Scorpio and Sagittarius Compatibility

Scorpio and Sagittarius occupy the neighboring positions on the zodiacal circle. They belong to the elements, which in natural conditions are not combined — water and fire, respectively. The sign of water is mysterious and secretive, which causes genuine interest from Sagittarius. Often Scorpio is unpredictable and impulsive, although it has strategic thinking. Sagittarius, on the contrary, is open in its manifestations: it often moves chaotically and most of all values freedom, both external and internal. Scorpio belongs to the fixed signs of the zodiac. This means that he almost always achieves what he wants, firmly stands his ground and seldom remembers the word compromise. In this regard, few people can withstand it and a difficult nature.

Sagittarius in this regard is the complete opposite: it is volatile by its nature and easily adapts where it is interesting. In life, he strives for novelty — to everything that can give him new knowledge, practical experience and pleasant impressions. The planets that guide the signs also endow them with different qualities. Scorpio is under the influence of aggressive Mars and hard Pluto. Thanks to them, the sign of water is decisive and courageous, selfish and straightforward. The main thing he seeks is power, since it is with his help that he can get everything else: money, fame and recognition. Sagittarius sends the inquisitive Jupiter. This heavenly body gives its ward philosophical thinking, a craving for science and knowledge. His karmic task is to pass on his experience to others. Therefore, Sagittarius is an eternal student, constantly trying something new.

Compatibility Horoscope for Scorpio and Sagittarius

Both are endowed with strong male energy. Uniting, the signs of water and fire could build a powerful, but complex and contradictory union. The compatibility of Scorpio and Sagittarius has all the chances to be high and bring them tangible benefits. The partners are interesting for each other: the versatile, bright and kind Sagittarius finds Scorpio deep, strong and mysterious. They can learn a lot from each other. The fire sign is flexible, does not fixate itself on problems and easily overcomes any obstacles, thanks to a lively mind and creative approach. He is an inveterate optimist, adores communication and goes around the world with a smile. Scorpio, in turn, is more stable: taking on one thing, finishing this case to the end and not exchanging trifles.

The horoscope of compatibility of Scorpio with Sagittarius can promise them promising relations only on condition that the signs are honest with each other. Then their trust will grow to the maximum mark, and their movement towards will be considerably facilitated. From these positions, the mutual desire to understand and accept the other’s differentness will intensify. Opening to a partner is most difficult for Scorpio, since secrecy is one of his dominant traits. Under the hard chitinous shell contains his tender contents, which he stubbornly hides for security reasons. By the way, in partnership with Sagittarius the sign of water relaxes very slowly and for a long time: it’s hard to trust a person, seeing his impermanence, and sometimes irresponsibility.

Scorpio and Sagittarius Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Scorpio and Sagittarius in the work is quite favorable. The first is an excellent strategist and an effective planner. His goals are clear, the actions are accurate, and the results are high. Sagittarius in their work collective plays the role of ideological mastermind, as well as a skillful organizer and conscientious performer in one person. However, in their labor union there is an Achilles’ heel: two idealists are unduly slanted to criticism of others, but, at the same time, they will tolerate such attacks in their address. Partners should refrain from the desire to cheat each other and remember what they are actually working for, that is, about a common goal.

The compatibility of Scorpio with Sagittarius in friendship is questionable, because real friendships require spiritual closeness and devotion. These feelings are hardly possible between them, since the water sign periodically throws out the sting in the form of sarcastic remarks and hurts a kind-hearted partner. Sagittarius, in turn, sneers at a friend who considers himself to be the most intelligent and correct. Not burdensome friendship with periodic meetings in the circle of common friends is the most suitable type of interaction between signs of water and fire.

Scorpio and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

The compatibility of Scorpio and Sagittarius in love is lower than average due to the difference in their views on marriage in general. The sign of water is a constant adherent to romantic relationships, so he is looking for a partner with whom there is a chance to build a family. It is important for him to have one partner with him, who will be faithful to him. Frequent and meaningless intrigues are not for him. They are just for Sagittarius, who most value his freedom and agrees extremely hard on marriage in principle. Therefore, to the love relationship, the trustee of Jupiter belongs without due seriousness and attention. Sagittarius quickly ignites, but soon can also quickly die out.

In addition to the above, the compatibility of Scorpio with Sagittarius in relations is not pleased with prospects for the reason that the former is trying to dominate, and the second it’s horrible as not to like. The sign of water irritates the chaotic actions of the partner and his inconstancy. Sagittarius does not like emotional attachments: feelings deprive him of such valuable freedom that he so values and does not exchange for all the pleasures of the world. But if the stars are built successfully, Scorpio can convince a loved one that their union can bring joy, happiness and mutual benefit. To feel comfortable, these signs of the zodiac will have to work well on themselves and relationships in general.

Scorpio and Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

Scorpio and Sagittarius compatibility in bed will be successful, but only the first time. Both love sex and give him one of the main places in his life. Scorpio and Sagittarius are passionate and skillful lovers who know many interesting, erotic things that can surprise and satisfy a partner. They do not know what modesty is, the fantasies of both are boundless, and therefore Scorpio and Sagittarius will be delighted with each other.

Their mutual lust and frenzied desire for sexual amusements are based on passion, which, as you know, can not last forever. Emotions fade, and lovers begin to pay more attention to the shortcomings of each other. At this point, their initially high compatibility in the bedroom begins to fade away. To avoid this, they will need to constantly offer something new, while not allowing the occurrence of mutual resentment and jealousy.

Scorpio and Sagittarius Family Compatibility

The compatibility of Scorpio with Sagittarius in marriage leaves much to be desired. Sometimes, in general, it’s amazing how these two got to the registry office. Most likely, they take this step under the influence of strong feelings and passion and do not at all suspect about the difficulties that await them after the hormonal background comes back to normal. Joint illusions will begin to break down about life, bringing only misery to the spouses. Scorpio seldom changes his views: he will continue to monitor, criticize and teach the negligent elect. Sensitive and vulnerable Sagittarius will avoid such executions, finding peace outside the home.

Contradictions will arise literally in everything: the sign of water is efficient and prefers to save money, and his partner likes to live on a broad foot, often spending the last funds on some nonsense. They also choose different ways of rest: a Martian will spend time with benefit, and his chosen one will go to a noisy party. The issue of children can also become an edge: the sign of water tends to continue the genus, and for the fire sign, procreation threatens with even greater responsibility, which he does not like. Thus, the compatibility of Scorpio and Sagittarius in family life is not very encouraging. Spouses will have to work long and hard on relationships, before their idyll comes. Will they sacrifice their time and energy? The question remains open.

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