Taurus and Cancer Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer are an interesting union. The first relates to the elements of the earth, loves practicality in everything and strives for stability. In spirit, he is stronger and more confident partner. Cancer is protected by the elements of water, it has a subtle spiritual organization and therefore extremely vulnerable. Despite the fact that Taurus likes to compete and be a leader, he does not have such aspirations in his relationship with Cancer. This is due to the fact that Taurus initially considers such a partner weaker than himself and does not see relevance in the struggle for primacy in the pair.

In this regard, the Taurus is full of tender feelings towards the sign of water. Cancer itself often appeals to him for help in situations where a rational view of things is required. To them, there is mutual trust, which, in turn, gives rise to a sense of security for both. On this basis, you can build a good, strong relationship, suiting both partners. Taurus has an analytical mind, and Cancer is a well-developed intuition. Signs can be good helpers, complementing each other with missing qualities.

Compatibility Horoscope for Taurus and Cancer

Compatibility of Taurus and Cancer is at a high level. Such different at first glance zodiac signs can successfully get along. Taurus — nature is very sensual, but they hide it well, afraid of trusting someones again. He is attracted by the tender nature of Cancer — the way he can show and manage his emotions. The sign of water reaches Taurus, because it sees in it the protection and security that it so lacks. In such relations, Cancer likes that the partner has an innate sense of tact and does not climb into the inner world of another without an invitation. These two can trust each other without any fear, they know that at a difficult moment they will always have a reliable shoulder, which you can rely on.

Horoscope compatibility of Taurus with Cancer can be called ideal. This is not hindered even by the fact that the Taurus possess excessive persistence and stubbornness. More often than not, Cancers do not interfere, as they tend to compromise and listen to a partner they think is stronger. Despite the different temperaments, they have many common values. Of which the house and the family are the most important for both. Taurus is still striving for financial well-being and Cancer relishes this prerogative with pleasure, paying more attention to the psychological climate of relations in a love tandem.

Taurus and Cancer Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Taurus and Cancer in the work below the average, but still possible, if the partners will be sympathetic to the undesirable, in their opinion, the qualities of each other. Cancers like to dream and stay in the world of illusions for a long time, and sometimes dramatically dramatize events. Taurus is accustomed to live in reality, to think rationally and clearly. At the same time, he thinks for a long time and moves slowly, which may not like the more active Cancer. If partners learn to treat others’ faults condescendingly, then their working alliance can be very successful. Cancers bring liveliness to projects, due to their rationality. Taurus successfully plan and organize the ideas submitted to him.

Compatibility of Taurus with Cancer in friendship can be good, as they have much in common: on this basis, signs can have similar goals, hobbies and interests. Difficulties can arise where Taurus rests against the horns, and Cancer is offended and climbs into his shell: contact will be interrupted if none of them make the first step forward. To avoid such situations, they need to solve all the frictions in place, without departing from the negotiating table, until a truce occurs. Otherwise, friendly communication between them can be easy and enjoyable.

Taurus and Cancer Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Taurus and Cancer in love is high: they can fall in love with each other literally at first sight. But between him and the serious relationship will be a long time. Cancers are inclined to doubt their feelings and actions, but the stubborn Taurus is ready to wait as long as they are reciprocated. He will not enter the soul of the sign of water, hurry him with his expectations, for which Cancer is very grateful to him: tactfulness of Taurus is another plus that Cancer notes for himself. By joining, these signs are given to the relationship sincerely and with all seriousness. Short, meaningless novels, they both do not welcome.

Compatibility of Taurus with Cancer in a relationship is high: Taurus in every possible way tries to take care of tender Cancer, to give it maximum attention and to protect from troubles. At the same time Cancer feels special, protected and needed, which is his leading need for a relationship. Taurus is very impressed by the kindness of Cancer, his desire to create a family and respectful attitude to marriage values. Both are characterized by a long wait from the moment of acquaintance before starting a serious relationship with a partner. Both will long think, doubt, listen to their heart, deciding whether to admit another person to their own. But it is because of this that their tandems are thought out and exist for a long time.

Taurus and Cancer Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Taurus and Cancer in bed is stable. Both partners have a calm character and do not aspire to raging passions under the blanket. For both sensuality, physical and spiritual intimacy is important, therefore the prelude in this pair is most appreciated and can take quite a long time. It is worth noting that in public these signs do not like to show tenderness and affection towards each other, but they more than make up for it, remaining alone in an intimate atmosphere.

A good knowledge of each other allows them to anticipate the desires of a partner and give him real pleasure. Taurus behaves more actively, because in his blood the desire for domination. But Cancer does not resist this, and with pleasure gives all his soul and body, although sometimes he does not mind as an experiment to play the role of leader in bed.

Taurus and Cancer Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Taurus with Cancer in marriage is at a high level, such a pair can be an object for the envy of other people. More often than not, they understand and feel each other, and therefore there are very few reasons for quarrels and scandals in their partnership. Signs keep each other stable fidelity, as marriage and family for both are life guides. Both do not like big companies and noisy parties. They are happy to spend the evening time watching the favorite comedies in the company of sandwiches with cocoa. The only weak point in marriage is mutual jealousy, based not on real reasons, but on the excessive sense of ownership of both signs. But maybe it’s for the better: a similar fact brings a bit of pepper into their too quiet life and warms up the feelings of the couple.

Compatibility of Taurus and Cancer in family life increases from year to year. They get to know each other more, they know what the partner wants or does not want, their priorities and views on life are becoming more common. It is almost impossible to destroy such a tandem. Their family life is calm and measured, rare conflicts, as a rule, are resolved on the spot and do not grow into something big. Taurus can sometimes be sharp and offend Cancer, which immediately hides in the shell. And Cancer is characterized by a frequent change of mood, which can cause Taurus misunderstanding and stupor. But even these characteristic features of each of the signs become eventually obvious and understandable to them, so the partners find the best ways to get out of awkward situations.

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