Taurus and Gemini Compatibility

At first glance it may seem that these signs are completely different, and nothing can unite them. Gemini have an easy character, resourcefulness, friendliness and the ability to adapt to the most unusual situations. Taurus, on the contrary, does not like change and always strives for constancy. Changes cause him difficulties, as he does not adapt to new circumstances. But this quality helps him to remain faithful not only to himself, but also to close people. Taurus are good people with a stubborn character, unlike the windy Gemini.

Despite the difference in nature, these two signs are able to get along together: to build love, start a family and children, work effectively. They can complement each other with qualities that they both lack. For example, the Taurus are calculating and therefore are able to rationally use money, which can not be said about the Spender-Gemini. The ease and spontaneity of the dual sign would sometimes not prevent the conservative Taurus. Respecting each other and not trying to remake, they can conclude a strong alliance of two interesting personalities.

Compatibility Horoscope for Taurus and Gemini

Compatibility of Taurus with Gemini is possible if both signs will take into account and try to understand each other’s features. Taurus is important to feel loved and special, they subtly feel how a partner treats them, catch any tension in the pair. Given this, Gemini must be more attentive to them and take more care. Taurus, in turn, should understand that a partner can also have an opinion. They can be united by mutual feelings, as well as having a common goal.

Taurus is governed by Venus, the planet responsible for love, so feelings and inner peace are so important to him. Gemini is patronized by Mercury — the heavenly body, giving its ward good communication. In this regard, Gemini is very adaptive to people and easily converge with them. On this basis, the horoscope of compatibility between Taurus and Gemini can be successful, since the sign of the air element can easily adapt to Taurus with its difficult character.

Taurus and Gemini Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Taurus with Gemini in work is above average level. Gemini in this pair are good at the role of ideological mastermind, they bring a lot of new things and can do light work. To ensure that they have completed it to the end and according to all the rules, Taurus follows, to whom the role of leader and organizer perfectly suits. He takes seriously any task, thinks it through to the smallest detail, calculating all the bonuses and losses. In addition, both signs are endowed with a highly developed intellect. By combining their efforts, they will be able to achieve high results in their work.

The compatibility of Taurus and Gemini in friendship is not particularly stable. At first, they can come together and be satisfied with the relationship. This will last until the air sign does not understand that the land sign will not give him anything new, and Taurus will start to avoid such a friend because of the unpredictability of his behavior. Gemini will quickly become bored with a partner who zealously protects his stability and avoids everything new. Therefore, in this pair can only be distant, friendly relations. Perhaps they will rally for a while, if they have a common goal, but it will not be for long.

Taurus and Gemini Love Compatibility

The compatibility of Taurus with Gemini in love can not be unambiguous, since it depends on the temperaments of individuals, the characteristics of their character and the feelings they feel for each other. Signs differently understand what an ideal relationship between a man and a woman should be, and on this ground, difficulties can arise between them. Gemini needs emotions and impressions, Taurus, on the contrary, try to avoid them and stay in their stable world. At first, after acquaintance, these contradictions play a catalytic role and attract signs to each other.

Love euphoria blurs the eyes of both: they do not see each other’s shortcomings, paying attention only to the advantages of a partner. After a while, clarity of vision returns, and here the first disagreements appear. The compatibility of Taurus and Gemini in relations is unstable: it is impossible to predict what the dialogue between two such contradictory signs will grow into. Perhaps, having realized their differences in character, they will understand that they are not following the path and will quietly disperse. Or, on the contrary, unlike people will show genuine interest to each other. Everything is very individual, and yet, if both of them want to stay together, they have all the chances to build good, strong relationships.

Taurus and Gemini Sexual Compatibility

For serious Taurus sexual life is of great importance, they do not let anyone in their bed. Usually, before taking up with a partner a love affair for the first time, he waits a long time. In this period, he tries to understand whether a long-term relationship with this person is possible. Random sex at one time is not his story. Gemini, on the contrary, behave more relaxed in this matter. They love sex, and can deal with them spontaneously with strangers.

The compatibility of Taurus and Gemini in bed will be good if a strong, trusting relationship has been established between them. Taurus is endowed with high sensitivity: he knows how to please himself and his partner. Gemini, who are striving for new impressions, will be happy about this fact. Also, an air sign can bring a lot of novelty to the sex life with Taurus. The Venus wards may at first be frightened and reject the proposed experiments, but in time, perhaps, relax and accept the rules of the game.

Taurus and Gemini Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Taurus with Gemini in a marriage can have a high level. Since they have decided to unite by the bonds of marriage, then between them really have deep feelings. As a rule, Taurus leads the family, as he is more practical, knows how to make serious decisions, calculating them to the smallest detail. The success of compatibility in this case does not depend on the gender of the signs. No matter who Taurus is, a man or a woman, in both cases, he can take care of his family and establish a favorable climate in it. Gemini perfectly cope with the role of the ideological mastermind and can also replace the partner as manager, if something does not work out. Negative aspects of the union lie in the possible irritation of Taurus due to the disorganization and windiness of Gemini. And those, in turn, can evade the reluctance of the sign of the earth to change and let something new into their life together.

The Taurus and Gemini compatibility in family life can be excellent only on the condition that the signs will complement each other and regulate their relationship. Taurus is an avid homebody, and Gemini needs emotions and impressions. The sign of the earth must be understood that air needs circulation, otherwise it can stagnate. Therefore, it would be nice if the second sign of the zodiac at least occasionally made sorties together with the partner for social events. Gemini, in turn, will help Taurus to be closer to people and not go into themselves, bring a little variety to their lives. Otherwise, the Mercury wards will get bored and start looking for fun outside the family, which can lead to a break in relations, since Taurus is unlikely to forgive treason.

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