Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

On the one hand, the two Scorpions should be comfortable in the relationship, because they have the same qualities, outlook and interests. The element of water to which they belong, gives them a deep inner peace, secrecy and purposefulness. A stormy stream is able to scatter any obstacles on its way and is even able to shake it carefully on its waves. On the other hand, two representatives of the same zodiac sign will learn each other too quickly. Therefore, it is likely that they will simply become bored in each other’s society because of their similarity. Here the situation is saved by the unpredictability and mysteriousness peculiar to Scorpios, which will always warm up the mutual interest of the partners.

Scorpio is governed immediately by two celestial bodies: Mars, who is the god of war, and Pluto, in charge of the desire for power. Thus, this sign represents a strong, strong-willed personality, striving to fill up and control everything. True, he does it, being in the backstage, preferring to lead from the outside. An open manifestation of himself is not characteristic of Scorpio, since he is concerned about his safety. Outwardly, he looks confident and firm, but under the rigid chitinous layer is his vulnerable emotional "I", which he persistently protects, and therefore distrustful of people. The desire to rule is his leading motive, so the natural question arises: will two people who are willing to win one throne get along?

Compatibility Horoscope for Scorpio and Scorpio

Water signs have a subtle intuition, so they deeply feel like themselves. Compatibility in a pair of Scorpio and Scorpio is quite high for the reason that to "their own" they show a special relationship, considering their zodiac sign the best. Their thinking is mystical, they are often carried away by esoteric, astrology and magic. In others, they value honesty and openness, although they are not in a hurry to meet these criteria, often using to manipulation to achieve their goals. And in general, Scorpios love to criticize and discuss others, but in their own eyes they will not notice logs either: inflated ego and overestimated self-esteem simply does not give them an opportunity to perceive constructive criticism.

Compatibility horoscope for Scorpio with Scorpio is ambiguous: having met, they either become inseparable like-minded people, or find dangerous enemies in the face of each other. The development of events depends on the natal charts of the representatives of the sign and their personal horoscopes. In the first version, it will be a bright, charismatic couple that causes respect and fear simultaneously. One Scorpio is a warrior, and two are already a powerful, effective army that will achieve everything that it wishes. The issue of leadership will loom before them all the time, so the partners will have to agree: the two Scorpions will rather announce parity than bow under each other. But this can happen provided that they realize the value of their partnership, look in one direction and go to the same goal.

Scorpio and Scorpio Business Compatibility

Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility in the work promises to be very productive. They are excellent strategists, they see the smallest nuances of the business and know how to achieve their goals with minimal effort. Moving towards the goal, the representatives of Mars bypass any obstacles, and nothing can stop them. The main thing is that in business Scorpios do not compete with each other. Then their joint activities will come to an end. For this they need to remember the desired result. All this concerns a bundle in which two colleagues work. In the boss-subordinate relationship, the most effective will be a tandem where the man leads, and the woman obeys. If the boss still praises her for achievements, then there will be no problems in interaction at all. In the situation on the contrary, where a man is governed by a directriss, the subordinate Scorpio will feel somewhat humiliated, and therefore the effectiveness of his work will be low.

Martians do not hang out with anyone, carefully choose their partners in any area of life. The compatibility of Scorpio with Scorpio in friendship is likely to be fruitful, as they consider each other to be worthy, strong people. A similar worldview promotes the commonality of their interests and hobbies. They are committed to relationships and, striving for stability, try to keep them as long as possible.

Scorpio and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Two sex-opposite Scorpio are attracted, like a magnets. They are endowed with natural eroticism and inviting energy, which all around feel. Between them, literally from the first second, stormy passions begin to boil. In addition to physical attraction, they attract each other with their strength, reliability and temperament. Compatibility Scorpio and Scorpio in love promises them an interesting relationship. On the one hand, painful for both and explosive, on the other, giving lovers a lot of impressions and pleasures. Each of them has an inexhaustible source of aggressive energy, which must be disposed of somewhere. Therefore, often it is drained through conflicts: the partners are starting from a half-turn, often pouring oil on the fire with their propensity to dramatize everything.

Scorpiovs compatibility with Scorpio in a relationship on the one hand, high, on the other, everything can end as sharply as it began. They look like Mr. and Mrs. Smith from the movie of the same name: they love each other and are at the same time dangerous enemies, ready to fight for life and death. But after each confrontation there comes a calm: the lovers declare a short truce. By the way, often this happens with the help of passionate sex, in which they realize the remains of the fuse.

Scorpio and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility in bed are almost perfect. Sex is equal to Scorpio, Scorpio is equal to sex. This sign is rightly considered the most sexual, his eroticism is noticeable to the naked eye. Often in an intimate life, he comes to extreme manifestations of sexuality, that is, perversions. They are, perhaps, the most skillful lovers and are able to please any partner.

Scorpio considers the intimate sphere as one of the main, and if you do not suit him in bed, then your joint future is predetermined. In the case of the two representatives of Mars and Pluto, there is nothing to worry about. With each other they will realize all their cherished fantasies and indiscreet desires, so none of them will remain dissatisfied.

Scorpio and Scorpio Family Compatibility

The compatibility of Scorpio with Scorpio in a marriage can be fruitful, but before this happens, the spouses shed a lot of blood in the battles for leadership. They will have to learn to control not only the partner, but also their dangerous sting. The question of leadership is likely to be decided in favor of the stronger sex, but it can not be ruled out that a woman will rise at the helm. A compromise is also possible, but for this one must have sufficient wisdom that comes with age and life experience.

Compatibility level Scorpio and Scorpio in the family life will grow with the years. They become faithful companions and devoted like-minded people. When the trust between them reaches the maximum mark, they will no longer have to spend their energy on jealousy and scandals. They can launch it into the common cause and improve their home. Scorpios love their house, they know how to earn money, that’s why their level of life is always high. Become friends of this couple is quite difficult: their environment has several proven people and not the fact that they even know about what is happening in their family. Spouses behave secretly and do not expose their relations for show, live in their personal world and do not want to share their happiness.

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