated by storms: temperamental Scorpio is excessively irritable, which can offend a vulnerable partner. Then the Pisces can become silent and detached. But eventually they will learn to interact so that they do not hurt each other. Scorpio in love is ready for a lot for the sake of a significant partner and will try to restrain his aggressive manifestations. Pisces, endowed with the vital wisdom of the whole zodiac, will quickly adapt to the partner’s quick temper: they will become more loyal to outbursts of anger and just wait out his bad mood. The compatibility of Scorpio with Pisces in the relationship will still remain high, despite their different characters and possible difficulties in communication.

Scorpio and Pisces Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility Scorpio and Pisces in bed can be called unique. Scorpio is considered a sign, whose sexual energy has the highest level among the rest of the horoscope. In bed, he knows everything: a sensual, passionate lover can satisfy the most capricious partner. He can be gentle, rough, hot, cold — his role can vary depending on the preferences of both. He adores sexual games and is therefore always ready for any experiments.

Tender Pisces are ideal lovers for the temperamental Scorpion: he wants to rule, and Pisces is ready to obey unclariously. They like two pieces of a puzzle that match each other, they want the same thing, but from different sides. Neptune’s wards are also endowed with high sensitivity and are ready to do everything in the bedroom to please the beloved and to give him pleasure.

Scorpio and Pisces Family Compatibility

The compatibility of Scorpio with Pisces in a marriage is a subject for envy of the surrounding people. They love each other and respect each other. The main mutual quality on which their relationship is based is the loyalty inherent in them both. Between them there is a complex relationship between the two people, it is spiritual, karmic, the one that the stars themselves approve. In their tandem there is no place for betrayals and treason. They love their home and try to arrange their life as comfortably and comfortably as possible. They prefer to rest at home in the company of each other. Such a family has few friends, but all of them are proven by time and life experience.

The highest compatibility of Scorpio and Pisces in family life will be in the pair where the first sign is a man, and the second is a woman. A strong-willed and purposeful spouse will assume obligations to provide the family with finances and its security, and the weaker sex will fill their love nest with body and coziness and will provide the spouse with spiritual support.

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