Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio symbolize the terrestrial and aquatic elements respectively. Their character traits are somewhat similar, but there are many opposite features, so an alliance between them is possible, but it is an unstable phenomenon. Both signs are serious and purposeful, both love money and know how to earn it. Taurus by nature is more pessimistic, he adheres to traditions and strives for stability, which gives him a sense of control and security. Scorpio also likes peace of mind, but he needs no less in changes. On this ground, friction can occur between them.

These signs are opposite, but apparently, destiny confronts them specifically so that they can learn to understand and respect each other, to cope with their pride. Before they develop a serious relationship, they will have to undergo many joint tests, get used to the partner and learn how to accept his shortcomings. In the zodiacal circle, Taurus and Scorpio are opposite each other, that is, they are in fact antipodes. This fact contributes either to their sharp rejection, or, conversely, to attraction, but indifference between them will never be. This will depend on the forecast of the synastry horoscope for specific people, namely, on their personal qualities and the availability of favorable aspects.

Compatibility Horoscope for Taurus and Scorpio

Scorpio is impudent and stubborn in character, that’s why he most often initiates relations with Taurus. Although he is good-natured, he is not the first to strive to make contact, especially with the opposite sex. To achieve full compatibility of Taurus and Scorpio is hampered by the strong stubbornness that they both fully possess. And if the signs do not find the strength to pacify him, then they are unlikely to succeed. Sympathy, mutual respect and the ability to give in — that can help them build a good relationship in a pair.

The horoscope of compatibility of Taurus with Scorpio is considered ambiguous, since signs at any time can behave unpredictably. Calm and restrained Taurus may seem a sign of water as a boring companion and companion, and for the representative of the elements of the earth, the quick temper and contradictory nature of Scorpio can be both attractive and annoying. Taurus shows scrupulousness and practicality in all matters, even in relationships. While the water sign decides everything quickly, impulsively, on emotions. Taurus sees the whole picture as a whole, Scorpio tends to focus on individual parts. When they come together, they will certainly give each other many new impressions and emotions: both positive and negative.

Taurus and Scorpio Business Compatibility

The compatibility of Taurus and Scorpio in the work is average, as they differ in the style of doing business and business behavior. The sign of the earth is more inclined to monotonous work and can sit for hours on a difficult task, using all its rational thinking. He likes to put everything on the shelves, to work out every project to the smallest detail. Representatives of the water element have the same qualities, but plus they have high activity, impudence and diplomacy. In this regard, the Scorpions are more successful in business. Their tandem can be successful in a situation where a hard-working Taurus plays the role of a subordinate, and Scorpio — a boss.

The compatibility of Taurus with Scorpio in friendship is at a high level. Scorpio attracts the kindness of a partner, he likes to receive from him warmth and care. Taurus, in turn, is proud of such a strong friend, feels comfortable and safe with him. Differences in character help them to establish interesting relationships, where partners support each other. Both are open, straightforward and tactful and therefore do not climb into the secret secrets of each other, which both like.

Taurus and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Because of the difference in characters, the compatibility of Taurus and Scorpio in love is floating, but uniquely interesting. Taurus is governed by Venus, the goddess of love and sensuality. Scorpio is the charge of Pluto, which gives him passion. By connecting, these two signs give birth to an alliance in which partners will never be bored. They will swear, put up, compete, give each other tenderness and a wide variety of feelings. When these two quarrel, between them will not fly plates and angry words. Both are endowed with pride, and therefore will experience their gap in complete silence, turning their backs on each other. Taurus is silent from the principle "I do not understand you", but Scorpio - "I know what you want, but I will not yield".

The compatibility of Taurus with Scorpio in a relationship has all chances to be favorable, if the partners will have deep feelings for each other, and above all, a mutual desire to be together. Taurus is important to be meaningful and feel important to the partner. Scorpio can satisfy his need for this. The chances for a beneficial tandem increase with the age of the signs. Young Taurus and Scorpio are unlikely to overcome their selfishness and stubbornness for the happiness of anyone. More mature people, wise with experience, had time to study themselves and become personalities, over the years learn to build constructive relations, make compromises and give in.

Taurus and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility of Taurus and Scorpio in bed can be called successful: the first is the most sensual sign of the zodiac, the second — the most sexual. If between the partners there is mutual sympathy and sexual attraction, then in bed they definitely will not be bored. Taurus is a relentless lover and is willing to have sex for as long as you please. Scorpio introduces novelty to these relations, offers experiments that the partner always agrees to. Their amorous pleasures are filled with passion and feelings.

Everything in this world has pros and cons: the sex of Taurus and Scorpio, including. Despite its high sensuality, the sign of the land by nature is very reserved and in the bed is clamped. Scorpio, on the contrary, has a good imagination and excitement: the experiments that he offers, can sometimes go beyond the limits of standards and decency, be like perversions. Conservative Taurus naturally will not like it. Here and there are possible quarrels, which include misunderstanding and resentment. Taurus even in bed differs permanence, and it can bother the sign of water, which craves diversity. When this problem is faced by people who have lived together for a long time, then both partners suffer. Taurus closes to avoid pressure from the partner, and Scorpio remains dissatisfied and offended. In very rare cases the water sign can go to the left. As a rule, for them the concept of fidelity is not an empty sound.

Taurus and Scorpio Family Compatibility

If these two have reached the registrar, then between them really there are strong feelings that can overcome the existing differences. Scorpio, and especially Taurus, are serious about creating a family, and it’s unlikely to be joking with that. The compatibility of Taurus with Scorpio in marriage is considered satisfactory, despite the many differences between them. Their relationship will be held on the three qualities-whales inherent in both: constancy, restraint, reliability.

The compatibility of Taurus and Scorpio in family life can be especially shaky at times when the couple are at odds. Reconciliation is a very difficult process for both. Pride and stubbornness prevent each of them from making a step forward and the first to go to reconciliation. Young partners with a weak mentality or lack of interest in each other can easily escape at the first storm on their family ship. Loving couples who value their union will reunite, but before that, it may take a lot of time to silence from both sides and each of them eagles.

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