Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility

Scorpio and Taurus are even signs and are located on the zodiacal circle opposite each other. This means that by their characters they represent complete opposites, which have two options for developing relationships: to attract or to push off. Since their elements — water and earth respectively — are considered friendly, then the probability of the first option is quite high. Such a partnership represents for both a good opportunity for personal growth by taking each other’s missing qualities from each other. Scorpio is led at once by two planets: the warlike Mars, which gives him aggression and strength, and Pluto, in charge of power. Taurus is influenced by the sensual Venus: it has such qualities as softness, calmness and the desire for creation. However, he as a representative of the elements of the Earth, can be very hard and stubborn.

Zodiacal signs Scorpio and Taurus differs both from the outside and from the inside. The representative of the elements of the earth lives slowly, carefully choosing only proven paths and reliable solutions. Taurus prefers stability in everything: in deeds and relationships. He used to think constructively and conservatively, he looks at things on a large scale, without giving importance to their individual elements. His partner prefers an active lifestyle, likes to be in the center of attention and often makes impulsive acts. Scorpio is an excellent strategist, he sees little things that the success of an enterprise can depend on. Outwardly, he looks confident, but in reality inside him is often raging anxiety and doubt. This is associated with a developed emotional sphere and the ability to foresee. Taurus relies more on logic and rationality.

Compatibility Horoscope for Scorpio and Taurus

The compatibility of Scorpio and Taurus is quite specific, causing the complexity of their relationship. For the first at the head of the corner is the power, which gives him all the other blessings. The second values exclusively material benefits, those that can be touched, bought and sold. Both signs thus satisfy the natural need for security. Uniting, the signs of water and land can make a very successful tandem, which will achieve a lot, especially in the business sphere. The sign of water values devotion and honesty in people. These qualities are just his rational and reliable partner. The latter in the representative of Mars attracts a powerful energy and activity, which Taurus himself sometimes lacks.

Both signs are fixed. This means that the horoscope of compatibility of Scorpio with Taurus will be successful only if they look in one direction and act for the sake of the overall result. Then the contradictions between them will be much less. In their partnership, the Venusian ward is in charge, as he more often thinks logically. But this is only at first glance. Scorpio is very cunning: pretending to be subordinate, he will do his business in such a way that the partner will not suspect anything, and if this happens, it will be too late to change anything. The sign of water skillfully manipulates emotions, since this sphere is for him, as a home of his own. When Taurus finds out a partner better and learns all the tricks, he will learn to recognize his scams.

Scorpio and Taurus Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Scorpio and Taurus in work can manifest itself in different ways. On the one hand, both can "turn on the boss mode" and then their partnership is doomed to failure. On the other hand, if they can see valuable qualities in each other and unite their opportunities for the sake of a common goal, they will be able to achieve much, harmoniously complementing each other. Scorpio is an excellent strategist, he is far-sighted, and also has a developed imagination. The sign of the earth, in turn, is very industrious: it solves all problems correctly and on time.

The compatibility of Scorpio with Taurus in friendship is successful and can give them a strong, long-term tandem. They are different, but that’s the whole point: they perfectly complement each other, and therefore they get a new experience in this partnership. Both appreciate honesty and loyalty, on which their relationship is based. People from outside may be surprised at the friendship of such unlike personalities, but Scorpio and Taurus do not care about anyone else’s opinion.

Scorpio and Taurus Love Compatibility

The compatibility of Scorpio and Taurus in love is initially high. As a rule, the sign of water comes first to contact, since it is more resolute in its actions. He has a subtle intuition and sees the partner through, namely his ambition, good intentions and loyalty. Taurus, in turn, attracts Scorpio’s inner strength, his hypnotic, imperious look and depth of his soul. Easy love quickly develops into strong feelings. The representative of Venus is on the rapprochement slowly, looking at the partner and assessing the chances of building long-term relations with him. Scorpio also seeks a stable and lasting connection. When a partner becomes valuable enough for him, he is able even to show sacrifice.

Scorpio is inclined to dramatize a lot, which depresses the calm and balanced Taurus. Striving for stability, he wants to see a more mundane and balanced person next to him. The compatibility of Scorpio with Taurus in a relationship is capable of being successful, because the stars themselves favor this. Lovers need to show more wisdom in order to understand and accept the dissimilarity of the characters. If their feelings are really real and deep, then they are waiting for an interesting relationship in which they will need to find a balance between the Scorpio’s emotionality and Taurus’s mundaneness.

Scorpio and Taurus Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility of Scorpio and Taurus in bed is satisfactory for both of them. The first introduces an intense passion into an intimate relationship. The second is sensuality and tenderness. The interaction of two different energies creates something new, which makes their intimate life interesting and unusual. Taurus is important body contact: he prefers long caresses, and about such a lover at such times he thinks more than about himself. Creative Scorpio always has a couple of mischievous ideas in reserve, which will suit both. Seeing how the partner tries to please him, the water sign answers him the same.

Sometimes, in his desire to diversify sexual life, the representative of Mars comes to extremes bordering on perversions. Whether a more modest partner will do this depends on the quality of their relationship and his personal horoscope, which gives him certain features. The most compatible pair is considered a variant, when a passionate Scorpio is a man, and a tender and charming woman is Taurus. But even in the reverse combination of signs, their sexual compatibility will be on top.

Scorpio and Taurus Family Compatibility

The compatibility of Scorpio with Taurus in marriage is successful provided that the spouses have entered into legal relations not by chance or under the influence of external circumstances, but experiencing mutual feelings that have passed the test of time. A stormy sex life can become a solid foundation, which will connect so different in character to the personality. Also, their relationship warms up and at the same time rallying mutual jealousy and the desire to protect their family from other people’s incursions. Both love comfort and seek a beautiful life, so they know how to earn money, especially the hard-working Taurus. He fills the house with warmth and comfort, and his partner does not let him into boredom and despondency.

On the way to a happy family life, they will have to overcome many difficulties and misunderstandings: for example, the Venus wards value stability, and the partner grants for change. Both have problems with compromises and mutual concessions. The water sign is asleep and sees how to command, and the spouse against any pressure and coercion. The compatibility of Scorpio and Taurus in family life will be favorable if they are serious about their marriage and want to stay close. There would be love, the rest will follow.

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