Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility

Taurus and Aquarius are protected by such elements as earth and air, respectively. The first one strives for peace and earthiness, is good-natured, prudent and is engaged in improving his personal space all his life. Taurus is led by Venus, the goddess of love and fertility. She gives the sign of the earth a special sensitivity, which he rarely shows to anyone, hiding behind a mask of seriousness and inaccessibility. The behavior of the air sign is very different from the earthly one. It is difficult for him to sit still, constantly pulling on adventures, in which one can learn something new, experience bright feelings and impressions. Most of all, he values his inner freedom.

Different views on life, characters and values give rise to contradictions between them. For example, Taurus can irritate the windy partner, his carelessness and the desire to live one day. Aquarius, in turn, can be bored with a partner who behaves too correctly. And yet these signs have common ground, on the basis of which they can build comfortable for both relations. Taurus attracts the lightness of Aquarius, its creativity and eccentricity, and so he often turns to him for ideas for inspiration. The air sign intuitively senses the strong inner core of Taurus and enjoys its patronage, perceives the partner as stronger and sees in it a reliable support.

Compatibility Horoscope for Taurus and Aquarius

Compatibility of Taurus and Aquarius can not be called successful: rather, its level is below average, and yet it is possible. The opposite is always attracted to each other: both signs can endure many valuable experiences from these relationships. Aquarius lives the future and is often in their fantasies. The spiritual world is a greater value for the air sign than the material one. It can positively influence Taurus: it will teach him to sometimes rise above the ground and behave more relaxed. It will lead him to understand that open living of his internal processes can be pleasant and it is not always necessary to hide his feelings, under the cover of the material side of life.

Compatibility horoscope of Taurus with Aquarius predicts their union of many skirmishes among themselves due to the stubbornness that both partners possess. For the first, this quality is one of the main: he can rest his horns so that nothing will move him from his place. This is due to his strong desire to always be right, main, meaningful. For a second character in a pair, such a character trait becomes a defense tool in situations where someone tries to limit his freedom, which is his vital need. If both learn each other, understand and accept the strengths and weaknesses of the partner, learn how to deal with them, thus eliminating mutual tension, then the success of their coexistence will increase dramatically.

Taurus and Aquarius Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Taurus and Aquarius in the work is ambiguous and depends on the roles in which the signs coexist. If they are partners, then their union will be successful. Showing their different, but better qualities, they will be able to achieve fruitful success. The air sign is creative and never remains without interesting ideas. Taurus, in turn, can calculate the success of the idea, weigh all the pros and cons, draw up an exact plan of action. In cases where signs are in different social statuses, frictions and conflicts will arise between them. Fountaining ideas on the work of the boss in the face of Aquarius can strain the conservative Taurus. The boss, belonging to the elements of the earth, will seem boring to the subject of Aquarius, and he simply refuses to perform uninteresting, routine work.

The compatibility of Taurus with Aquarius in friendship is reassuring if there are common interests and passions between them. The best variant of such relations is the creative union of the representatives of these signs. Taurus can work and implement projects, but his thinking is too rational and mundane, because he needs a source of inspiration, which is just Aquarius. The air sign is endowed with an incredible imagination and is ready to provide Taurus with ideas day and night, but how to realize what has been invented — he does not even have much in mind. Therefore, a friendly union, which has a creative basis, is very beneficial to both.

Taurus and Aquarius Love Compatibility

The astrological horoscope practically deprives all chances of these two signs to build a good love relationship, stating that the compatibility of Taurus and Aquarius in love is very low due to the fact that they have different temperaments and characters. But everywhere there can be exceptions — even here. Everyone has his own natal chart, which will determine his personal characteristics. Therefore, it is impossible to assert on the basis of the incompatibility of the sun signs that absolutely all Taurus will not get along with any of Aquarius.

These two can be happy together, inspired by deep feelings. Love works wonders and pushes people to great deeds, contributes to their internal changes. Two lovers create their own special world and speak a language that only two of them understand. The compatibility of Taurus with Aquarius in the relationship will be more stable if in this pair the sign of the earth will be much older than the partner, by right, thus occupying the position of a wise teacher and patron. Despite the desire for independence and freedom, Aquarius will listen to Taurus, having discerned in him a wise mentor.

Taurus and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Taurus and Aquarius in bed leaves much to be desired, since both are cold and uncomfortable in both. For a landmark, sex is important: it is one of the areas where it meets its need for leadership, recognition and praise. And, in general, endowed with materialistic thinking, Taurus loves everything that can give him pleasant feelings and sensations. But for Aquarius, carnal pleasures do not come first. He loves and enjoys what is happening before this: romance, courtship, psychological games and flirting. Since men, regardless of their zodiac sign, are more concerned with sex than women, then intimate compatibility will be more successful in a couple where Aquarius is the representative of the stronger sex.

In the reverse situation, partners need to adjust to each other. The air woman will need to recognize and accept the partner’s need for sex, make concessions to him. And Taurus will have to try hard to maintain interest and excitement in the partner, to include all of his fantasy in order to awaken sensuality and desire in it. Such a relationship will last exactly as much as the partners, especially Taurus, will have the strength and desire to indulge each other.

Taurus and Aquarius Family Compatibility

The compatibility of Taurus with Aquarius in marriage can be good provided that both partners really love each other and try to take the negative side of the other. On the first they can conflict and defend their positions, from which they are accustomed to interact with the world. Aquarius will oppress the morals of Taurus, as well as his calls for gradualization. And Taurus at this time will be dissatisfied with the frivolity of Aquarius and his sometimes disrespectful attitude towards their couple. And also the constant variability of the partner can cause negative emotions in the sign of the earth in the form of anxiety. After all, stability for him is a guarantee of his peace of mind, calmness and a sense of security.

Attached to each other, these two can get a strong and interesting relationship. Taurus is able to earn material wealth and will do everything to make their life with a partner as comfortable and cozy as possible. Aquarius with its optimism can bring brightness to their couple, create a positive atmosphere in the house. Together with Taurus, his existence will become more meaningful and productive, which will give him strength and confidence to achieve the set goals. The compatibility of Taurus and Aquarius in family life becomes more stable over time, thanks to the fact that partners exchange their worldview and learn from each other new ways of existence. Despite their different natures, they have one very important and weighty quality that unites them: they both love children and become wonderful parents.

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